How to pick the Best USB Flash Drive

The best USB flash drives available on the market depend on what you need them for and how much you may be storing on them.  Surprisingly, USB flash drives have not lost their relevance in the age of technology.  They are still sublimely necessary to those who have a need to store loads of information in one tiny, compartmental and portable device that makes access available anywhere, any time it is needed.  These special little pieces of digital convenience will be necessary indefinitely or until there is a decrease in the need for security and the internet becomes available in every possible situation, everywhere, at all times. 

There have been major improvements in the world of flash drives to implement increased storage size, improve their read as well as write times, and there is an astounding decrease in the amount of time that it will take in order to transfer records from one computer to the next.  USB flash drives have and likely will be beneficial to their users even within the now existing digital world.

Looking over the multitude that are available on the market today, Amazon provides some of the best USB flash drives.  Based on Consumer reviews, the list has been narrowed down to three that kind of stood out among the others with varying price points to reach every consumer’s needs.

USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick 128 GB Jump Drive Thumb Drive 3.0 Flash Drive

This USB flash drive is rather unique in that it offers double connections and can transfer documents for any series of products including those of iPad, iPhone as well as certain android products along with your PC.  It has a multi-functioning and compact-sized design with maximum capacity storage and aluminum alloy material.  If you lose your device, the security is maintained by password protection as well as Touch ID so you don’t have to worry about anyone else being able to get into your documents.  It offers a key-chain option so that it will be more difficult to lose. 


The device offers security in the form of password protection and Touch ID making access by others nearly impossible

File transfer is high speed by plugging into the lightning port and the USB port making file transmission much simpler as well as faster while having to be on the go.

Key-chain option provided in order that the USB device stay safe at all times.


  • Maximum storage.
  • High speed transfer
  • Safe and secure using password/Touch ID
  • Double connection


If you’re one to lose your keys, you may not want to put this on your key-chain.  It may be better to store it in a much safer place.


The price for this device on Amazon runs $32.99.

The best USB flash drives reviews rated this drive overwhelmingly positive.  The very first reviewer indicated simply that it just works and they love it.  Others have loaded it up with photos, movies, music and can transfer it to their phones or other devices fast and easily.  Still others highly recommend the device and offer that it is very easy to use just out of the box, and overall it is just a very good product to have.

Samsung BAR Plus 256GB – 300MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive (MUF-256BE4/AM)

The BAR by Samsung has been updated with a much more modern design to it and offering a couple different color selections for your preference along with capacity above what it offered previously.  USB 3.1 is the offering now, showing more performance including upwards of 300 MB/s for reading speeds.  This device is boasted as being capable of taking a beating and has been tested in situations where it was tossed around in a sack, put through x-ray torture, and dropped into the water all with no effect to the integrity of the flash drive. It also offers a key-ring option for better portability and safety from losing it.


  • Speed transfers are redefined with everyday files being sent at up to 300 MB/s.
  • Secure/reliable storage is offered for all documents including files or photos or videos, even music.
  • Case is made of rugged metal to ensure durability inclusive of key-ring capability.
  • Data is sure to be safeguarded with the flash drive being proofed in any situation imaginable.
  • USB 3.1 is backward compatible with 3.0 and 2.0.


  • Device was made to be shock-proof, water-proof, magnet-proof, temperature-proof, and x-ray proof
  • Speeds of up to 300 MB/s
  • Awesome storage capability
  • Case offers extreme durability
  • Backwards compatible for convenience


This is no con, but you may have the desire to test it in each of those scenarios to see if it really is resistant to shock, water, magnets, temperatures, and x-rays out of a sense of strange curiosity.  Probably not the thing to do.


Amazon’s price for this flash drive came in at $41.99.


The best USB flash drives reviews were amazing for this product with the very first coming in at 5 * / 5 * offering that it provided consistent performance across multiple units in high-speed capacity.  Others found competitor flash drives to be less reliable than what they had discovered with this drive, good/inexpensive drive, will buy a few to have on hand, and overall good buy for the value.

SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive SDCZ36-064G-AFFP

The SanDisk Cruzer is a most reliable flash drive capable of fitting in your palm yet providing the ultimate in storage capacity but also the best speeds in order to transfer data from one device to another in no time.  The drive has optimal use and is designed for PCs and other devices that provide a 2.0 port, however, backwards compatibility is available to suit 1.1. ports as well.  The case is made durable and has been tested in order to show that it will come out without showing signs of wear but rather looking still brand new.  It is also backed by a 90-day refund or else a replacement if the product that you receive is not as you would expect.


This flash drive is boasted as providing the premium storage that is both secure and reliable for any of your documents including business files or photos or videos, as well as music.

  • Sensitive files are further protected with SanDisk SecureAccess which is software that they include with your purchase.
  • You are provided with extra protection, safety, and security by applying for password protection and there is encryption 128bit AES.
  • Frustration-Free packaging which has been certified will be the way your flash drive will be shipped out to you.


Optimal storage available both reliable and secure which is a must in order to store your files but at the same time transfer to other computers.

  • Extra protection included for your most sensitive files so there’s no worry of these getting leaked.
  • Compact, portable size capable of carrying anywhere, discreet.
  • Backward compatible with 1.1 ports making it even more efficient.
  • Encrypted for protection and can also password protect the device so no one can have use if it is lost or stolen.


Not really a con, but need to keep it in a secure spot where it’s not possible for you to lose it. It does offer so many safety and protection options that, even if lost, no one will be able to access your documents.


The price for this device on Amazon is $9.49.


The best USB flash drives reviews for the SanDisk found the first reviewer very happy that it was so easy to use for a non-techie such as himself, couldn’t be happier.  Some found this to be an awesome piece of equipment, outstanding with a fantastic price, secure and easy solution to storage and sharing needs.  There were some who bought a couple of them to have around.  The overall consensus, SanDisk Cruzer remains the best.


It doesn’t seem to matter how much technology comes around or how advanced our digital world becomes, some things are going to remain simplistic and need to stay that way.  Having our stored documents available to hold onto in our hands in a secure, safe, reliable format is one of those things. Using the internet is still a little shaky in providing the type of safety for our data that we need, not to mention that it is not reliable or available in any and every situation everywhere.  That’s why it’s necessary to have something that you can 100% count on and the USB flash drives answer that requirement.

In the examples provided, the consumers have tried all of these and found that they are among the best USB flash drives available on the market.  Some even bought a few of them to store and have available in different scenarios.  If you want to make sure your information stays with you, try one of these drives.  The internet is not ready to keep our data secure.