A short intro to the Best PC Case

The best PC cases are an integral part of a computer’s well being. There are a whole lot of different components that go into making sure a computer can function to its best ability.  Without all of the necessary bits, a computer alone can do absolutely nothing.  It takes a village with a computer.  But once that team of worker bees comes together and is operating flawlessly, who protects those that are busily doing their jobs.  Who stands guard?

There are a number of things that can happen to an unprotected ‘organization’ if you will, e.g. a child can knock it off the table and cause extensive damage, liquid can find its way into the internal compartments, dust can accumulate throughout the vents leading to the inside of the unit.  There needs to be a shield encasing the whole thing so nothing can destroy what’s happening inside and this is where our PC cases come into play.  Having your computer inside of a case will ensure that, no matter what happens, the case will take the abuse not the computer.  The consumers on Amazon reviewed some of the best PC cases on the market and felt that these three were among the finest quality.  Let’s check them out.

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case 3 RGB Fans, Tempered Glass

This Corsair case is clearly the ultimate in PC cases with clean, clear tempered glass that covers the entire chassis, every part of your build is showcased for your audience to view.  This will include three brilliant LED fans that offer a built-in controller. The case allows upwards of six PC fans and is suited for 240 mm, 280 mm, 360 mm as well as 120mm for radiators.  In the front and on top of the chassis are removable trays which will offer more space outside the chassis.  Cable management is made so you can be organized with routing channels and velcro straps. Cool air is not hindered by the drive cages which are moved out of its way.  Drive installation is tool-free and allows three-point filter access making the case easy to build as well as maintain.


Front, top, and sides of the case consist of 4 panels of tempered glass. There are 3 fans with LED including controller.

Six case fans are possible with the ability for 120 mm, 240 mm, 360 mm, and 280 mm.

Cable management, as well as organization, is kept simple with cable route channels and velcro strapping.


  • Beautiful glass sides showcase the build.
  • Allows up to 6 case fans.
  • Cables can be organized.
  • LED fan lights nice addition.
  • Installation is tool-free, maintenance is easy.


  • Folks wanted more bling with the colors.  Not really a con, the color is pretty, some just wanted a massive light show but otherwise loved it at 5/5.


The price for this case on Amazon goes for $159.98.


The best PC case reviews showed major love for this case with a majority of ratings at 5 * / 5 *.  The first reviewer felt that this was the best case ever, major sexy look to it, a total work of art, will buy again, highly recommend.  The full tempered glass view is perfect for a PC build.  It is well designed, strong, solid, big and ominous and deserves respect, allows easier access to your motherboard headers, airflow is amazing and helps keep everything running cool, metal is durable but not too heavy, cable management works well, and overall a beautiful, well-constructed case.

NZXT H500i – Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

NZXT boasts that its H500 series highlights their vision of the modern-age PC build with user-friendly water cooling install, features for cable routing that are well managed, as well as SSD trays that are quick release. There are two strips of LED and Aer F fans along with a gorgeous tempered glass panel that will allow you to show off your build. There are routes for the cables along with straps on the underside of the motherboard tray for ease with the wiring.  The cable bar was upgraded in order to be adjustable so the building operation can be much easier.  The layout for storage makes airflow optimal as well as a spacious interior.   The SSD trays which are quick release from the PSU shroud are also capable of being fixed behind the motherboard tray.


  • This quality of this case is premium made of steel with slick design and produced in four different color variations.
  • CAM powered controller for RGB and digital fan includes fans which are pre-installed as well as strips of LED for the ultimate in personalization.
  • This case offers optimal cooling as well as balanced noise reduction for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • There are pre-installed routes as well as straps for the best in cable management.
  • Beautiful tempered glass side panel offers the ability to show off your entire build with clean, clear brilliance.
  • Fans (2)  Aer F 120 mm are included for awesome airflow, 28 dBA for Noise CFM .


  • Optimal cooling.
  • Noise reduction.
  • LED strips.
  • Tempered glass to show off the build.
  • 2 fans for ultimate in airflow.
  • Best in cable management possible.
  • Affordable for value given.


Read all of the instructions when using the CAM software so that you can get the best possible results that they are offering for you. The reviewers who followed instructions were over the moon with this 5/5.  Some did not follow instructions.


The price as listed on Amazon goes for $92.99.


The best PC case reviews were all nearly perfect in every category for this particular case.  The first reviewer found this to be a very solid case with an impeccable paint job and perfectly placed lights. Installation was easy with the cable routes and straps making things very simplified.  Airflow is perfect.  CAM software worked flawlessly and is simple to maneuver.  This case offers a very quiet design, plenty of areas for fans, mounting points for up to 5 SSDs with 2 on the PSU shroud.  Overall, a great case with plenty of room to spare.

AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side Window

This case offers an unusual front panel that shows off a backslash of LED that offers upwards of 13 modes of lighting, 6 are flow and 7 are solid modes.  The side is made of durable acrylic through which you can show off your gaming build while the case itself is offered in either black or white.  Supports memory cards or SD r micro SD coming from the top panel and is built for the ultimate performance.  240mm radiator supports liquid cooling within the front panel.  120 mm fan enhances air cooling from on top.  The case offers a dual chamber for the best ventilation as well as dust filters which are removable for easy cleaning.


  • Acrylic side window, LED backslash on the front panel..
  • Liquid cooling supported, fan at the top with air cooling supported.
  • Fan bracket design of VGA for the ultimate in cooling performance. Has dual chambers for enhanced ventilation.


  • Liquid cooling supported.
  • Acrylic side wall for showing off gaming build.
  • LED backslash for bling.
  • Dual chambers for extra ventilation.


There’s no tempered glass, its acrylic.  It’s not a con, really, just informative.  It still shows off the gaming build in an awesome way and folks still love this case.


The price for this case as listed on Amazon is $48.99.


The best PC case reviews were all awesome for this piece of equipment.  The first reviewer felt that it was an A1 case for the price, amazing, very sturdy, offers 2 sata III cables, really roomy. Cable management was pretty easy, lots of buttons and inputs on top. Good space for the PSU as well as 2 hard drive slots.  Cleanest build ever is done. Looks like it could cost more than it does.  And overall for the price, this was a fantastic computer housing.


We don’t often think about protecting the things that we’re building but the PC cases are necessary to take care of all of the hard work that we put into our computers. They allow us to show off all of that hard work with the glass or acrylic windows that they offer.  They protect all of that hard work from any type of abuse that may come to it through our fault or anything or anyone around it.

The best PC case selections that are offered here have been bought and installed by some seasoned computer and gaming builders who know their way around systems. They found these cases to be worthy of protecting their builds and showing them off. There are different price points and different varieties that hopefully you can find one that will help you protect your hard work too.