A short intro to the Best Photo Scanners In 2019

They say pictures can paint a thousand words, that pictures are moments forever immortalized in time on a digital frame. Both of these statements are very much true. In 2019, we all have the capabilities of capturing any and every moment with just a single press of a button.

We can capture that legendary performance on stage with our favorite artist, record the moment our child makes that first touchdown on the field. We can capture these moments and more with just our phones now.

However, as precious as it is to look back on those memories with just a single swipe, technology is fragile. Our phones and devices can break, along with those precious photos that we hold near-and-dear to our hearts.

However, just like our phones, technology has been improving with each passing year, including the ability to preserve these memories on new formats and mediums, including our computers.

That is why today, we will explore three of the best photo scanners on Amazon to ensure that our digital memories can find new ways of being always preserved.

Product 1: Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

One of the best-selling scanners on Amazon, the V600 offers a wide range of versatility and substances for men and women to use. If there were a word to describe the range and function of the V600, it would be “dependable.” The V600 is one of those photo scanners that not only looks the part, being big, bold, and impressive, but it most certainly plays the part.

However, talk is always cheap, so let us get down to business and talk about the V600 in depth.


  • Capable of creating large, beautiful images with 6400X9600 DPI.
  • It is the perfect tool to use for removing dust and other stains from film via its digital ICE. Same with tears, creases, and other destructive matter.
  • Capable of completing any scanning task in a rapid motion.
  • The V600 unit is efficient; thus, with LED lighting, there is practically no warm-up like older models and brands.
  • The device can restore faded copies of photos at the same time if needed.


  • As mentioned above, the V600 is efficient and fast, capable of starting up with little to no wait time.
  • It is also user-friendly to not only set-up but installs, especially if someone chooses to go with the rather pricey installation option.
  • Sleek and beautiful, the V600 will look amazing in an office or industrial setting.
  • The V600 is capable of scanning practically anything, slides, negatives, film photographs, pictures, documents and anything else that is thin and nimble is scannable, copyable and saveable.
  • Moreover, plus the device itself is USB-powered.


No cons to report on the V600, it is just flawless in terms of what it can offer people.


The device itself, if purchased today, will set a person or company back by 190 dollars. However, if that person is not that tech-savvy or rather not mess with installation by themselves, that customer can purchase the additional 200-dollar installation service by professionals. They will unpack and set it up for the customer and ensure everything is ready if they want it.  The service is optional, but it is there for people who want it.


However, do not take our word for the V600 alone; here are some reviews by other individuals on the product.

“After losing all of my photos on my SD card for my camera, I knew it was time to buy a photo scanner. I am so happy with Epson. I highly recommend not only this particular model but its brand as a whole.”

“What a wonderful gift to receive from my father. As a photographer, I am so happy to have something so reliable in my office to work with every day. It works like a dream.”

“There is no competition; this is easily the best photo scanner I have used.”


The V600 might be a bit daunting when it comes to that price point, but the versatility and the amount of use a person will get from this product quickly outshine that 190-dollar price tag.

Product 2: Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1500 Color Duplex Scanner


When it comes to a more traditional-looking scanner, some people might point to the IX1500 given its great and bulky-looking shape and figure; however, this is farthest from the truth as the IX1500 is a powerhouse of a scanner.  The device is capable of handling a wide assortment of tasks while also offering it is owners a wide variety of options and luxuries when it comes to handling their duties and needs.


  • Very sophisticated scanning technology. There is no need to have to do two scans for a single document anymore.        
  • The device has an easy-to-read, large 4.3-inch screen, capable of selecting where and how a person wants their documents. Whether it is to Dropbox, Google Drive, a specific folder, or wherever the owner wants.
  • The device has both Wi-Fi capabilities and can connect to a personal computer.
  • The IX1500 has built-in software that can clean and organize files innately. Such as automatic cropping, deletion, new page set-up, and so, so much more.


  • The IX1500 has a sleek and straightforward design to it, especially compared to older or other models from years past.
  • The device is capable of saving a person personal profile and settings, thus making it more convenient for future uses.
  • Works for both Mac and Windows users.
  • The device is capable of scanning and reading a myriad of different mediums like pictures, drawings, receipts, promotional cards along with many other documents and files.
  • Perfect for offices and industrial settings alike.


There are no cons to report. 


The IX1500 has a few different models available, nearly all of which cost more than the regular version does at 419 dollars. However, the other models, while more expensive, do have their own benefits and wonders to explore next to the regular IX1500 model.

However, at the same time, just like the V600 unit, Amazon offers a professional installation service for 200 dollars more.


However, like before, do not take our word alone, let us hear some paraphrased statements made by other individuals.

“My family and I love this device. I can ensure all of the photos I take of my kids at their games are safe and sound on my PC.”

“I cannot express how glad I am to have this scanner in my office.”

“After losing my previous scanner from old age, I was pointed to this one by my friends… my God am I glad they did. I am livid with this scanner. I am glad to have this one in my office.”


The IX1500 might look bland or uninteresting, especially in comparison to the V600 model from above. However, the IX1500 is easily one of the best photo scanners available on Amazon as of writing this article.

Doxie Go SE-The Intuitive Portable Scanner


However, what if someone is limited on space and does not have the room or availability to have something like the V600 or IX1500 to place in their office? What if someone does not want something that big or cumbersome? Is there perhaps something more sleek and lighter to carry around? Yes, there is.

Doxie brings the Go SE scanner, a single light bar sensor that a person can place down anywhere they want. Just pop in a memory card and that person is golden.


  • With modern engineering, the Go SE does not require a PC to function. Just pop in a memory card and the customer is good to go.
  • Capable of scanning and reading papers in less than eight seconds.
  • Capable of scanning up to 400 pages per charge and 4000 pages before needing to sync with a PC or device.
  • Award-winning ABBYY OCR technology.


  • Capable of reading various forms of pages such as papers, bills, receipts, recipes, photos, and so much more that it is not even funny.
  • Capable of reading full colour pages and up to 600 DPI.
  • Extremely small and portable, slip into a bag, and off it goes.
  • Includes software for the needs of the customer.
  • The device is compatible with all sorts of digital organization tools such as Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, and iCloud.

The Go SE comes with a rechargeable battery.

The pros go on and on with the Go SE.


• No cons to report with this device. Perfect for everyone.


Doxie’s Go SE is currently on sale on Amazon for 178 dollars.


Once more, do not take our word alone on the Go SE, here are what others are saying on the device.

“My grandmother loves the device, especially while working in her crafts room on the weekends.”

“I am getting this for my sister next time I see her.”

“Buy this scanner; you WILL NOT be disappointed.”


Doxie’s Go SE is the perfect scanner for newcomers alike. Not only is it merely affordable where other scanners can set people back by hundreds of dollars, but it is light-weight and portable, making it perfect for those who are always on the move throughout the week.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

When it comes down to it, the V600, IX1500 and the Go SE are three of the best photo scanners currently on Amazon. Yes, they are a bit pricey, especially with the installation service option, but all three of these scanners are worth the price given their versatility.