An introduction to the Best Z270 Motherboards

Intel is responsible for producing some of the most powerful processors on the planet today, pumping out game-changing new technology that allows our computers to be smarter, faster, and better performing than ever before.

The Kabby Lake architecture was first unveiled in January 2017, representing the seventh generation of the Intel Core processor lineup. Right out of the gate it was a top-tier upgrade compared to the previous generation, and today (two years later) it continues to be the gold standard of everything that Intel has to offer.

New chipsets for the Kabby Lake lineup continue to be released, improving upon the technology already available, and today’s motherboards designed specifically for this processor architecture – Z270 motherboards – help you to get the very most out of these blazing-fast processors.

Finding the best Z270 motherboards can be a bit of an uphill battle, however. It’s not that there are so few top options you’ll be able to pick and choose from but that there are so many. Below we highlight three of our favorite options on the market right now, three options that will take your PC to the next level straight out of the gate.

Let’s dive right in!

Asus ROG Maximus IX Formula

To say that of Asus is one of the top hardware manufacturers of PC parts and components today would be the understatement of the century, particularly when it comes to their Republic of Gamers (ROG) branded options.

This particular Z270 motherboard has been engineered to make the most of the seventh generation Intel Core processors, representing a major upgrade from the motherboard made for the sixth generation – with plenty of headspace for extra components that allow you to build the PC of your dreams on top of the other board foundation this lays down.


Anytime you’re talking about running lightning-fast processors like these from Intel you need to manage the temperatures of your machine, and this Asus model does that better than almost anything else out there.

Next-generation Cross Chill EK II technology allows for both traditional air cooling and water cooling technology, with new larger fans that are thinner with increased heat dispensation capabilities. On top of that, the fans operate a whole lot quieter than they ever used to in the past – helping to keep things nice and chilly even when your computer is running at full load.

AURA Lighting Control software is built directly into this motherboard as well, giving you total control over how your motherboard looks as far as the lighting of the RGB LEDs placed throughout the board are concerned. This onboard lighting software works with any accessory LED strips you add to the motherboard as well allowing for perfect synchronization.


  • Stays Cool – You’ll be amazed at just how consistent temperatures are with this motherboard calling the shots, even when your computer is under heavy load
  • Brilliant Lighting – You’ll have plenty of control over the looks and aesthetics of your rig thanks to the built-in lighting software highlighted above
  • Plenty of Extensibility – You’ll have all the headroom you need to customize your PC with more than enough room, extra ports, and plenty of horsepowers to get the job done


  • A little more expensive than other options


You certainly get your money’s worth when you invest in this Asus motherboard, but it is going to cost a little bit more than most other Z270 options right out of the box.


“This motherboard is a game-changer, perfect for my new gaming PC”

“Love the way it looks but really appreciates how easy it was to build out”

“Water cooling with this motherboard was simple and straightforward”


Recognized as one of the top options on the market today and certainly one of the best Z270 motherboards money can buy, you’ll never regret using this as the foundation for your custom PC build going forward!



Very similar to the Asus motherboard we highlighted above, but a little bit “cut down” compared to the ROG flagship option, this is a motherboard perfect for those that want a powerful and lightning-fast computer but aren’t expecting to do too much heavyweight gaming on it in the future.

You get all of the speed, all of the performance, and all of the features you’re looking for in a Z270 option at a lower price point because it isn’t quite as focused on maximizing the overall gaming experience.


Effortless tuning of your new PC is possible thanks to the Asus five-way optimization features that are available with just a single flip of a switch. You’ll be able to quickly configure your computer or extreme speed, power balancing, energy efficiency, and a whole host of other specialties when this feature has been flipped on – all of which happens automatically and behind the scenes with optimization occurring based entirely upon how you use your new computer.

Fan control systems are very energy-efficient, numerous temperature sensors guarantee that the entirety of your motherboard is protected from overheating, and an extremely quiet mode allows your computer to beat the heat without making a ton of noise – another big bonus.


  • Nearly Silent Operation – For a heavy-hitting motherboard like this one you’ll be amazed at just how quiet it is when Extreme Quiet mode has been configured
  • Effortless Overclocking – Integrated Asus technology for overclocking makes this process simple and straightforward, squeezing more performance out of your components
  • Dedicated OC PRO – This is Asus technology specifically designed or state-of-the-art Intel processors, allowing you to push their overclocked base-clock frequencies up to (and beyond) 425 MHz


  • Not exactly a super high performing board, but not your average run-of-the-mill or “multitasking” motherboard, either


The price point for this Asus option makes it one of the best Z270 motherboards money can buy. The price is right for all the technology you get and it is incredibly competitive when stacked up against underpowered options from other manufacturers.


“I don’t do a ton of PC gaming but I do edit a lot of photos and a lot of videos and this motherboard let’s my hardware really zip along”

“Needed a durable, reliable, and consistent motherboard that allowed for easy overclocking. This one delivered in spades!

“Love the support or dual M.2 devices without having to give up SATA ports!”


Not quite as feature-rich as the top-of-the-line Asus motherboard we highlighted above, this is still a heavy hitter and offers plenty of top-tier features to make the most of your new Intel chipset.

ASRock Z270 Extreme4


Sitting squarely between the “middle-of-the-road”, average budget motherboards and the highest end, top-tier technology motherboards this is a real sweet spot option for those that don’t want to spend a mountain of money on new PC components but still want fantastic performance.

Impressively (especially for a board at this price point) this can handle pretty much everything you throw at it as far as gaming is concerned without any real let down. That alone makes it one of the best Z270 motherboards on the planet today.


The aesthetics of this motherboard are tough to top, particularly if you are shooting for a case design that is going to be glass on one side – and even more so if you are going to be running the integrated RGB LED lights.

Unlike some of the other motherboards out there though, this isn’t just another pretty face. The folks behind this motherboard include plenty of power throughout this PC component – with dedicated water pump headers, built-in top-of-the-line audio, and all kinds of extensibility options including USB 3.1 slots, three PCIe 3.0×16 and three PCIe 3.0×1 slots with the ability to run Quad SLI or three-way Crossfire a with graphics cards if you choose to go down that road.


Rock Solid Construction – This is a hardware component manufacturer that has a legendary reputation in the PC community for producing top-of-the-line components at affordable prices

Incredible Extensibility – The myriad of extensibility and add-on options you’ll have available with this motherboard is going to feel pretty infinite

Strategic Reinforcements – There are a number of strategic reinforcements made throughout the motherboard to allow for less interference, better and more stable connections, and rigidity and durability over time


The only real knock against this Z270 motherboard is that it doesn’t include onboard Wi-Fi the way that most of the other options will.


When you get right to it, this top-of-the-line piece of technology is downright affordable – particularly when you stack it up against some of its closest competitors specifications wise, and that it really blows them out of the water from a value standpoint.


“This may not be classified as a “high-end” motherboard, but boy does it really feel like a sports car when you get everything up and running!”

“Selling a motherboard this capable and this extensible at this price point should be almost criminal. What a bargain!”

“If you are building a new PC with the latest Intel chipsets and aren’t using this motherboard, you’ve gone crazy


When looking for top-quality options with plenty of customizability, plenty of speed and horsepower, and plenty of headspace for new components – including water cooling components – without spending a pile of money along the way this is one of the best options for sure.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a better picture of what the very top-of-the-line Z270 motherboards look like on the market today.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the three options we highlighted in this quick guide, and all of them should give you the kind of building block you need to start your new PC with. If you’re looking for an upgrade and are using an Intel seven generation chipset they also have incredible hardware compatibility so you don’t have to scrap all of your old components and start from scratch, either.

Check out the three options we broke down earlier. You won’t be disappointed!