How we rate the Best Mechanical Keyboards

It’s very easy to assume that any keyboard is as good as any so long as you can still type and submit your reports or assignments on time. However, not all keyboards are the same. Yes, they may all get the letters to appear on your monitor, but the ultimate typing experience is more than just getting letters to the screen. Gamers will tell you that a single difference on the type of keyboard they use can be enough to stand between them and a championship.

This brings us to the rather popular type of keyboards known as a mechanical keyboard. What makes these keyboards so popular and are they really worth the extra few dollars you’ll spend on them?

Mechanical Keyboards Overview

If you spend a lot of time on a keyboard gaming, writing codes, reports, articles, or any other pieces, it’s vital that you invest on a proper keyboard. Mechanical keyboards pack a variety of features which may seem minor, but they contribute to a hassle-free typing experience.

For instance, mechanical keyboards usually accentuate the keys. This means that the keys are brought closer to your fingers, and this will benefit you in various ways. First, you’ll no longer have to bottom out the keys. A light touch will be enough to register the keystroke. Secondly, since the keys are closer and registering keystrokes is faster, your typing speed will increase significantly. Finally, accentuated keys don’t just bring the keys closer to the fingers, but it also helps to separate the keys. If your typing precision with the crowded dome-switch keyboards is already above average, then you can expect even better accuracy with mechanical keyboards. This will keep typos on the low, thus reducing your work significantly.

Another reason to love mechanical keyboards is their sturdy nature. These keyboards are made with durable materials that will remain functional for a very long time, regardless of how frequent they are used. This is one of the reasons why mechanical keyboards are also very popular in gaming because the rapid and constant pressing of keys makes sure that they do not die on the users prematurely.

Finally, most of us love mechanical keyboards for the simple, satisfying feeling that we get when using them. They don’t feel clumsy or mushy like the dome-switch keyboards. Pressing a mechanical keyboard has an authoritative vibe which can get very addictive, making it impossible for you to move back to other traditional keyboards and why would you ever want to go back anyway?

With that in mind, here are the best mechanical keyboards of 2019:

  1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K95 is designed to deliver the ultimate PC gaming experience. It features a sleek design which feels as brilliant as it looks. You will also get a wrist rest with a smooth finishing that will deliver the comfort you need desperately to dominate the Battlefield. You can also detach the wrist rest in case you feel like it is standing in your way or when you are using the keyboard for other regular duties.

The 100% Cherry MC key switches make it possible to perform quick functions or fast typing without missing even single keystroke. The 1.2mm actuation has also improved typing speeds dramatically.

With the Corsair K95, you’ll never have to worry about killing the keys due to intensive gaming and typing. That’s because the gold switches are incredibly durable, making sure that you get full value for your money before you are forced to go back into the market in search for another keyboard. Durability is supported further by an anodized aluminum frame.

The Corsair K95 features backlit keys with a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from. Apart from choosing the color for each key, you can also adjust how bright they illuminate. They also provide interesting animations that will keep your keyboard attractive.

Corsair K95 comes with two USB 2.0 ports and 8mb profile storage. You also get hardware macro and lighting playbacks. The 6 programmable G-keys can be configured to deliver complex multi-key combos or a single keystroke.


The keyboard is quite bulky.

2. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Razer is a very popular producer of gaming accessories, and the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is one of their best gaming keyboards today. The keyboard features “Green” mechanical switches that produce an audible click whenever the keystroke is registered. This, together with the tactile bumps, makes it easier for gamers and typists to know when a keystroke is registered. In case you feel like the click is too much for you due to too much typing or for any other reason, then you can switch up for the silent “Orange” and “Yellow” switches which deliver the tactile feeling without the sometimes nagging click.

The overall designing of the keyboard was done with comfort and durability in mind. The mechanical switches are strong enough to deliver 80 million keystrokes. The keyboard also features an ergonomic detachable wrist rest for enhanced comfort to sustain you through long gaming marathons before fatigue sets in.

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 also comes with five dedicated macro keys with an audio & USB pass-through port. You also get a microphone input and audio output ports. The keys can be programmed using the Synapse desktop software.

The keys are individually lit and can be customized into 16.8 million different color options! This is more than enough to personalize the keyboard and keep it looking fresh with new colors every once in a while.

You will also get 10 key anti-ghosting which allows you to execute 10 commands simultaneously. This will come in very handy, especially among professional gamers.


The BlackWidow Chroma V2 does not have any media keys. This is not a deal breaker as such, but for a $145 mechanical keyboard, we expected the media keys to be included.

3. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 is a brilliant gaming keyboard that’s designed to elevate your typing skills. Not only is this keyboard one of the best in terms of features offered and ergonomics, but it is also a very good-looking one. Plug this keyboard in, take a step back, and you will watch the gorgeous RGB backlighting bring the keys to life. The keys can be customized into multiple colors with unlimited options to choose from. All you have to do is use the iCUE software to configure the backlighting to fit your preferences. The same software will also help you do some macro programming and synchronize the lighting of the keyboard with other Corsair devices, including fans, coolers, etc. 

The Cherry MX switches used here make sure that nothing is taken away from your experience. A single switch can sustain up to 50 million keystrokes! These switches rest on an anodized aluminum frame which is more than capable of handling intensive typing. You’ll also love the fact that the K70 comes in different switches ranging from Blue, Brown, Red, Speed to Silent. Everyone should be in a position to get the feel and experience that aligns with their preferences.

The keyboard is also engineered with 100% anti-ghosting which ensure that your gaming or typing speed is not hampered. You will never have to miss out or press a single key twice because every press will be registered.

You’ll also get a USB pass-through port to hook your mouse or headset and 8MB of inbuilt profile storage. Volume wheel and media controls are also included.


The keyboard can only be connected through a cable. This may pose flexibility challenges.

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