An overview of the 3 Best Electric Shavers     

If you, like a lot of men today, don’t have a lot of interest in walking around with a completely clean-shaven face – right down to the skin, baby smooth – but instead prefer a short beard or a little bit of stubble than the best electric shaver is going to be a game-changer.

The best electric shavers today give you total control over your facial hair in a way that traditional razors cannot. They can give you everything from a snug and close shave to just a quick trim when you want to shape your facial hair perfectly as well as everything in between.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect electric shaver for your needs today can feel like a real uphill battle.

Not because there are so few options to pick and choose from – but because there are so many!

Below we highlight three of our top contenders for the best electric shavers on the market today, three options you can’t go wrong with.

Let’s dig right in!

Braun Series 9


Many consider this to be the very best of the best when it comes to electric shaving technology today, and for good reason.

Nearly 100 years ago the Braun company was founded and every single model they’ve released right from day one has been filled with cutting edge technology, high-quality construction materials, and engineering that guarantees a great shave for years to calm.

The Series 9 is no exception.


Straight out of the gate you’ll be impressed by the ergonomic design of this Braun electric razor.

Designed to perfectly fit your hand for extreme comfort while shaving, but also engineered to glide across your skin while following every contour of your face, chin, job, etc., it’s tough to imagine any electric shaver doing a better job than this.

Not only does it offer ridiculously close shaves and the ability to fine-tune or style your stubble or your beard, but it also traps the facial hair that you do shave or trim so that cleanup is effortless.


  • The engineering in this electric shaver is off the charts
  • Universally regarded as the best and most complete electric shaver
  • 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute guarantee a perfect shave every time


Somewhat more expensive than other options


Yes, this Braun electric razor is a premier piece of technology and commands a premium price tag. But almost everyone agrees that it’s a razor that will last more than a decade with no degradation in performance and is worth every penny.


“The best electric razor I have ever used!”

“Perfect for when I need a quick shave in the morning as well as when I have time to really trim and shape my beard”

“Can’t beat how great a job it does no matter what kind of shave I’m after. Trims, stubble, and clean-shaven are all possible with this razor”


If you want to buy one electric shaver for the next 10 or 15 years, make it this one from Braun.

Philips Norelco 9000 Prestige Electric Shaver


Philips Norelco is another legacy brand in the electric shaving industry and this is one of the best electric shavers that they have made in decades.

Featuring top-shelf technology just like the Braun razor we highlighted above, but also using a high-technology sensor built right into the unit to gauge the density of your hair and adjust the blades on the fly, it’s tough to imagine there is a more technologically advanced option than this one.


Aside from the special sensor technology that readjusts blades on the fly, this Philips Norelco option also uses nanotechnology razor blades that aren’t just incredibly sharp but are actually engineered to stay sharper for much longer than your run-of-the-mill options.

Anti-friction coatings are applied throughout the shaving unit to help it glide across your skin more effectively, and a multi-function trimming and grooming module can be attached to the razor blades to infinitely adjust the closeness or length of your shave (depending on what you are shooting for).


Offers everything from a clean, close to the skin shave too much longer trimming and shaping of facial hair

Built-in sensor works better than anything else on the market today to it adjust blades on the fly

Nanotechnology razor blades really are extra sharp and extra durable


Can be a little bit heavy in the hand


While this Philips Norelco razor isn’t quite as expensive as the Braun razor above it still is right up there, though again most people consider it to be well worth the price tag.


“Philips Norelco hit a homerun with this razor. I’ll never use anything else for as long as I live”

“Effortlessly glides across my face no matter what kind of shave I am after”

“Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to keep on me when I am traveling”


This is easily one of the top electric razors money can buy and certainly something you want to consider getting your hands on when you’re serious about upgrading your daily grooming routine.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


Those looking for a more budget-focused electric razor are going to fall head over heels in love with everything the folks at Remington have shoehorned into this top option.

It turns out that getting a ridiculously close, super clean, and perfectly consistent shave doesn’t have to cost a mountain of money like it does with the other top electric razors on the market right now.

This option may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other top razors but it still gets the job done. It’s foil configuration is engineered to cut close to the skin without causing ingrown hairs or irritation.


The pivoting head on the Remington electric shaver we feature here is going to hug each individual contour on your face, rocking and rolling all over without ever losing contact with your skin. This gets you a much closer shave than you would have been able to get out of more stationary electric razor options available at this price point.

100% wireless, the battery life on this Remington electric razor is also top-tier. You won’t have to worry about spending the majority of your time shaving with your electric razor on the charging pad. Instead, you get hours of shaving operation out of a single battery charge – and thanks to quick charge capabilities you can get 20 minutes of shaving out of a five minute charge.


  • Unbeatable price point
  • Pivoting and articulating head provides for a super close shave
  • Quick charging battery is the star of the show


Not quite as feature-rich as some of the other options on the market right now


It’s hard to imagine any electric shaver on the market offering more than this Remington option does at the sub $50 price point. This is fantastic for budget-focused individuals.


“You never would think a razor this inexpensive could offer such a close and consistent shave but this Remington keeps on rolling!”

“Cannot tell you how impressed I am by this Remington razor. Love all of the features but most of all love the ridiculously affordable price tag”

“The folks at Remington definitely didn’t cut corners just to cut costs. I’d put this razor up against those that cost two or three times as much any day of the week”


This Remington electric razor proves that you don’t have to spend a pile of cash on a brand-new razor with all kinds of fancy gadgets and gizmos just to get a quality shave every single morning. This is a solid, steady, and fantastic performing razor that you won’t be disappointed in.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the best electric shavers for your specific needs becomes a whole lot easier when you use the inside info and quick reviews we highlighted above.

Each and every one of our top contenders in this quick guide can give you the kind of super close shave you are looking for, but can also provide you with the opportunity to shave just enough facial hair to get that perfect 5 o’clock shadow or stubble look – or even trim and groom your beard without having to shave it off completely.

The versatility of these razors is really something special and that helps to separate them from the rest of the pack. Combine that with the power, performance, and ridiculous durability/longevity that you can expect out of each of these three razors and it’s a no-brainer that they are considered by most to be the very best of the bunch.

As long as you use the details we highlighted above to inform your purchasing decision you just can’t go wrong. Settle for one of the three top electric shavers in this quick guide and you’ll find that shaving becomes a lot of fun every morning from here on out!