The 3 Best Capture Card for PC Gaming To Buy

A short introduction to the Best Capture Card for PC Gaming

Everyone wants the opportunity to show off their successes, right?  The same can be said for gaming play.  Capture cards can be used in recording gameplay videos that can later be uploaded to the Internet.  The card gives you the best chance for live streaming as well as transforming old DVDs into High Definition.  It can be an overwhelming task at times to determine which capture card is best suited for your gameplay. 

Many capture cards allow you to record play and have a webcam up simultaneously.  You can also use the card to edit videos with their basic editing features.  The cards are able to capture video signals from external devices using the HDMI connection.  This is especially efficient when using two different PC’s.  The capture card allows for easy transfer of data from one PC to the next. 

As with many options in the gaming industry, there are many capture cards to choose from.  We will look at three of the best capture cards for PC gaming.  We know that gamers who like to play at a competitive FPS rate while capturing, recording, and streaming all at the same time need a reliable card to get the job done.

If you are still trying to figure out if you need a capture card or not, some of the key capture card features include: assisting in high quality data streaming, use custom overlays for streaming to stand out amongst other streamers, streaming is lag-free with a very high-quality production value, and helps in the management and creation of video clip library, even on external storage.  If any of the above interests you, then you should check out three of the best capture cards for PC gaming.

The kind of capture card that you choose for your PC gaming will depend on the type of system that you have.  Some of the screen capture devices are geared towards recording rather than broadcasting footage.  Be sure to keep an eye out to make sure that you purchase the right card for your goals.  It is also important to keep a lookout for the interface that is provided.  You want to have software that is capable of handling programs like OBS or XSplit.  Once you have all of these ideas in mind, you are ready to shop around for the capture card that is most suited to your PC gaming interests.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro

The Elgato Game Capture received 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon and comes in at a price of $162.00.  The card allows you the opportunity to stream and record your Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Playstation gameplay.  There is also built-in live streaming for programs such as Twitch and Youtube with a capture bitrate of up to 60 Mbps. 

The HD60 Pro has optimum video capture with a dedicated encoding that will unlock your content with the highest caliber possible.  Unlimited capture provides you with the opportunity to treasure every detail.  No matter the tone or the texture, you will capture your videos at the highest possible quality.  While it is performing all of these tasks, it is helping to keep your project file sizes small and load on the CPU minimal.  And, the HD60 Pro has no problems when you want to bump up your resolution for a Youtube upload.  Master Copy provides you with the opportunity to steam to Twitch and record your gameplay in sharp quality.  Each element of your stream is saved as separate tracks that can be edited at any time.

Flashback recording gives you the opportunity to go back in time and capture some of your best moments.  A built-in live commentary adds your voice into the big game.  For your CPU, it requires Intel i5-4xxx quad-core or better.  The program works very hard to keep things as simple as possible for you so that you can focus on recording, playing, and streaming.

Customers have been extremely pleased with its ability to record gameplay with very clear audio.  Content creators will love this product because it permits you to record your screen while making a tutorial video on the PC.  They saw almost no glitches in the videos, which is a huge bonus for gamers. 

AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K

Amazon sells the AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K for $269.99 and it comes with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.  It eloquently captures 4K HDR content while securing frames that capture up to 240 FPS.  In addition to capturing videos, you will be able to capture them in HDR for an even clearer distinction.

RGB lighting can be added to the mix to really made your card set stand out.  Three preset modes are available to for you to jazz up your Live Gamer 4K.  The Live Gamer is able to stream simultaneously to multiple platforms all while being the first gaming software to record HDR content.  Editing is no problem either as the bundled CyberLink PowerDirector 15 is packed full of features with intuitive 4K video editing to help you a standout amongst all your gaming friends.

Its guarantee of ultra-low latency is comforting to all gamers in knowing that their content is not going to get slowed down or interrupted.  You will be able to keep on playing, streaming, recording, and editing without any lags in the video.

Customers who purchased this item really enjoyed the quick plug and play feature that it presented.  Some systems may require a little bit more installation than just a plug and play, but the installation process is very simple.  The card allows gamers to play at higher levels without distortion.  Many people found the price to be extremely reasonable considering the high quality of the product.  Capturing images is simple and no scaler is needed.

Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card

The Razer Ripsaw HD Capture Card is priced at $159.99 on Amazon with 3.5 stars out of 5.  The goal of the capture card is to complement your designated streaming PC on console and PC setups.  It produces high-quality footage with sound audio, the gameplay will look exactly as you want it to look for your audience.

Full HD 1080p at 60 FPS makes this a powerful performing streaming device.  Users have full customization and control over the gaming setup.  Multiple audio services can easily be received while broadcasting microphone audio of both the game and the player.  They promise zero latency and no syncing delay.  In addition to being compatible with your PC, you can also use the card with PS4 and Xbox One.

Two HDMI ports, mic jack, and USB-C power provide you with all the essentials you need to get moving in the right direction.  You can connect your microphone across two PCs by connecting the microphone to a monitoring output.  It allows for a smooth flow between two PCs while allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.

Customers noticed a big difference between the old Razer’s with this one.  The old ones were cheap, but this new Razer is very durable and strong.  The 4K passthrough is amazing and allows you to enjoy 4K 60 FPS gaming.  Windows will download everything for you when you initially set up the program.  People really enjoy the cleaner look that the Razer Ripsaw provides and believe it’s a very worthwhile streaming capture card.

In Conclusion

All three gaming capture cards provide a vast array of differences to enhance your gaming play.  Each offers unique features that will provide you with choices in what type of capture card fits your niche.  Each of the three capture cards provide an all around experience that will be suitable for just about all gamers.  4K streaming is always a popular question gamers ask when deciding on a gaming capture card.  Since only the most expensive devices support 4K streaming, it is considered a luxury among gamers.  It is not a necessity and will increase the price if you decide to purchase that.

It is important to realize that many gaming consoles will advertise that they include game-capturing software, but in reality, the software is very limited.  You may be only able to capture a few minutes of footage.  This is a prime reason why people decide to look into purchasing capture cards.  They help take your content to a whole new level and make you look professional in your abilities.

They act as pass-through devices between your game console, your computer, and your display.  They ultimately enhance your gaming experience by allowing you the opportunity to gain confidence in your abilities and to show it off, professionally, to the rest of the world.  They can be on the more expensive side, but if you are truly into all the aspects of gaming, purchasing a gaming capture card is a must for all gamers.  Do your research and homework ahead of time to make sure that the card is compatible with your systems and that the card will complete the tasks that you intend it to.  The three listed above provide three great choices to start your search with.

The 3 Best External Hard Drivesv To buy in 2019

A short introduction to the Best External Hard Drives

The best external hard drives for you will be based on what you will be using the hard drive for.  There are so many different varieties on the market in a multitude of sizes, shapes and price ranges.  Knowing what to get can at times become especially confusing, so you need to determine the purpose for buying it, how you’ll be using it, where you’ll be using it-under what conditions it will be kept.  Some folks may need an external hard drive that can take abuse where others just need one that will be kept in a safe, well-maintained area. 

The idea is to get an external hard drive that is actually bigger than what your anticipated usage may be. This is necessary as you don’t know what you may decide to use it for in the future. You want to be sure the unit you buy has plenty of storage for any potential content need possibilities and it doesn’t end up being too small somewhere down the road.  Also, if you have plans to upgrade your computer, you will want to buy an external hard drive with that notion in mind being prepared to have a unit that will go along with that upgrade.  Let’s take a look and see what the consumers on Amazon feel may be among the best external hard drives on the market.  They’ve used these units and can let us know how they operate.

Seagate Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD

This hard drive is boasted as an awesome option to use for expanding the storage of your computer.  It is super user friendly and intuitive.  It connects right into the USB port and allows you to just drag and drop your content that needs to be switched into the external hard drive with ease.  The Seagate offers a USB 3.0 port what gives quick moving of even larger capacity files and it is backward compatible using USB 2.0.  The storage with this unit is 8TB which will reasonably allow this device to backup all content from your computer. It is so simple that you just need to plug it in and start, no special programs need to be used.  It’s not harmful to leave it plugged in either in order to have access to your material always as you would with the internal hard drive. There are no complex configurations or difficult settings with this unit.  This can be used for added storage or for backup purposes and is able to be used with Windows 8, 10, 11.  The no-hassle, ease of use and reasonable price makes this a must-have for an external hard drive.


  • 8TB of humongous storage allotted for music, movies, photos, or whatever you may need it for, and you can take it with you anywhere whether it be your office or at home or even a school library.
  • Windows or Mac computers external hard drive that you can use to back up quickly with simple drag/drop action.
  • Computer will automatically recognize once plugged in with absolutely no kind of software needed.  It’s the perfect PC drive or laptop hard drive.
  • USB 3.0 cable of 18” included along with a power adaptor of 18W.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • User friendly, easy set up.
  • Affordable.
  • Perfect compact size.
  • Tons of storage space.


  • Not really a con but you may need to get busy creating content in order to fill up all of this storage.


The price for this unit as listed on Amazon is $139.99.


The best external hard drives reviews came in with nearly all perfect scores for every category.  Folks love the tiny, compact size of this hard drive compared to the large amount of storage that it holds. It’s small but very powerful.  They found the set up to be so simple and usage to be even easier.  There were many who would highly recommend this to other users saying it works like a charm.  Others said an absolutely great purchase.  It doesn’t get in the way because it’s such a great size. They can buy/download games until their heart desires and still have a multitude of storage. Some said very nice, good choice, and overall they said they’d buy another one to backup their backup.

Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

The Western Digital allows affordability and portable storage on the go.  You can take it wherever you need to have access to your files with you whether you’re at the library, the cafe, anywhere you want to set up shop you can transport this hard drive with ease. This unit offers dependability and storage of high capacity with a data transfer that is super fast.  This unit provides the latest USB 3.0 compatibility but it is also able to backward adjust to USB 2.0 for convenience.  Western Digital provides auto-backup software, hardware encryption, password protection, and shock resistance.  It is a small, lightweight design makes it the ideal companion on the desktop for staying out of the way.


  • USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0.
  • Data transfer is super quick.
  • Enhances the performance of PC.
  • WD quality is both high capacity as well as dependable.
  • Manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty
  • NTFS formatted to go with WIndows 10, 8.1 or 7.  Other operating systems may need to be reformatted.  Depending on the hardware, compatibility may differ based on configuration and operating system.


  • Storage space amazing.
  • Easy setup.
  • User friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • USB 3.0 is backward compatible to 2.0.


  • Make sure that you follow instructions when setting up and transferring so you get optimal results.  Not a con, but sometimes folks don’t follow instructions and have issues.


The price for this unit as listed on Amazon came in at $59.99.


The best external hard drives reviews for this unit were positive with folks being very happy with their purchase and the amount of storage capacity that this unit provides.  They definitely recommend it to others looking for a decent external hard drive.  One person bought two and is very happy. Small, lightweight, easily portable and awesome amount of capacity, love it, small and speedy, excellent piece of equipment, and overall big drive in a little space–much more than thought it would be.

Toshiba HDTB 410XK3AA Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0

The canvio basics offer a sleek, portable style that you can take anywhere with you and carry in a purse, backpack, lunch pail, briefcase with absolutely no problem.  You have the convenience of carrying your most important files wherever you go and gaining access at any point of the day whenever you need them with the simplicity and durability that this external hard drive offers. The unit provides high-capacity storage along with user-friendly setup and ease of use operation, not to mention fast access to the content that you have saved within the drive.  The Canvio Basics is powered by 3.0 USB, super speedy offering quick-moving and organizing of all of your files.  It allows for backward compatibility with USB 2.0 as well.  It provides an easy plug-in to play performance.  It is ready to use without any need to have software of any type.  Drag-drop files with your PC or laptop.


  • Profile design is slick with black matte finish and resistance to smudges.
  • Plug in and ready to go, user-friendly with no need for software to be installed.
  • Gives added capacity to your PC as well as other devices that are compatible.
  • 2.0 USB backwards compatible without the need for an AC power cord.

One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


  • User friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • Tons of storage.
  • Lightweight, small, portable.
  • Backwards compatible to 2.0 USB.


– Not really a con, but if you carry it in your pocket, need to be careful it doesn’t slip out and get lost. 


The price for this unit on Amazon is $47.99.


The best external hard drives reviews for this unit were excited about the price for the value that they received.  They feel it has excellent read/write performance, easy to use, compact size is perfect, love Toshiba, great to have for on the go, very wide compatibility range, ‘don’t know why didn’t buy sooner’,  and overall excellent product that works well with consoles.


Having one of the best external hard drives is important as our computers generally don’t give us enough space for the amount of content that we are producing in the world today.  There is just so much with a lot of us working from home nowadays and many, many gamers in the industry.  The reviewers on Amazon felt that these three were among the best and provided them with the most amount of storage for their present needs and will well into the future.  Hopefully, one of these will meet the requirements that you have as well.

The Best AMD Motherboard To Buy in 2019

How to pick the Best AMD Motherboard

Choosing the best AMD motherboard is the most important decision a gamer can make when doing a build. The motherboard is the foundation of the computer system. It comprises all of the other parts of the computer including things like the CPU, graphics card, as well as pretty much any other element that the computer will need in order to be at all operational.  If the motherboard becomes incapacitated, the PC cannot function without it, having to wait until the motherboard is repaired or a new one is installed in its place.  The dependability of the motherboard is essential for gamers doing a build to support their gaming, and gamers are super aggressive with their PCs generally playing daily and for long periods of time, so the motherboard needs to be able to handle that load.

It is critical when you buy your motherboard that you take into account everything that you will need to put into your build plus anything that you may want in the future.  You want to be prepared for any expansions or upgrades that you may have in mind down the road and account for those.  You don’t want to get simply enough and then find that you aren’t prepared when you need later. Amazon looked at the best AMD motherboards that their consumers rated after using them for a period of time.  The three listed here were among the top-ranked.

ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII

Control panel laid out in a dashboard-style allows fine-tuning with almost every respect of the system,  This interface will allow perfect balance within the operation as well as stability, cooling, and efficiency. Supported WiFi provides the ultimate in speeds for your network along with enhanced capacity and improved operation when in poor WiFi zones for the optimal in gaming use with wireless connection convenience. Performance is elevated with NVMe SSD RAID and up to 22110 with Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot support.  Use up to 2 PCIe 4.0 devices to make a RAID configuration in order to get the satisfaction of incredible transfer of data speed on the AMD Ryzen platform.  Features cooling options that are the most comprehensive. Autodetection of PWM, as well as DC fans, are supported by every onboard header. 


Offers AM4 socket. AMD Ryzen 2nd and 3rd Gen processors ready with upwards of 2 M.2 drives, 3.2 USB Gen2, AMD to maximize speed and connectivity.

Thermal comprehensive design, Heatsink active PCH, Aluminium M.2 heatsink, cooling zone ROG.

Networking of highest performance, WiFi onboard, Ethernet 2.5 gaps and Ethernet Gigabit bot with the protection of ASUS Languard, GameFirst V supported software.

System-wide automated tuning which provides cooling profiles and overclocking suited for your specific rig.


  • Good build quality.
  • WiFi capability.
  • Awesome cooling options.
  • Fast data transfer speeds.
  • User friendly.


This is not a con, but just informative.  Make sure this is going to be compatible with everything that you are using for your system prior to purchasing. Some didn’t look at every detail in that way.


The price for this AMD motherboard on Amazon was $379.99.


The best AMD motherboard reviews for this unit were 5 * / 5 *.  This board was well received with no issues and good quality being a major plus.  The one thing that the folks seemed to make sure of was that they did extensive research before they made a purchase because the motherboard is the be-all of the system.  They were very happy with the number of USB ports provided as well as the fact that there is WiFi with the unit.  It is powerful and offers M.2 slots.  Overall, awesome, love this board.

MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470

This is boasted as providing the best for online gaming with the least latency and managed bandwidth.  It supports Crossfire AMD gaming with no limit to the number of custom options available and loaded with features for gaming that are exclusive to this board. This motherboard is touted as giving the optimal experience in gaming for its users on the market.  It has been designed for those who are hardcore, aggressive gamers as well as PC enthusiasts. 


  • AMD Ryzen supported.
  • Memory DDR4-3200+(OC) supported.
  • BIOS award-winning, high-resolution font that is scalable, search and favorites functions.
  • Offers the least latency and managed bandwidth for the best in online gaming with LAN protect.


  • Affordable for the value that is offered.
  • Easy installation.
  • Awesome BIOS.
  • Allows for expansion.


Not really a con because you can use the manufacturer’s directions but there is no color coding for audio jacks.  Easy to figure out, though.


The price for this unit as listed on Amazon was $127.99.


The best AMD motherboard reviews found this unit to be top rated in every category.  They felt it was a great value in a budget board with solid performance, works perfectly, flawless operation, lots of flexibility as to where you can place hookups, looks clean but sophisticated, wasn’t difficult to set up, super stable board, everything spaced out nicely, BIOS easy to work with, and overall this has been a fantastic board.

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite

AORUS is boasted as offering the most extreme of gaming performances for gamers the world over.  This motherboard provides a lengthy list of awesome features in order to enhance users’ audio, performance, and data-transfer needs.  The performance of the AMD Ryzen processor is enabled through the advanced power and thermal design which makes this motherboard the ideal for those who want the perfect AMD gaming system platform. Gigabyte remembers durability in offering a thermal solution to the M.2 SSD/ M.2 Thermal Guard will stop throttling as well as bottlenecks with the high-speed M.2 SSDs while it dissipates the heat prior to it causing a problem.


  • AMD 3rd Gen supported Ryzen and 2nd Gen/ Radeon Vega Graphic Processors.
  • Heatsink, extended VRM.
  • Dual NVMe and PCIe ultra-fast x4, Thermal Guard and M.2.
  • 12-phase VRM digital.


  • Affordable for the great value.
  • Ultra cooling so no overheating.
  • Designed for gamers.
  • Simplistic.
  • Solid, durable board.


– Always make sure when you buy your motherboard that you are getting more than what you need so that you are able to expand into the future.  This isn’t a con but just informative.  You don’t want to get just enough and then be stuck with not enough down the road.


The best AMD Motherboard reviews found 5 * / 5 * for this board with the first reviewer feeling that this offers a fantastically built 12 + 2 phase VRM, absolutely the best value for the price.  A really nice looking board than any seen, offers proper cooling which gives a great sense of security for the system, and overall none better than the Gigabyte X570.


Taking on building a computer can be a challenging prospect and deciding exactly where to start and how much you should invest and what are the most important elements are all questions that just nearly put a person on the edge. The first thing is to understand that getting the right equipment is going to make everything a whole lot easier and that is especially true with a gaming PC.  It is so much simpler to play and win a game if the PC is running at its optimal performance and top speed. 

The motherboard is going to be the PCs most important feature because obviously nothing will work without it. It is basically the control center of the computer. It will further decide the number of upgrades and expansions that you will be able to perform in the future. This decision is one that you need to put a lot of time, though, and research into so that you get the very best for your needs and that of your computer system.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on your board.  There are good boards for reasonable prices and your money is better invested in other aspects such as the graphics card and the CPU cooler.

Each one of the three selections that were listed here has the potential to be the best AMD motherboard as the folks that reviewed them were all PC enthusiasts or gamers and found them to be of the top quality on the market.  They did an amazing job for what they needed them for and provided beyond their requirements.  These are the people that you want to listen to when making a purchase of this importance.  They know what they’re talking about and this should be where your search begins.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Review: Pro’s & Con’s

A short intro to the HyperX Cloud Alpha

Gaming is all the rage these days and quality headsets are a must.  There needs to be strong sound quality and a microphone that allows users to communicate with each other throughout the game.  It is imperative that the headphones are able to block out external noise so that the gamer can maximize their gaming experience.

When making a decision to purchase a headset, there are many factors that the consumer should keep in mind.  The first area that many people will focus on is price.  The HyperX Cloud Alpha costs around $89.00, which is in line with the average price of a solid headset.

The next key decision to make is what kind of platform you will be using the headsets for. The good news is that the HyperX Cloud Alpha is compatible with all of the major systems.  It can be used with your PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One S.  Not every headset is compatible with all of these systems, so it is important to know exactly what you need out of the headset.


Comfort is of the utmost importance for gamers.  Most gamers will spend several hours in front of screen playing games.  If they have to wear headsets that are not comfortable, they are not going to be able to enjoy the full experience.  Gamers want to have earpieces that contour to their ears and will provide comfort and a seal from outside noise.  The HyperX Cloud Alpha has dual-chamber drivers that will give your audio more distinction and clarity by reducing outside noise and distortion.   Known for its signature red memory foam earpieces, the HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers with comfort and an expanded headband.

Microphone quality is next on the list of important components of a reliable headset.  The microphones provide clarity when speaking so that other users that you are playing with can clearly understand what you are trying to say.  This is a huge component of many games and users enjoy having the ability to talk with their friends or other gamers throughout their battles.  The HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with a detachable noise-cancellation microphone.  Gamers can easily plugin or unplug, depending on what they are using the headset for.  The microphone frequency response is 50-18,000Hz, which is very solid frequency response.

Finally, there is a huge focus on sound quality.  More and more games are being made with an emphasis on the sound effects that they include.  Players want to be able to hear every little footstep and crackling noise that the game has to offer.  A good headset allows gamers the ability to hear the game exactly as it was designed to be heard.  The dual chambers provided in the HyperX Cloud Alpha separate the bass for a cleaner and smoother sound.  They also give the audio more distinction and clarity by reducing distortion.  Its groundbreaking design is one of a kind and one that users will clearly be able to reap the benefits from.

You will have many options to choose from when purchasing a gaming headset.  But, based on the specifications many people look for in a headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha really delivers in all areas.  With over a thousand reviews on Amazon, the HyperX Cloud Alpha received four out of five stars.  The headsets are easily customizable with additional HyperX software.  Its durable steel frame creates a longer-lasting product that can withstand the test of time.

Throughout many phases, the HyperX Cloud Alpha will offer limited edition colors.  The latest features a purple and white colorway.  Otherwise, your headset will come with a black and red colorway or a blue and black variety.  All three-color schemes make the product look very sleek and eye-appealing to all gamers.

As mentioned above, the pricing is right in line with most other headsets.  On Amazon, used prices can run as low as $58.51 to $61.84.  New headsets range from $89.00 to $138.  The prices will vary even more if you choose to go with the blue or the purple color.  They will be raised slightly if you choose one of them.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is widely recognized for its groundbreaking, Dual Chamber Drivers design, which gives users more audio distinction and clarity.  They help to separate the bass from the mids and the highs, allowing for a much cleaner sound.  And, it is sturdy enough to handle multiple players using it and adjusting to fit their head size.

Customers have raved about the HyperX Cloud Alpha.  One customer commented on the quality they received for its price point.  That customer was extremely pleased with the comfort the headset provided them.  Another customer commented on the fact that they were the most comfortable headset ever.  They said that the headset felt extremely light and tight on the ears to really engulf the sound. 

Many of the customers were comparing the HyperX Cloud Alpha headsets to other headsets that they have used in the past.  Most commented on the fact that this headset was much better compared to a lot of the more expensive options out there.  The microphone quality was a common compliment that was given.  The ability to fully hear and understand what others were saying was extremely noticeable.

If you are not a gamer, you don’t realize the importance of such a quality headset.  Customers go through tons of headsets during their gaming days, but the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset seemed like the one that people kept and used the most.  People commented on how great the sound was if you added an amp with the headset.  They said the quality of the sound was very enhanced and you felt like you were right in the middle of the fire zone.  Customers felt as though they could hear directional noises well with front, rear, left, and right footsteps coming in clearly.  And, for gamers, having the ability to hear what is going on around them cannot be understated enough.

One review on Amazon was not thrilled with the ear cushions.  HyperX Cloud Alpha immediately responded to the customer and sent them a new set of ear cushions with thicker inner padding.  This shows that HyperX Cloud Alpha is committed to quality products and wants to see all of their customers happy.  This is a definite plus for any gamers who are looking for security when it comes to their headsets.  HyperX Cloud Alpha wants to produce the best headsets for gamers because they understand the importance of what a good headset can do to the gaming experience.

The ability to mute the microphone and switch the volume with ease was praised by customers.  And, even better, they liked that the microphone cord was removable and replaceable in the event that something happened to it.  Nobody wants to have to purchase a whole new headset for minor problems. 

Another customer even mentioned the fact that they have never made a review on Amazon before but were compelled to share their positive experience with the headset.  As with almost every review, comfort was praised.  They mentioned that the ear cups were soft and easily usable, even for people who wear glasses.  The customer also felt that the cups ventilated well because they never experienced any heat while playing for a prolonged period of time.  The sounds were crisp and easily distinguishable.  The directionality was spot on and the customer was able to know where everyone was that were involved in the game.  The braided cable also provided a safety feature to keep the headset from breaking or ripping.  The removable microphone allows the user the ability to listen to music when it’s removed and then be allowed to quickly switch it back to their PC or gaming system when involved in a game. 

It was very easy to see why the HyperX Cloud Alpha has received so much praise.  And, what stood out the most was how consistent everyone was with their reviews.  They tended to comment on the exact same things to really drive home the point that this is one of the most quality headsets available to gamers.  Between the price and the quality of the product, the HyperX Cloud Alpha was not matched for other headsets. 

When gaming first gained popularity, headsets were seen as a luxury item.  Nowadays, it is a necessity to increase your experience and ability to compete with others.  Gamers today really focus on the noises and sound effects that are coming from the game and quality headsets that can block out external noise is really important.  Surround sound and being able to track where people are coming from can be the difference between life and death to a gamer. 

Finally, having a good headset helps people socialize.  With social media, people today are not learning how to properly communicate with one another.  Having a headset with the quality that HyperX Cloud Alpha provides helps to teach people how to effectively communicate directions to one another.  Communicating with other people would not be possible without the effectiveness that headsets bring.


There are many expensive options out there for you, but for the price and the quality, HyperX Cloud Alpha is the way to go to enhance your gaming experience


Choosing the Best G Sync Monitor in 2019

The Best G Sync Monitor To Buy

If you love gaming, it is only natural that you want to enjoy the best gaming experience possible, However, in the past, this has not always been easy due to a range of issues that resulted in substandard quality for gamers. There are various aspects you have to look at when it comes to getting the most out of your gaming experience, one of which is the monitor.

Created by Nvidia, G Sync monitors have become ab absolute essential for those that want to enjoy the best gaming experience. There are various options available, and by finding the best G Sync monitor, you can look forward to a smooth on-screen experience whenever you are gaming. All you need to do is decide one the best G Sync monitor for your specific needs. In this guide, we will look at several of the top options to help you with your decision.

The Top G Sync Monitor Options

There are various options available to those who want to find the best G Sync monitor for the most explosive and exciting gaming experience. Some of the top picks include:

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG 24-Inch with G-Sync

If you want to find the best G Sync monitor at an affordable price, this monitor from Dell could be the ideal solution. This Dell gaming monitor is available in 24-inch and 27-inch models and offers QHD resolution. This means that the clarity you get is stunning with almost twice the screen detail of full HD. For those that want to enjoy a fabulous gaming experience, this is the perfect option.


This gaming monitor offers a range of features to help you to make the most of your gaming. It comes with a number of pre-set modes, which makes it simple and convenient to match up to the right mode based on the genre of the game you are playing. The screen is a flicker-free one, which means that you won’t have to worry about eye strain and discomfort while playing. You can also adjust the monitor in terms of pivoting and tilting, which means you get to benefit from ergonomic comfort while you are playing your favorite games.

In addition to this, the monitor comes with Nvidia G Sync technology and offers the quickest refresh rate available with a 1ms response time. With its GHD resolution, you can be certain of crystal-clear graphics no matter what sort of game you are playing. With the increased comfort levels that you get with this monitor, you can enjoy gaming for even longer. Thanks to the high-performance visuals, you will be able to look forward to a new lease of life when it comes to your gaming entertainment.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this monitor comes with a super-slim bezel, which makes it easy for you to benefit from a dual or multiple monitors set up to further boost your gaming experience. The customizable settings will help to ensure you get to enjoy gaming just the way you like it, with experiences that are tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. In terms of comfort, clarity, and affordability, this is a great choice for gaming enthusiasts.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Super-slim design
  • Excellent range of features
  • High specification including G Sync


  • There are no notable cons with this monitor.


The superb performance that you can look forward to with this monitor means you won’t have to worry about ghost images, stuttering, or screen tearing. You also won’t have to worry about lagging, which can further enhance your enjoyment while gaming. Instead, you can enjoy speedy, real-time play that will take your gaming to a whole new level.

LG 32GK850G-B 32-Inch QHD Gaming Monitor

For those that want a slightly larger monitor on which to enjoy their favorite games, this model from the respected tech manufacturer LG is a great choice. While it comes at a higher price than the previous one, it does offer the bigger screen along with a wide range of features and benefits to look forward to. When you use this monitor, you can see your games come to live with the crystal-clear images and QHD resolution LG integrates into the model.


With this monitor, you benefit from 2460 x 1440 resolution and it is Nvidia G Sync compatible, which means you can look forward to a faster, more immersive gaming experience with screen tearing, ghost images, and lagging. It also has a 144Hz refresh rates, so you will be able to enjoy a much smoother game and you will really notice the difference compared to the traditional monitors you may have been using previously.

Another great thing you get with this monitor is LED sphere lighting, which you can then adjust with a range of different colors and light modes. This will further enhance your gaming experience and enables you to customize the lighting to suit your needs and preferences. This monitor comes with a variety of additional features such as dynamic action sync for superior action as well as Black stabilizer to provide greater clarity in scenes that are dark. There is also the Crosshair feature, which is ideal for improving accuracy if you enjoy first-person shooter gaming.

You can look forward to stylish design with this monitor, which comes with an ultra-thin bezel. It can also be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort while you are playing your games, with adjustable pivot and tilt. You will also benefit from an almost borderless and seamless visual display if you opt for a dual or multi-screen setup thanks to the ultra-thin bezel.


  • Larger screen
  • Customizable lighting
  • Lots of cool features
  • Ideal for all sorts of gaming genres


  • With this monitor, there are no cons that we could find.


For those who are serious about gaming and who want to take their gaming experience to the next level, this monitor ticks all the boxes. You can look forward to the peace of mind that comes with using a monitor from a respected manufacturer and you will notice a big difference in terms of quality, comfort, and enjoyable when it comes to your gaming. With this monitor, you can look forward to superior, smooth gaming each and every time.

ViewSonic XG2560 25-Inch G Sync Gaming Monitor

With this stylish, high-tech gaming monitor, you will really notice the difference when it comes to the quality and enjoyment of your game play. This is a monitor that comes with a range of features and also ensure you get to benefit from total comfort when you are enjoying your favorite games. With many excellent reviews, you can purchase with confidence when you opt for this monitor. You can also select from a range of other screen sizes including 27- and 32-inch options.

When you choose this monitor, you can look forward to full HD with 1080p resolution along with a rapid 1ms response time and a 240Hz refresh rate. All this coupled with Nvidia G Sync technology means you can look forward to a gaming experience that is smooth, fast, free from ghost images and screen tearing, lag-free, and superior in every way. The crystal-clear images will make your gameplay all the more immersive and exciting.

The ergonomic stand that comes with this monitor means you can adjust it to ensure optimal comfort when you are playing. This not only means you can look forward to playing in greater comfort but also that you can look forward to playing for longer. There are many superb pre-set visual mode options you can select from too, which means you can truly customize your gameplay to suit your preferences. This gaming monitor offers superb quality and speed, which means it can keep up with the instant decisions and actions you need to use when playing.


  • Choice of monitor sizes
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • High-spec design for superior gaming
  • Feature-rich monitor


  • We could find no cons in relation to this monitor


Other features you get with this monitor include Black stabilization to improve detail when there are darker scenes, Game Mode Hotkey, and Ultra Low Motion Blur Technology. All this adds up to a gaming experience like no other, so you truly can enjoy the next level in gaming when you use this monitor. In addition, you will benefit from a 3-year warranty, which enables you to benefit from even greater peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

No matter which of these G syncs monitors you decide to choose, you will immediately notice a huge difference compared to the regular monitor you may have been using. These monitors all offer adaptability, versatility, and high specifications, which means you can look forward to a superior gaming experience each and every time. For those who love to game, these monitors will enable you to take your gaming entertainment to the next level. Customizing your gaming has never been easier thanks to the high-tech features that these monitors can provide.

The 3 Best Z370 Motherboards You Should Purchase

An introduction to the Best Z370 Motherboards

Intel has just begun to roll out their latest Coffee Lake processors, and that means that a whole new run of motherboards is being released to match up with these chipsets.

Offering incredible increases in performance compared to the last iteration of Intel processors, this lineup is specifically designed to work wonders with new graphics cards, overclocking, and high-speed RAM modules designed to squeeze every drop of performance out of your PC hardware.

Below we highlight our favorite Z370 motherboards, the best Z370 motherboards on the market today. Let’s dive right in!

ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero Wi-Fi AC


Serious PC gamers aren’t going to be surprised at all to learn that Asus is responsible for one of the very best Z370 motherboards on the planet today – and are going to be even less surprised that the motherboard belongs to the Republic of Gaming (ROG) in-house brand.

Offering plenty of extensibility, room for upgrades, and designed to work with the new Coffee Lake processors exclusively this is a top-tier option for those looking to build a gaming PC today.


Straight out of the box you get for individual memory module DIMMs with support for up to 64 GB of RAM, six different kinds of PCIe connectivity ports, HDMI and display port outputs, eight rear USB ports, and seven extra internal USB ports – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll also really appreciate the fact that this Z370 motherboard includes the latest in Wi-Fi standards directly on the board itself. You’ll get 802.11 AC Wi-Fi connectivity straight away when you have this motherboard as your build foundation.


  • Overclocking your components to squeeze even more performance out of them becomes effortless with this Asus motherboard
  • This is one of the more affordable motherboards designed for the latest Coffee Lake chipset
  • Onboard Wi-Fi is a big bonus


  • The inclusion of extra M.2 slots would have been a nice upgrade


When it comes to the price of this Asus motherboard you are going to be blown away by the value it offers. A super high-end piece of technology with a mid-level price point, it’s a great bargain.


“This motherboard was set up with water cooling in mind straightaway, really letting me push the overclocking of my components”

“Filled it up with 64 GB of RAM right away and now my computer is lightning fast”

“Huge bonus not having to buy an extra Wi-Fi card and taking up one of my PCIe slots”


When you’re looking to start a gaming build off on the right foot you’ll want to make sure that you snap up this top-tier Asus gaming motherboard.

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5


While Gigabyte hardware is not seen as quite as flashy as some of the other manufacturers out there, this Z370 motherboard offers plenty of bang for the buck and a lot of value at the midrange price point.

If you’re looking for a solid, stable, and flexible motherboard with plenty of extensibility options – specifically optimized for Coffee Lake processors from Intel – this is where you’re going to want to put your money going forward!


One of the coolest things about almost all of the Coffee Lake motherboards, this one included, is that they have support for 64 GB of high-speed RAM – offering you plenty of opportunities to create a blazing fast set up without having to compromise on your RAM situation.

Six different types of PCIe slots are available, HDMI and Display Port output options are on board, and 15 different USB ports can be taken advantage of when you are running this motherboard. Onboard Wi-Fi is also included (802.11 AC standard), with ethernet capabilities as well. RGB lighting throughout makes this a really slick looking rig, too.


  • Three M.2 slots available onboard
  • Beautiful RGB LED package with completely customizable lighting features built right in
  • Great potential for overclocking when you want to really push this system


  • The VRM heatsink assembly does have a couple of known issues and should be replaced or upgraded as soon


You’ll be amazed at all of the top-of-the-line features you are able to leverage with this new motherboard. It has to be considered one of the best Z370 motherboards on the market today because of its underlying technology, but it’s affordable price tag puts it even more over the top.


“Love this motherboard, it’s perfect for my budget PC gaming build. I never felt handicapped by the hardware”

“Works wonderful right out of the box with plenty of extensibility moving forward. Let’s me build my PC on a piece by piece basis”

“Can’t believe how easy it was to overclock some of my core components thanks to the motherboard. Love it!”


Not quite as flashy as the Asus option we highlighted above, this Gigabyte motherboard is still a top-tier piece of technology for those that want to make the very most of everything the Coffee Lake Intel chipset has to offer.

ASUS TUF H370-Pro Gaming Wi-Fi


A step down from the Asus ROG motherboard we highlighted at the top of this quick review guide, you’re still going to get some of the most impressive gaming-focused hardware when you invest in this Z370 motherboard.

We have absolutely no idea how Asus was able to shoehorn this much top-tier technology into a motherboard this inexpensive and affordable – but everyone agrees that this is one of the best Z370 motherboards on the planet today because of that effort!

You’ll be able to start your PC gaming build off on the right foot with the new Intel Coffee Lake processors when you have this motherboard acting as the starting point.


The entire build quality of this Asus motherboard is off the charts, though it definitely strips things back quite a bit compared to some of the other chunky and flashy motherboards designed for PC gamers today. This is kind of a throwback, a retro look, with a much more slimline and minimalist approach that folks looking for something a little different are going to fall head over heels in love with straight away

The tight Wi-Fi integration on this motherboard is second to none, providing gamers with a solid and stable 802.11 AC connection that “just works” straightaway. Multiple video ports are available, the built-in audio is pretty strong and solid, and there are more than enough PCIe slots for you to configure this PC build in any way you want.

Internal lighting is available with RGB LED components strategically located throughout the board, and you’ll have complete and total control over them. At the same time, they aren’t ever as “over-the-top” as some of the other motherboards on the market and instead are a little more discreet, little more subtle, and a little more restrained.


Top-tier technology has been shoehorned into this motherboard, with multiple M.2 slots, 10Gb USB 3.1 slots, Intel’s latest Ethernet ports, and more than enough headspace to optimize your PC

Built-in audio is rock solid compared to some of the other options on the market today

Overclocking is simple and straightforward with this motherboard


The only real limiting factor on this motherboard is the somewhat lower-end memory speeds


Talk about value! This is priced at the midrange of the market and is technically the “average” motherboard from Asus, but if you have a look under the hood and check out the specs you’ll agree that there’s nothing really all that average about this set up. You get plenty of bang for your buck when you pull the trigger on this motherboard.


“This is a rock-solid option for those looking to build a gaming rig on a budget. You won’t splash a lot of cash but will get top of the line tech all the same”

“Super impressed by what some call a mid-range motherboard. ASUS cranked this one out of the park”

“Love how simple this motherboard is. All the other ones out there look like a UFO, but this gets back to basics”


Anyone looking for a high-performing Z370 motherboard without having to blow their bank account into tiny little pieces along the way, while still getting top-tier technology across the board, are going to fall in love with this option from Asus.

Final Thoughts

The three Z370 motherboards we highlighted above all have the potential to act as the bedrock foundation for a rock-solid gaming PC using the latest Coffee Lake Intel processors.

Each of them features built-in Wi-Fi, have more than enough room and headspace for any build you can imagine, and almost all of them are set up air cooling or water cooling technology as well. You won’t regret investing in these motherboards when you are getting ready to build your new PC.

Overclocking features on these three motherboards abound as well. This will really help you to push your PC hardware to the next level, squeezing every single drop of performance out of them without having to worry about stability issues along the way. You can’t go wrong with either of these three options!

The 3 Best Z270 Motherboards You Should Buy

An introduction to the Best Z270 Motherboards

Intel is responsible for producing some of the most powerful processors on the planet today, pumping out game-changing new technology that allows our computers to be smarter, faster, and better performing than ever before.

The Kabby Lake architecture was first unveiled in January 2017, representing the seventh generation of the Intel Core processor lineup. Right out of the gate it was a top-tier upgrade compared to the previous generation, and today (two years later) it continues to be the gold standard of everything that Intel has to offer.

New chipsets for the Kabby Lake lineup continue to be released, improving upon the technology already available, and today’s motherboards designed specifically for this processor architecture – Z270 motherboards – help you to get the very most out of these blazing-fast processors.

Finding the best Z270 motherboards can be a bit of an uphill battle, however. It’s not that there are so few top options you’ll be able to pick and choose from but that there are so many. Below we highlight three of our favorite options on the market right now, three options that will take your PC to the next level straight out of the gate.

Let’s dive right in!

Asus ROG Maximus IX Formula

To say that of Asus is one of the top hardware manufacturers of PC parts and components today would be the understatement of the century, particularly when it comes to their Republic of Gamers (ROG) branded options.

This particular Z270 motherboard has been engineered to make the most of the seventh generation Intel Core processors, representing a major upgrade from the motherboard made for the sixth generation – with plenty of headspace for extra components that allow you to build the PC of your dreams on top of the other board foundation this lays down.


Anytime you’re talking about running lightning-fast processors like these from Intel you need to manage the temperatures of your machine, and this Asus model does that better than almost anything else out there.

Next-generation Cross Chill EK II technology allows for both traditional air cooling and water cooling technology, with new larger fans that are thinner with increased heat dispensation capabilities. On top of that, the fans operate a whole lot quieter than they ever used to in the past – helping to keep things nice and chilly even when your computer is running at full load.

AURA Lighting Control software is built directly into this motherboard as well, giving you total control over how your motherboard looks as far as the lighting of the RGB LEDs placed throughout the board are concerned. This onboard lighting software works with any accessory LED strips you add to the motherboard as well allowing for perfect synchronization.


  • Stays Cool – You’ll be amazed at just how consistent temperatures are with this motherboard calling the shots, even when your computer is under heavy load
  • Brilliant Lighting – You’ll have plenty of control over the looks and aesthetics of your rig thanks to the built-in lighting software highlighted above
  • Plenty of Extensibility – You’ll have all the headroom you need to customize your PC with more than enough room, extra ports, and plenty of horsepowers to get the job done


  • A little more expensive than other options


You certainly get your money’s worth when you invest in this Asus motherboard, but it is going to cost a little bit more than most other Z270 options right out of the box.


“This motherboard is a game-changer, perfect for my new gaming PC”

“Love the way it looks but really appreciates how easy it was to build out”

“Water cooling with this motherboard was simple and straightforward”


Recognized as one of the top options on the market today and certainly one of the best Z270 motherboards money can buy, you’ll never regret using this as the foundation for your custom PC build going forward!



Very similar to the Asus motherboard we highlighted above, but a little bit “cut down” compared to the ROG flagship option, this is a motherboard perfect for those that want a powerful and lightning-fast computer but aren’t expecting to do too much heavyweight gaming on it in the future.

You get all of the speed, all of the performance, and all of the features you’re looking for in a Z270 option at a lower price point because it isn’t quite as focused on maximizing the overall gaming experience.


Effortless tuning of your new PC is possible thanks to the Asus five-way optimization features that are available with just a single flip of a switch. You’ll be able to quickly configure your computer or extreme speed, power balancing, energy efficiency, and a whole host of other specialties when this feature has been flipped on – all of which happens automatically and behind the scenes with optimization occurring based entirely upon how you use your new computer.

Fan control systems are very energy-efficient, numerous temperature sensors guarantee that the entirety of your motherboard is protected from overheating, and an extremely quiet mode allows your computer to beat the heat without making a ton of noise – another big bonus.


  • Nearly Silent Operation – For a heavy-hitting motherboard like this one you’ll be amazed at just how quiet it is when Extreme Quiet mode has been configured
  • Effortless Overclocking – Integrated Asus technology for overclocking makes this process simple and straightforward, squeezing more performance out of your components
  • Dedicated OC PRO – This is Asus technology specifically designed or state-of-the-art Intel processors, allowing you to push their overclocked base-clock frequencies up to (and beyond) 425 MHz


  • Not exactly a super high performing board, but not your average run-of-the-mill or “multitasking” motherboard, either


The price point for this Asus option makes it one of the best Z270 motherboards money can buy. The price is right for all the technology you get and it is incredibly competitive when stacked up against underpowered options from other manufacturers.


“I don’t do a ton of PC gaming but I do edit a lot of photos and a lot of videos and this motherboard let’s my hardware really zip along”

“Needed a durable, reliable, and consistent motherboard that allowed for easy overclocking. This one delivered in spades!

“Love the support or dual M.2 devices without having to give up SATA ports!”


Not quite as feature-rich as the top-of-the-line Asus motherboard we highlighted above, this is still a heavy hitter and offers plenty of top-tier features to make the most of your new Intel chipset.

ASRock Z270 Extreme4


Sitting squarely between the “middle-of-the-road”, average budget motherboards and the highest end, top-tier technology motherboards this is a real sweet spot option for those that don’t want to spend a mountain of money on new PC components but still want fantastic performance.

Impressively (especially for a board at this price point) this can handle pretty much everything you throw at it as far as gaming is concerned without any real let down. That alone makes it one of the best Z270 motherboards on the planet today.


The aesthetics of this motherboard are tough to top, particularly if you are shooting for a case design that is going to be glass on one side – and even more so if you are going to be running the integrated RGB LED lights.

Unlike some of the other motherboards out there though, this isn’t just another pretty face. The folks behind this motherboard include plenty of power throughout this PC component – with dedicated water pump headers, built-in top-of-the-line audio, and all kinds of extensibility options including USB 3.1 slots, three PCIe 3.0×16 and three PCIe 3.0×1 slots with the ability to run Quad SLI or three-way Crossfire a with graphics cards if you choose to go down that road.


Rock Solid Construction – This is a hardware component manufacturer that has a legendary reputation in the PC community for producing top-of-the-line components at affordable prices

Incredible Extensibility – The myriad of extensibility and add-on options you’ll have available with this motherboard is going to feel pretty infinite

Strategic Reinforcements – There are a number of strategic reinforcements made throughout the motherboard to allow for less interference, better and more stable connections, and rigidity and durability over time


The only real knock against this Z270 motherboard is that it doesn’t include onboard Wi-Fi the way that most of the other options will.


When you get right to it, this top-of-the-line piece of technology is downright affordable – particularly when you stack it up against some of its closest competitors specifications wise, and that it really blows them out of the water from a value standpoint.


“This may not be classified as a “high-end” motherboard, but boy does it really feel like a sports car when you get everything up and running!”

“Selling a motherboard this capable and this extensible at this price point should be almost criminal. What a bargain!”

“If you are building a new PC with the latest Intel chipsets and aren’t using this motherboard, you’ve gone crazy


When looking for top-quality options with plenty of customizability, plenty of speed and horsepower, and plenty of headspace for new components – including water cooling components – without spending a pile of money along the way this is one of the best options for sure.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a better picture of what the very top-of-the-line Z270 motherboards look like on the market today.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the three options we highlighted in this quick guide, and all of them should give you the kind of building block you need to start your new PC with. If you’re looking for an upgrade and are using an Intel seven generation chipset they also have incredible hardware compatibility so you don’t have to scrap all of your old components and start from scratch, either.

Check out the three options we broke down earlier. You won’t be disappointed!

The Best NVMe SSD To Buy in 2019

How to pick the Best NVMe SSD

Should you buy the best NVMe SSD?  Well, that depends on if you want your computer to come on in a split second instead of a few minutes, or if you want that giant file to transfer in the blink of an eye. What is this NVMe SSD?

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), specifically, was introduced approximately six years ago and is a storage interface.  With this system, the storage can’t be erased once the computer is rebooted which is what the Non-Volatile part tells you.  And it maneuvers its way via the PCI Express or PCIe interface within the computer’s motherboard which allows it a more straightforward connection as opposed to having to go through a SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.

NVMe drives are dropping down in price allowing folks to upgrade their systems with the faster speeds.  Whether you should take that leap depends on your work capacity and your preference.  Being able to perform at a faster pace may prove itself worthy.  Some folks took the plunge and showed their preferences for the best NVMe SSD drives on Amazon.  Let’s take a look.

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB – NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E1T0BW)

The Samsung is boasted as being capable of offering unbeatable speeds, top-notch reliability, and a ton of capacity options upwards of 2TB. Storage capacity is expanded greatly allowing space for other components. The revolutionary technology provides you the ability to do more and achieve more.  High-end gaming, as well as 3D/4K graphic editing, are enhanced by the newest Phoenix controller, brilliant TurboWrite technology, as well as the latest in V-NAND.  Read and write performance are superior at 3,500 and 2,500 MB/s.  It offers upwards of over 30% faster writes than its prior generation. You can get upwards of 1200 TBW, accomplishing over half of that of the prior generation. Awesome heat dissipation is made possible through the nickel-coated controller as well as the heat spreader. Optimal operating temps are maintained through the Dynamic Thermal Guard in order to minimize performance dropping.


Engineered with the industry-leading Samsung V NAND tech for superior, reliable operation.

Upwards of 3,500 MB/s read speeds and endurance upwards of 1200 TBW, 5-year limited warranty.

Samsung Magician Software offers seamless cloning as well as file transfer.  An SSD management solution which is ideal for optimal operation as well as data security with firmware automatic updates.

Risk of overheating is reduced with Dynamic Thermal Guard and performance dropping is minimized. 

Enhanced bandwidth, power efficiency, and low latency are offered by the NVMe interface which is perfect for high-end gamers, tech enthusiasts, and 3D-4K content designers.


  • Fast read/write speeds.
  • Reduced risk of overheating.
  • Low latency.
  • V NAND technology.
  • Performance dropping is minimized.
  • Affordable for the value that you get.


Per the reviewers, learn what you have to do online prior to installing so you get your system functioning at their 5 * / 5 * operating capabilities.  Not a con, just helpful tips.


The price for this drive as listed on Amazon was $169.99.


The best NVMe SSD drive reviews showed a majority of the users found this to be a 5 * / 5 * piece of equipment.  They said that it really is as fast as they say it is.  They’re happy that the prices are coming down so they are able to get a hold of it.  Some said it was legitimately fast right out of the box, but with proper set up it can be even faster. Loading/boot times are dramatically faster. Can turn on the PC and be to the desktop with everything loaded in less than 30 seconds where prior took several minutes.  Love the compact size.  Overall, awesome performance period.


This drive is able to reach read/write upwards of 3500/3000 MB/s powered by 3D NAND tech and NVMe PCIe interface.  It is nearly 625% speedier than the regular SATA SSD.  System responsiveness overall will be elevated by the exceptional speed and game/program loading time will be decreased for those hardcore and professional gamers which makes this drive the ideal pick for gaming as well as video/high-resolution graphics editing, large data analysis, 3D modeling, and other intense apps.  Capacity featured upwards of 1TB, high storage space provided.  Data integrity/safety is ensured via LDPC error-correcting tech as well as E2E Data Protect.


  • Super quick NVMe PCIe Gen 3×4 interface.
  • Read/write times upwards of 3500/3000 MB/s.
  • Perfect for video/photo editing, intense 3D animation, as well as more intensive apps.


  • Awesome value for the price.
  • Incredible read/write times.
  • Great capacity.
  • Perfect for intensive applications.
  • Exceptional speed.


  • Not really a con, but need to make sure that your system is compatible before purchasing.  Please double-check that information.


The price for this drive on Amazon is listed at $149.95.


The best NVMe SSD drive reviews brought this in as an incredible piece of equipment for the price.  The first reviewer said no one can compete at this price with what you get, it’s fantastic.  An amazing NVMe drive with a super competitive price, easily the most competitive pro NVMe on the market, super satisfied with this purchase, and overall ‘highly recommend that people get this drive before it rises in price from the demand’.

CORSAIR Force Series MP5 10 1920GB

The Corsair offers upwards of 3,480 MB/s of sequential read time and 3,000 MB/s of sequential write speed with the new extreme data operating controller. PCIe NVMe high speed Gen 3×4 M.2 interface allows for maximum bandwidth and simple connection. You’re given the ultimate blend of performance as well as endurance and value with the High-density 3D TLC NAND in order to keep the Corsair operating at its peak for years.  Compact form factor M.2 2280, easy to install within a laptop or compatible motherboard.


– Ultimate storage operation; new data operation controller offers upwards of 3480 of MB/s read and upwards of 3000 of MB/s write times.

– Maximum bandwidth and simple connection made possible via the interface of high-speed PCIe NVMe Gen3 x 4 M.2.

– 3D TLC NAND High-density will have your drive operating at its peak for years to come by offering the perfect blend of performance, value, and endurance.

– Form factor in compact M.2 2280 goes right in your motherboard or notebook.

Advanced Drive controls are enabled from your desktop to include firmware updates and secure Erase via Toolbox software.


  • Easy to install.
  • Awesome Storage capacity.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Incredible read/write times.
  • Advanced speed with compact size.


There is a sticker on a metal plate on top of the drive, remove it.  It covers up the heatsink.  Not a con, just an oversight.  Everyone removed theirs and proceeded with the 5 * operations.


The price for the Corsair Force Series as listed on Amazon goes for $259.99.


The best NVMe SSD reviews showed the top of the line ratings for each category as the consumers felt this is an awesome drive that is incredibly speedy.  It starts faster/works faster, the gain is definitely noticeable.  It is beyond the competition. Amazing technology, most fantastic upgrade in decades, won’t be sorry if you buy this, solid drive, works really well and is very stable, dependable.  It is really tiny, super small but super-fast, really love this drive, great staple to a new computer, and the overall consensus seems to be that they love their Corsair.


If you are doing a lot of gaming or video work or any kind of intensive applications on your computer, having a fast computer is really important.  You don’t want to have to sit and wait for the computer to catch up when you’re right in the middle of something important.  Gamers particularly don’t want to have their game affected by slow speeds on the system.  The NVMe SSD is particularly beneficial in these instances.  It will give gamers a true advantage in their gameplay and allow those who work with large files to transfer their data in record time.  Technology is certainly advancing faster than we can even keep up with it.  These tiny little drives are capable of so much, storing so much, reading/writing/transferring. The operation and performance are amazing.

The three best NVMe SSD drives that the consumers on Amazon have purchased and are currently using with their own computers have astounded them with their capabilities and allowed them to use their computers in a much more efficient and effective way.  Whether you’re a gamer or use the computer for any type of intensive application, the NVMe SSD will change your whole dynamic. It’s the wave of the future.

Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review- Pro’s & Con’s

An introduction to the Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080

Welcome to our NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 review! If you want a graphics card that doesn’t quit and gives you the gaming experience you want and deserve, this is without a doubt the way to go.

After all, game devs and graphic artists don’t throw together character and level designs just for fun; with today’s games, every detail is noted.

Don’t miss out on those awesome gaming Easter Eggs because you have a faulty graphics card. Our Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review will tell you all you need to know.

Overview of The Product

When some computer users think “graphics card” they may think automatically that this relates to video gamers and that they could not possibly have a need for such a product.

This is incorrect-a graphics card is used by everybody to display the contents of the Internet, your software, and even preloaded computer programs on your monitor. All information is taken from your CPU and then turned into pictures. 

In short, without a graphics card, you cannot use a computer.

So, some people certainly need a high-quality one (gamers, artists, engineers, photographers, etc.) but others of us who just use our PC for casual use can get away with a lower-grade one. But why settle for a low-grade item when this NVIDIA can show you everything with such high-quality resolution?

Besides, think of all the great stuff you see on the Internet like family photos, Skype calls from faraway relatives and friends, and more. It’s better to just see it all the way it was meant to be seen. 

Even if you are not a gamer, this is definitely an ideal product to consider when you are ready to customize your next computer. NVIDIA makes plenty of other graphics cards in this line, not just ones for gaming.

This particular graphics card was developed to provide a graphical experience like no other. The power delivery on this is huge, and so you can push it to the limits of overclocking without worry. The cooling on this particular graphics card is just perfect and keeps performance high. There are also lots of customizable options on this particular graphics card too, so those of you who know computers and love to tweak things just as you want them, the option is there to do so.


Now, let’s talk about the features of this great graphics card.

This is a single-config, Overclocked Edition HDMI Type-C graphics card. It is geared toward gaming setups but can be used to see anything in super high resolution. One other cool feature is that, at the time of this writing, buyers also get a free copy of the classic game Wolfenstein: Youngblood and newer game Control.

Free Amazon tech support is included with your purchase, and the product is powered by NVIDIA’s Turing with 1890-megahertz boos clock. You can power up to four different monitors with this graphics card.

The graphics you see on your screen are delivered via Auto-Extreme and Max-Contact tech to bring you what you want to see by providing a durable and tough product.

The material this hardware is made of aerospace-grade material that maximizes heatsink contact. Another great thing is the 0db fans, they allow air to flow through the heatsink and feature IP5X dust resistance, so it is easier to keep this clean.

Seeing every color ever imagined is not a problem for this graphics card. The ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting gives you an endless color spectrum, so nothing is going to be left out in any of your online or offline ventures.

And lastly, if you are a streamer of any type: gaming, chatting, online demonstrations, or whatever your content entails, this is just the perfect graphics card for this. The included software like Game Booster, XSplit Gamecaster, Quantum Cloud and WT fast make it easy.


  • Superior overclocking on this unit
  • Features are plentiful on this graphics card
  • Performance is off the charts
  • Build of the graphics card and its components are superior
  • The cooling solution of this graphics card is at the top of its class


  • Even as we looked around online for product research, we could not find any negatives about this when writing this Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review.

Pricing lists this particular product for $789.99, and this includes free shipping.


“COOL, super COOL! This does not compare to my EVGA 1080 TI SC2. That thing went to 78 degrees C on a full load. This, on the other hand, runs overclocked at 56 degrees C max on a full load during playing Battlefield on DXR and on the highest settings. I still get 60 FPS or higher for most of my time playing, save for when the scene gets too graphically intense or you whatever you’re zooming in on and then aiming at drops to 50s to high 40s when it comes to frames per second, but with my monitor-a GSYNC- it is still as smooth as can be. This is a must for those who demand RTX and future DLSS with at least a 3440x1440p ultra-wide monitor. This card blows it all out of the water. I highly recommend this if you have a GSYNC monitor-or even if you don’t have one! After all the card runs cool, idle is only 28 degrees C! No idea how they keep this thing so cool, but hey, it works. There is also no coil whine or artifacts with this card. It’s super quiet, super expensive, and I am interested in comparing this to future NVIDIA releases when they come out. This card is “good enough” and more. So far, I am a happy client!”-Green Arrow

“I am sensitive to sound and my system is quiet. But then I bought an MSI Duke video card, but I could not handle the coil whine. I tried to do a few different things, even changed out the power supply to see if that could help and did all the burn in tests like everybody recommended. However, none of that worked. I even tried ANOTHER card before I got this one and it ran way too hot, 55 degrees C idle! The look was horrible, too. I finally settled on this card and it is beautiful. The LED is rather subtle and integrates super well with my system. There is no GPU lag, it is super quiet, and the idle and loaded temps are unheard of! 55 degrees C while gaming, 23 degrees C while idle, and you cannot hear those fans. I highly recommend it, and I am VERY HAPPY with this card!”- Mario Vanden Berghe

“I was long overdue for an upgrade on my graphics card. I used to have an Asus Strix GTX970 and coming to this RTX 2080 was a huge improvement in my gaming experience. The frames were 50 to 75% better depending on what game I was playing. The boost clocks were running at about 1950 to 1980 megahertz straight out of the box with temps 60 to 70 degrees F depending on what game I was playing, and the card is so quiet with fans going up to about 50% under the load with the stock curve. One thing nobody is mentioning is the NVENC coding improvements from previous gens. For those of you that are streamers, this lets new and veteran streamers alike do their thing without the worry of needing a second stream PC with super quality, especially if your CPU isn’t capable of doing it. “-Orlean

“I upgraded from a GTX 1060 GB and wow, what a difference. I can play all games in 4k resolution and I also maintain 60 FPS. The card is amazing and was very easy to install. I thought the price was very high. You do pay extra for the inclusion of ray tracing, and this is only available on one game at 1080P. I also wish the pilot lights were not so bright, as it can be distracting from the lighting on the card. So far, so good, performs as promised and I really am happy with my purchase. I am excited to see what the future holds for ray tracing.”-Edward Donald

“I bought his card because of my other one, my GTX 1080 TI was running super-hot while gaming. I read the reviews on how quiet and cold this card runs, and they were so right. It was running in the low 70 degrees F range when I had the graphics maxed on games like World of Warcraft, Apex Legends and PubG. I installed this and tested it out and immediately felt a difference changing my graphics card. There are also going to be a lot of updates for the RTX, so this is going to be something I can look forward to. “-Jaamonliu


Thank you for taking the time to read this Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review. If you need a graphics card for any reason, gaming or otherwise, turn to this particular product to get the quality you want.

The Best Car Vacuum To Buy in 2019

A short intro to the Best Car Vacuum

Why is it necessary to look for the best car vacuum? Well, the car is our home away from home. We basically carry our lives with us every time we leave the house and a majority of it remains in the car. We have our meals in there, take our pets on their little drives, transport kids to and from the beach with evidence of sand being left behind. The car is like that closet that catches everything we don’t know what to do with so we throw it in there and force the door shut. The only problem is eventually we have to clean it.

It seems all fine and good when you’re peeling away the surface piles, but what do you do when you get to the stuff that you can’t carry out? There’s pet hair from floor to ceiling, crumbs from so many different food groups, wood splinters from hiking trips, stones, and leaves…things you know will need to be vacuumed. The problem is you don’t want to drag your big house vac to the car and you hate to go to the car wash vac where it is such a pain to try to maneuver in the amount of time you’re allotted. It’s time to search for a car vacuum and, based on the consumer reviews, there are three that have stood out from all of the others out there in the crowd. Let’s check them out.

Black and Decker Dust Buster Cordless Battery Tech Vacuum 16V CHV1410C 

This vacuum is boasted as one of the best handheld vacuums on the market with it being said that it is simply a must-have for your car-vacuuming needs. It is compact in size and extremely lightweight to make use easy and efficient on all types of surfaces. It operates on a lithium-ion battery that charges for up to 4-6 hours and provides you up to 20 minutes of vacuum time. Battery charge can last upwards of 18 months.  You never have to worry about getting tangled up in cording as you do with its corded competitors. The suction is powerful and the vacuum offers cyclonic action which separates the larger pieces of debris from the dust and finer bits. It is bagless instead having a clear ‘dust bowl’ that will let you see the debris and empty accordingly.  


  • Capacity in the dust bowl of 20.6 oz.
  • Lithium ion battery powers the 16V 15.2 watt motor.
  • Smartech Charge will shut down when the charge is full, saves upwards of 50% energy
  • Filters are washable and then reusable
  • Cyclonic action
  • 2-year warranty included


  • Lightweight, portable, compact, and powerful
  • Affordable
  • No cord
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Dust bowl, no bags
  • Reusable filters


Not really a con, but you need to empty the dust bowl once it’s full. Otherwise, you would be changing bags, so toss up.


This vacuum as priced on Amazon is $57.29.


The best car vacuum reviews show this vacuum was rated favorably by consumers on every level.  They felt the powerful sucking action was phenomenal, able to get even cat litter off of the surfaces.  Everyone agreed it worked fantastically.  The charge for the battery was awesome.  They really like the quality, overall just an excellent machine.

Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner.

The Liberrway made the list for its unique aluminum alloy constructed fan where most are plastic in traditional vacuums.  This isn’t the only reason, of course, but makes it stand out over the crowd significantly. This alone gives the machine upwards of 5000 Pa worth of suction capability. The vacuum is compact as well as extremely lightweight and portable. It can be used in your car on dry debris or wet substances where it will provide deep cleaning. The machine comes with a crevice tool as well as an extension hose along with double filtration technology where the bigger particles are separated out with the outer canister and the inner filter will trap the finer debris and dust. This unit has no bags to deal with so emptying out the dirt and debris is simplistic. It is able to get down into those hard to reach areas with very little difficulty.


  • Child friendly
  • Bagless design
  • Power cable of 14 foot
  • Technology of double filtration system
  • Aluminum fan on 12V 100 watt motor allowing 5000 Pa suction capability
  • HEPA filtration
  • 2-year warranty


  • Reusable filters
  • Powerful suction
  • Long power cable
  • Hose reaches 12”
  • Wet/dry capability
  • Small, lightweight, portable


This is such an effective and efficient vacuum, may have trouble keeping it in the car instead of using inside the house. Maybe not really a con necessarily.


This vacuum as priced on Amazon is $19.99.


The best car vacuum reviews were all very positive for this unit. One customer was very happy the machine was able to get all of the sand out from her car’s thick carpet. Others were really happy with the long cord and the small compact size. They all felt it made cleaning the car so easy and they couldn’t believe the amount of power that it carries. One said she and her husband have gone through so many handheld vacuums as an over-the-road trucker and this is the only one that held up…excellent, beyond 5*.

Armor All AA12V1 0901 12V Car Vac

This Armor All vacuum is very lightweight weighing in at only 1.8 pounds making using it super easy and not at all cumbersome. It is portable as well as compact for easy out-of-the-way storage in your car within the storage bag that is included with it. It also comes with detail tools to include a crevice brush along with a squeegee. It easily will plug into the cigarette light adapter and presents with an impressive 15 feet of power cord.  The filters are washable and reusable for greater efficiency.  You can use the vacuum on all surface types and it is capable of picking up not only dry particles but also wet substances as well.  This unit is specifically designed to clean the interior of cars.  It has a handle that makes it easier to maneuver throughout the vehicle and in harder to reach areas.


  • Auto plug of 12V DC
  • Offers an LED cleaning light that comes built-in
  • There is an impressive power cord of 15 feet
  • The crevice tool is built-in and retractable and it also comes with a squeegee
  • The vacuum comes with a storage bag in order to protect it when it’s not in use
  • The filters are washable and reusable allowing for more efficiency with pick-up as well as longer-term usage.
  • Offers a handle for ease of operation when using throughout the car as well as when trying to get in the harder to reach areas


  • With the Armor All customer support is available to customers through their website’s email, by phone, and also via their ‘frequently asked questions’ page.
  • This vacuum has the capability to pick up wet or dry substances equally effectively.
  • Very lightweight at only 1.8 pounds making it really easy to use.
  • It comes with detailing tools for the extra cleaning power.
  • Compact, portable
  • Extremely affordable.


This isn’t really necessarily a con, but with this machine, you want to keep smaller children from operating it.


The price for this vacuum on Amazon was $22.02.


The best car vacuum reviews for this unit were extremely positive. The first review indicated that they would very much recommend this vacuum for others looking for something for their vehicles.  Others felt it offered an impressive amount of suction and were so happy with the fact that it was so easy to handle with the lightweight body. There were many who said it did a fantastic job, some ‘awesome’ comments, and one who indicated it was a ‘powerful little suction machine’.  Overall, everyone felt it was really an excellent buy.


The need for a vacuum to have in the car is really important if you’re someone who likes to maintain your car in a clean, neat way. The fact that we have so much going on in our lives and basically do a lot of living in our car requires that we do our housekeeping on a regular basis just as we would in our homes. In order to do that we need the proper equipment and that equipment has to be able to take up very little space, be user-friendly, and reach every area with little effort.

The best car vacuum reviews that were provided gave selections that groups of consumers found to meet and exceed their expectations and requirements for their car vacuuming needs.  They were all within an affordable range but were each described as powerful and effective. The only difficulty you may have is deciding between them as one of us is having that dilemma as we speak.  They all sound like fantastic machines.  Surely, our cars will thank us.