A short intro to the Best Mini ITX Case

If you are getting ready to build a new PC but do not want it taking up the entirety of your desk or floorspace, a mini ITX case is a way to go.

Compact but offering plenty of room for full-featured hardware and components, you get the best of all worlds when you invest in a top-tier mini ITX solution. Of course, finding the best mini ITX case can be a bit of a tall task – especially with so many worthy options out there to pick and choose from.

Below we highlight three of the very best solutions available right now, the kind of mini ITX cases that can protect your PC components, add a lot of style to your PC build, and not take up a gigantic amount of space along the way.

Let’s dig right in!

NZXT H200i


Essentially just a shrunken down version of what many people consider to be the very best midsized tower on the market, the H 700i from this same manufacturer, you get all of the build quality, all of the options, and all of the special features that you’d expect from a full-size case in this mini ITX footprint.

The NZXT smart hub is featured in this case, alongside two dedicated fans, a single RGB LED strip, and a price point that is tough to beat. If you’re going to be running a mini ITX case this definitely belongs at or near the top of your list!


Integrated fan options are a huge bonus for those that want to build a gaming PC inside of a mini ITX case, and this particular option features dual fans already set up and ready to go – but a lot of other temperature control features abound here as well.

The Smart Hub technology guarantees that you have full digital fan control over ALL of your fans, plenty of room to expand cooling options, dedicated space for water cooling solutions, and cable management slots that help you to improve airflow throughout.

Combine that with the fact that this is one of the best-looking cases on the market today and it’s easy to see why so many people feel it is the very best mini ITX case money can buy!


  • Super compact but incredibly well designed with room for full-size graphics cards and other components
  • Integrated RGB LED for custom lighting solutions
  • CAM Powered Smart Device technology right out of the box


  • Liquid cooling can be a little tricky to get set up with this compact format


You won’t have to worry about blowing your entire PC build budget on this mini ITX case, that’s for sure. It is incredibly affordable for everything you get out of it.


“This is one of my favorite mini ITX cases on the planet, a compact little cube that is slick looking, easy to work with, and has some of the best cable management in the business”

“Being able to toss a full-sized graphics card (and then some) into this mini ITX format case is a huge bonus”

“Everything about this case is intelligently designed, making it one of the easiest cases to build with – especially for beginners”


If you want a top-flight case that is slick looking, features top-of-the-line construction materials, and helps you better optimize and manage your PC build this is a case you’ll want to look into for sure.

In Win A1


Another “shiny little cube”, a lot of people think that this particular mini ITX case pushes the boundaries of what the small format solutions are capable of – and this review definitely agrees.

You’ll be almost amazed at just how much full-size hardware and top-tier technology you can shoehorn into this tiny little mini ITX case, all without your components feeling cramped or crowded. Cables are already preinstalled and pre-managed (with a 600 W power supply already tucked in and ready to go as well), helping you significantly when it comes to the overall design and the engineering of your cable management.


Airflow on this unit is almost impossibly great, considering the fact that all of your components are going to feel like they are sitting right on top of one another. But because of the pre-existing cable management and pre-run cables that we already highlighted above the bulk of the heavy lifting for cable management has been handled for you – keeping your case clean and unencumbered.

A couple of nice modern features, including integrated wireless charging at the top of your case, really helped to set this apart from the rest of the pack. This is as forward-thinking a mini ITX case as you are going to find, even if it isn’t quite capable of supporting the biggest liquid cooling stations with large radiators and tons and tons of storage.


  • Smart cable management guarantees that your airflow stays unencumbered for easy temperature control
  • Built-in 600 W power supply keeps overall build costs low and eliminates some cable management, too
  • Integrated wireless charging pad for phones and tablets is a game-changer


  • There isn’t support for 3.5” standard hard drives with this mini ITX case


Very affordable, especially when you factor in the internal 600 W power supply you get as a “throw in” you’ll be blown away by just how inexpensive this option is when stacked up against the rest of the competition. It is easily one of the best mini ITX cases available.


“The inclusion of that wireless charging pad really helped to put this compact monster over the top for me. I love having it sitting on my desk now!”

“Have no idea how they were able to offer this case as inexpensively as they do with an included 600 W power supply that is rock solid”

“Was looking for a compact mini ITX case that wasn’t going to feel all that limiting when I built my PC. This was the one that fit the bill best”


Though there are some limitations (particularly when it comes to liquid cooling and 3.5” HDD support), there are so many other reasons to fall in love with this mini ITX case that you’d have to be crazy not to consider it moving forward!

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB


Those looking to fully RGB out there new mini ITX case are going to want to get their hands on this Corsair option ASAP!

Designed specifically to meet mini ITX specifications but allowing for the biggest, baddest, and most technologically advanced PC hardware components are browned this is a laser light show of a case thanks to the RGB solutions built throughout.

Clean lines, high-end specs, and easy build components make this one of the best mini ITX cases you’ll find today.


RGB everywhere!

Two preinstalled RGB fans are already set up and ready to go to help with your temperature management, but they are also completely customizable with the internal Lightning Node PRO controller that allows you to set up your RGB lighting in any and every way you see fit.

There are other RGB components and RGB lighting options that you can fully outfit this Corsair case with as well, helping you to really make this case your own with no headache or hassle.

Like the other Corsair Crystal series cases, this mini ITX option has three smoked glass panels that feature tempered glass, allowing you to show off your components and your RGB lighting in a modern way.

A variety of cooling options are featured throughout the case as well to keep temperatures low – even if you’re running the biggest PC components on the market today. This case may be a mini ITX set up but it is designed with big builds (internally, anyway) in mind.


  • Plenty of room to build the PC of your dreams inside of a mini ITX footprint
  • Beautiful design with intelligent cooling technology throughout
  • Cable management is effortless with this case


  • There aren’t any Type C USB 3.1 ports available on this case


Slightly more expensive than the other two options we highlighted in this quick review, most people find this case to be well worth the premium price tag thanks to the overall build quality and space inside you’ll have for larger components or more heavy-duty cooling systems.


“This case from Corsair is absolutely gorgeous! Love the RGB set up, love how it keeps temperatures cool, and really love that I can throw a full-sized graphics card in it with room to spare”

“Dual chamber design made cable management a no-brainer. I didn’t have to worry about fiddling with my cables but instead tucked them off to the corner, out of sight and not restricting airflow”

“This mini ITX case is a little monster, with plenty of room for the build of your dreams and then some – all without taking up a lot of valuable real estate on your desk”


Corsair makes some of the best PC cases on the planet, and this mini ITX version is absolutely no exception. Top-tier build quality throughout, innovative features abound, and intelligent cooling technology makes this a rock-solid contender.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to mini ITX cases like the ones that we highlighted above you never have to feel like you are handicapping your new PC build with smaller, underpowered components.

Through some amazing engineering and wizardry, all of these mini ITX cases are able to offer almost unlimited internal space for your components without chewing up a lot of extra floor space or space on your desk at the same time.

You can’t go wrong with any of them!