How to know which Best Mouse Pad For Gaming to buy

What is the best mouse pad for gaming?  Do you need a mousepad for gaming? Although the mouse of this day and age can function quite capably without the use of mousepads, gaming mousepads are still seemingly quite crucial in the gaming world.  It all boils down to precision, keeping control over the mouse and the game which the pad allows the player to have.  Using just any table surface does not give any kind of consistency with the use of the mouse when you are trying to make a specific movement such as aiming at a target within a particular game.  This takes a steady hand and not an excited mouse on a rough, unstable surface. Playing on a hard surface is going to wear out, most likely, high-end and expensive gaming mice as well as the surface you’re playing on.

There are also specific mouse pads that are better than others for gamers.  The best mousepads are not adorned with large logos or graphics all over them.  This can be a distraction when you’re attempting to concentrate on your play.  They are generally black in color with soft cloth material which is ideal for most optical sensors (this is what most mice use).  The soft cloth provides slight friction while moving the mouse.  This, in turn, is said to provide consistent mouse control allowing you to master movements and skills within each game because it will give you surface tension.  They, of course, need to be super grippy on the bottom so there is no movement of the pad while playing which will throw the game completely off.

So, yes you do need to have a mousepad for gaming, and we found three that consumers felt would count as the best on Amazon.  Let’s check these out.

Aukey Gaming Mousepad Large XXL (35.4×15.75×0.15) Thick Extended Mouse Mat

The Aukey Gaming Mousepad is large and will cover a majority of your table surface to suffice the keyboard and mouse plus.  It offers the key features that gamers require of their mouse pads which include soft cloth material, dark color, no oversized logo or graphic on the surface with only a small scorpion in the corner and the branding in the bottom corner, water-resistant, gripped base.  In addition to that, it offers affordability as well as a clean-stitched edge so there will be no fraying and longer lasting lifetime.  It is also durable and washable which will extend longevity.  Being soft and resilient will allow the player more control over the mouse and, therefore, the game that they are playing.  The oversized body allows for all-over movement of play instead of being stuck to one small surface of the regular-sized mousepads.  It is super convenient and will make for ultra consistency.


This pad offers a soft cloth surface with a gripped rubber backing which will give the user precise and consistent mouse control for accurate movements within their game.

The large size provides enough space for the keyboard and the mouse plus enough area to maneuver for professional gaming.

It is durable and simplistic with no large graphics or logo to distract the player from his game.  It offers a basic scorpion in one corner and small branding in the other.  The edges are stitched so there is no worry about the edges becoming frayed and the pad wearing which will provide longer life.

This pad is washable, water-resistant, low maintenance, easy to take care of.

It comes with a 45-day guarantee for money back if not fully satisfied and also offers a product replacement after 24 months in the form of a warranty card if there are any issues.


  • Soft cloth.
  • Washable.
  • Water resistant.
  • Gripped bottom.
  • Large in size.
  • No logos or graphics.
  • Thick so any bumps or scratches in the table surface won’t come through.
  • Stitched edges.
  • Affordable.


This isn’t necessarily a con for the player, but it may make playing so comfortable with the large size, play may go on for too long.


The price for this pad on Amazon goes for $19.99.


The best mouse pad for gaming reviews found this pad to be ranked at 4.8 / 5 *.  Everyone found this pad favorable from the fact that there was no large logo or graphics covering it to it being the absolute perfect pad.  They found it to be a really good price for the value of the mat.  Some said it had a great feel and offered really good durability  Others gave it two thumbs up with an appreciation for the fact that it was so low in maintenance and still others were thrilled with the fact that it was washable.  Overall, they felt it was an excellent purchase.

** J&G Modern Computer Accessories Mouse Pad

This pad is made in an ergonomically designed way so that it will conform to your wrist.  This will work with any wrist pain or carpal tunnel issues and promote proper hand position during play.  While the memory foam pillow will conform to your wrist it will never lose its shape.  The materials of the mat are the best quality available it is boasted, ensuring that the playtime is the most effective for you.  The top of the mouse is made of T-cloth to ensure that your movements on the game are of the best precision and you have the easiest of movements.  The bottom has the best non-slip gripped surface making sure that there is no moving when you are trying to make advances within the game.


All wrist pains or any symptoms of carpal tunnel will be alleviated with the use of this mouse pad as it is ergonomically designed to prevent and treat any type of wrist pain or soreness along with the carpal tunnel diagnosis that may be associated to using other mouse pads.

– Memory foam cushion will allow for the utmost in comfort and conforms to your wrist and hand to ensure the maximum usability for you.  It never loses its shape and will bounce back to its original form even after hours of playtime.

The materials for the pad are the highest quality ensuring your playing experience is top-notch and of the best precision.  The surface is that of T-cloth and the base material is non-slip PU grip to ensure that the mat doesn’t slide all around on the table’s surface.

The edges of the mouse pad are reinforced and stitched.  This helps to make sure that the mouse won’t roll off and that the pad doesn’t fray which will extend the lifetime.

There is a 3-year warranty offered with this pad which is unusual for most gaming mouse pads on the market.


  • Prevents and treats wrist injuries.
  • Wrist guard keeps its shape.
  • Grip pad won’t move while playing.
  • Stitched edges.
  • Affordable.
  • High quality.
  • 3-year warranty.


Some felt the wrist pad takes some getting used to if you’re used to mousepads without wrist guards.  But once you do, it’s very comfortable and you won’t want one without it.


The Amazon Price for this mouse pad is $11.77.


The best mouse pad for gaming reviews found this pad ranked at 4.8 * / 5 *.  According to the first review this was the best mousepad they ever had.  Others found that it was a high-quality mouse pad with a good, basic appearance which is important for gaming.  Some felt that it was worth much more than the affordable price it’s offered for and bought many more after trying it.  Many found it to be a gem, loved the mat, felt that the manufacturer did an amazing job with this product, and overall found this to be a unique, comfortable, perfect product.

Glorious XL Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad – Large Stitched Edges 2-3 mm Mousepad 16×18 (G-XL)

This is a large mouse mat, or perhaps huge is more appropriate.  You may need to measure to be sure this will fit your table’s surface area. But it will give your mouse plenty of room to navigate and maneuver while you’re playing your favorite game. It offers a smooth surface for players which will give speed for play but also control, basic black in color, stitched sides for a lifetime of use without fraying, washable and durable, as well as a non-slip gripped bottom so it won’t move while playing.


  • This was actually designed by gamers so perfect for the gamer.
  • Offers low friction for a smoother surface.
  • Gripped bottom.
  • It is optimized to accept multiple mouse sensors or sensitivities.
  • Washable as well as easy maintenance.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Cloth surface.
  • Gripped underside.


– Not a con but be sure to measure your table surface to see if it will fit as it is very large, but this is why folks want it.


The price for this mat on Amazon was $14.99.


The best mouse pad for gaming reviews for this mat ranked in at 4.8 * / 5 *.  One found that the thickness of this pad made his gaming experience quieter, others found the massive size so good and the grip amazing, loved the basic black of the pad, appreciate a large amount of space, and overall final word this ‘ is the mousepad to beat all mousepads’.


It has been proven that having a mousepad in gaming is critical to success within the game.  It’s not all based on the mouse.  The pad plays a significant role.  We have selected three that can be considered as the best mouse pad for gaming per consumers who have specifically tried them out and found each of them to be very helpful with enhancing their gaming skills.  If you want to win more games, try one of these pads out for yourself. You will be amazed at the results.