How to pick the Best Drone Under 100

Presently, there are various and distinctive available drones to choose from. This availability of numerous options makes it a difficult task for someone in selecting or buying a drone for use.

In this review, the best three and the most purchased drones under 100 would be reviewed to help mitigate confusion in selecting from the numerous options available.

It is a known fact today that the demand for drones has increased dramatically among Photographs, tech buff, and drone enthusiasts which is due to the fact that drones give a special outcome and result better than any other witnessed before.

Drones today are very useful and important across all disciplines. It’s needed to say, apart from personal and hubby use of drones, this technological object is used for other tasks like construction, agriculture, oil, gas, and mineral exploration, commercial and firm making, remote sensing, military usage and investigation, and so many others.

From this, it is crystal clear that the demand for this multifunctional device would increase daily which is why this article is made to assist novices and even experts in selecting the best drones under 100 for their services and intended outcome. With no further diversion, these are the lists

Holystone HS200


The Holystone HS200 is one of the best drones under 100. It consists of unique features of Return to home function; attitude hold and four-speed levels. Not only that, it has a camera of 2 megapixels, a flight time of 8 minutes, it becomes charged in an hour, and flies at a distance and range of 150 meters from its control. These make it bankable, reliable and pocket-friendly.


  • The drone is designed with a feature to return home.
  • It can be controlled through your smartphone with the Gravity sensor mode
  • It has a first-person camera view that faces forward.
  • For late-night flights, the drone contains LED light which aids visibility in the dark.
  • It has four varieties of speed modes for beginners and experts.


  • It has one bottom for take-off and landing
  • It is perfect in capturing crystal clear videos
  • It has adjustable four-speed levels
  • Controllable with your smartphone
  • Requires not registration because it is lightweight


  • This product does not have any specific or apparent cons.


The product is very inexpensive, with just $89.99 which can even be a bit lower than that for some reason.


Customers who have gotten this product are satisfied with its functions. Check out these reviews from them to confirm.

“My husband once attempts to use it in the rain to see the outcome, it actually did fine. We were surprised it actually worked in the rain being wet” – GTAN 2.

“The price is very okay, I did not expect a lot from it because of the price but when I bought mine, I realized how lucid and simple it is to use and operate” -Vanessa

” The price is not equal to its accurate and perfect system. I am a beginner in using drone and I lost my first one. Holystone 200 which is cheaper than my initial drone is fast, entertaining and reliable” -Jerry

” First, they have one of the best customer services and their drone is very cheap. With such feature of headless option, four-level adjustment, and auto-start it should cost about $250 but it is just 89.99 and functions well which is great.”- Whitemore

Their customer service is so superb I gave them one more star for that. The price is very cheap because I was not expecting much from a drone of 89.99 dollars, but it worked out perfectly” Mark.


With the cheap price, great customer service and amazing features, Holystone HS200 is very advisable to buy.



The DBPOWER+400W which is also uncommonly called the Hawkeye VIII is one of the products which the Hawkeye company manufactured which was launched at the inception of this year.

When the special feature of this drone is examined, it shows that the drone is most probably going to be the market game-changer. This drone has some distinctive features and interestingly it costs just $80 which makes it very cheap and affordable.


  • The drone can be operated on headless mode; the nose direction is similar to the forward direction of the multi rotor
  • It has a very large battery capacity.
  • It contains X 400W drone control from 100 meters away.
  • One key 3D Roll
  • It is made with plastic materials which make it durable in case of crashes sustained
  • It has high performance for flight section as it can navigate swiftly to different directions
  • Effective light control

Nine-minute flight duration


  • Perfect flight with a lot of spins 
  • Compatible VR headset
  • Drone control of 100 meter
  • Ready to fly status
  •  Affordable and cheap price


  • No cons to report


The price is very affordable at a cheap rate of $80 or even lower depending on the buyer


Some purchasers have got some positive and objective review of this product:

” The drone flies really perfectly, you just have to understand how it works. For me as a beginner, the headless mode made the flight easier.” -Kevin.B

” First time I am buying a drone and it was a great experience with it” -Jones

“It is very good to be a use it is easy to use, it is very durable (at home it crashed a lot of times but does not need repairs), the camera is not the best of all, but it is just $60 dollars.”Johnson.M

” The drone was quite easy to assemble and operate coupled with a different feature. The controlling is wonderful, the flight is a good and coherent one the camera is okay and the price? The best for me. ” KW

” I wanted to be a photographer with a drone, and I wanted to be a pilot of my own drown. Getting DBPOWER+400W was a very good decision because it gave me no problem at such affordable prices.” -Adam.


Conclusively, it is a very good drone for recreational activities as well as for commercial activities. Deducing from what the customers have reviewed, being cheap does not make it low standard. So, it is also a great drone to consider.

WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone


The drone with is one of the most bought drones on amazon recently. It functions are outstanding above many other drones. It has various features like 720 HD camera, headless mode amongst many other that make it perfect. It is generally said that it is the best drone for beginners and also sold at a very comfortable and affordable price.


  • Ability to withstand damages or crashes with effectively. It is made naturally to withstand crashes.
  • It has the headless mode which makes it easy to fly for beginners and also, losing it is not a problem with this feature.
  • It contains an additional battery for longer flight. The two batteries last up to 10 minutes when fully charged
  • High pixel camera for the best of pictures. There is no need to worry about blurry pics
  • 720 P HD camera


  • Longer flight with the availability of double batteries
  • Camera with High definition
  • Durability assured. It is made with materials that are durable
  • Perfect flight experience.
  • WIFI TRANSMISSION for amazing use
  • Two control mode of Remote and Smartphone app Notification for low power
  • 80-50 meters transmission range


There are no specific and crystal-clear defects of this drone. It seems it is all good.


With the very high quality and standard which thus drone has the price is very low and affordable. It can be currently bought on Amazon at $82.99. Affordable right? 


These are some ratings from customers who have got the drone. Their reviews reflect the quality of WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone.

“It is a toy that you would want to get for your kids, because it is excellent for novices and beginners. It is a very durable drone which is made to condone crashes” -Shawn

“The drone worth every penny placed on it. It is part of the best toys I ever bought. Good for beginners with two batteries to make it fly longer and for more fun” -Bruce.

“Mechanically, it is a well-made drone. It was a lot of fun flying and taking videos and pictures with it.”- Mark M.

” It is a very good one, I bought one for my son and he really enjoys the fact that there are two batteries for longer use. For me, the price is really affordable.” – Sweet potato.


In conclusion, the unique feature of dual batteries makes it distinctive from others. It is arguably the best to get for your kids.

Wrapping It Up

Whichever of the above-mentioned best drones under 100 you end up with, it would be very helpful in whatever you want to you it for.

Today, there are various options to choose from. In order not to choose the wrong choice, this is a guide for you which I know it is imperative and detailed for your intended good choice.

All three products can be brought from Amazon. Make sure you check the review of previous and other customers for verification and assurance. What again? Get these drones for better experience and usage. Thanks.