How to pick the best CPU for gaming

Are you looking to build a powerful gaming desktop? Right now, the market is teeming with new products. After your GPU, your CPU is what makes your computer powerful enough to handle the great games which require more processor power and storage.

When shopping for a new CPU, there are are a few things to look out for. for instance, clock speed which determines how well the CPU executes tasks. A processor with a 3.7GHz speed is sufficient for gaming.but we don’t want the adequate, do we? We want the best that our money can buy. Some brands work better than others. You can never go wrong with either AMD or Intel.

 An excellent gaming system is one that has a balance. Don’t go pairing a strong CPU with a weak RAM and storage. Gamers will argue that the latest generation of hardware is the best, but second-gen is excellent as well. Considering how fast the production computers are with new products hitting the market every week, you could make a saving by purchasing older gen so long as it has all the specs you need.

In this review, we look at the best CPUs for gaming available in the market. Before investing your cash, we suggest you look at the following that we rated the best CPUs for gaming.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

Thanks to the fierce competition between AMD and Intel, CPUs are becoming better and the price more pocket-friendly. If you are looking to invest in a processor with top performance and you are on a budget, the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X might be the ideal choice. With six cores, 12 threads and a base clock of3.4 GHz with a 3.9 GHz boost,  you’re getting much better performance than the pricier Intel Cores.

The 2600X is not the newest version the Ryzen line of  AMD processors but what we like about this CPU is the fact that its relatively cheaper compared to the Ryzen 7, the latest in town. Memory performance is supported by an improved ability to reach 3.4 GHz even when all the six cores are engaged, making it a streamlined data management engine.

This processor has 12 threads ensuring that are threads are pushing for the highest frequencies all the time. This chip will let you achieve smooth frame rate quickly. This mid-range CPU achieves the same, if not better, single-core test numbers as the Intel Core i5-8600K and i5-8400.

A big problem you experience with gaming CPUs is the overheating of the chip mainly due to the how power much it churns out and how much energy it needs. The chip comes with a Wraith Spire cooler which delivers silent operation to keep your computer from bursting into flames. We found that the computer remained cool, even running at the highest speeds.

If you are planning to use your computer for gaming or high intense activities like video editing, this CPU will work just fine. The speed is great for most games in the market. Don’t expect a budget CPU to perform like a premium one. This Ryzen unit is affordable but packs a punch. You will stream and render high-resolution games with ease for extended periods with your machine performing at the highest capacity. In the end, 2600X has more power than you would need.


  • fast integrated graphics
  • affordable price
  • great multi-threading pace
  • amazing single-core performance


Customers who purchased this CPU noted that is an excellent value for money. Its has the same performance as the NEWER VERSION 2700X but retails at a much lower price.

Reviewers said that it’s easy to set up and gives high-quality streams with heavy multi-use. The CPU doesn’t heat up quickly due to the stock heat sink and can boost up to 4.2 GHz speeds.

Another user commented on how easy it way to work wit the Ryzen folks. He was able to return a faulty CPU for a new one that worked just fine. The whole process was seamless.

Intel Core i7-8700K

Intel Core i7-8700K boasts excellent performance and can clock a whopping 5 GHz with a good cooler which you need to bring as is doesn’t come with the processor. This chip tops at 12 threads with six-core giving you enough core to multitask comfortably. The 8700K pulls ahead with a higher base and boost clocks of 3.7 and 4.7GHz, respectively.

This 8th gen intel Cofee Lake range chip is easily the best in line with a hexa- core processor. This CPU performs exceptionally well as a chip in its range should. Obviously, more core counts increase power consumption, which can lead to overheating. When we pushed it to operate at a high rate of 4.7, the computer’s temp rose by 3 degrees.

The Intel Core 8700K stays relatively cool maxing out at 76 degrees while working normally and comfortably with a cooling blanket. When we unlocked, it ran much hotter at 87 degrees, which we attributed to the intense workout we gave it. Expect smooth framerates with minimum shattering giving you excellent gaming experience.


  • fast CPU for gaming
  • any cores for multitasking
  • supports  Intel UHD graphic 630


According to one user, the Intel 8700K is an excellent device that runs cooler. The processor can handle high-resolution games with smooth framerates.

Another used said the processor worked very well for simulations and extensive video editing without giving out. The 12 cores are responsible for the multitasking.

With low impact overlocking, another user found it easy to add the processor’s speed without the system overheating.

This is the best CPU for all your gaming needs. To set it up, it’s relatively easy as it comes with a manual. Although more expensive than the Ryzen we reviewed, its value for money. The CPU is a beast, with high performance.

Intel Core i9-9900K

The 9900K is a processor that will ensure you will never run out of processing speed as you indulge in your favorite games. If you are planning to build the best gaming rig, this processor will fit right in. Of course, if you are willing to build envy worth gaming rig, you need to to spend a lot more to get the best CPU for it. You can do a lot more with it, play games, stream or edit videos, the performance is quite something.

 The Intel Core i9-9900K may not boast the highest threads, but that is compensated by the high clock speed of 4.7 GHz. With eight threads, you can run a lot,  play games, stream and edit top resolution videos comfortably. It’s a balancing act between price, performance, and features. Compared to the Core i7-8700K, it has two more cores and 16 threads, which translates directly into multithreaded performance. Hyper-Threading only improves performance by 15 percent, which is a win. Lack of Hyper-Threading means the i7-900K doesn’t get nearly as hot as the Core i7 so that you can get by with a good air cooler.

the Intel chip is what you need in your computer if you are a professional gamer who needs speed and uncompromising performance for extended periods.

This processor is one of the best CPUs for gaming in the market. Intel did build a chip that outdid our expectations. Although it’s expensive, we believe its a significant investment.


  • excellent gaming performance
  • eight high-speed cores
  • overlocking can be done to increase speed tp 5.2GHz
  • doesn’t overheat thus consumes less power
  • supports UHD graphics 630


A user noted that the CPU offers more than sufficient power for ll their gaming need. He found out his gaming rig didn’t overheat when he was using the chip.

Another user said the chip performed 40% faster than all his workloads. The chip runs at high speed of 5.0GHz for common core loads for long periods. There is no need to unlock the CPU since its already running at high speeds.

The 9900k is the best CPU for heavy gaming. A professional gamer complimented the chip for its top performance. The eight threads in the chip make multitasking easy without compromising on performance.


Building the best gaming rig will take time and a serious investment. You need to get parts that offer the best performance for it to function gaming optimally. Gaming Pcs need the best engine(CPU) to drive them. Your computer’s  CPU could be the reason why your gaming experience sucks. If that’s the case, its time to upgrade to the best in the business.

 For a gamer looking for excellent performance but is on a budget, Ryzen is a great choice. You will be able to play most games and do some serious content creation. If you are determined to have the best performing gaming unit, the i7-9900 is the CPU of choice though it will set you back a couple of hundred dollars but its all worth it. If you are planning to upgrade or building your gaming PC, this list is a high starting point.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to buy the newest gadget on the market. An older generation CPU may have al the specs you need and is discounted, saving you money. What you need to to do is access your needs, do your research, and get one that fits within your budget.