A short intro to the Best CPU Coolers

Is having the best CPU cooler really necessary when you have a computer? A basic computer is a very complex piece of equipment in and of itself. In order for a computer to operate at its peak performance, it requires a variety of different pieces of equipment alongside it that will ensure optimal operation.  Even though the computer may seem intelligent and empowering all on its own, without these parts, it is not able to function. 

Everyone is aware that hardware and software are essential for a computer to run.  There are also what would appear to be mundane pieces of the puzzle that we simply overlook as just some things that actually make up the computer.  Rather they are separate among themselves and vital to the life of the computer as well as with, at times, major activities involving the computer.  In this vein things such as CD ROM, RAM, hard disk, CPU cooler, motherboard, and many other bits would be considered as crucial elements that aid a computer’s top-notch delivery.

Since the interest here is having the best CPU cooler for the computer and it’s been determined that it is one of the necessary parts to assist a computer, let’s take a look at what consumers had to say on Amazon about three of their CPU coolers.

Noctua NH-U125 Premium CPU Cooler with NF-F12 120 mm Fan

Noctua is among the most recognized names within the computer world have received over 400 awards as well as numerous recommendations coming out of the International press.  The premium single tower CPU cooler aims to offer greater cooling operation within a smaller form which is capable of fitting most of the modern high or mid-end tower cases.  Because it offers slim design and 45 mm fin depth, this cooler won’t overhang on the RAM slots offering the user access to memory modules and ensuring tall heat spreader compatible along with optional memory fans. The 120 mm fan will allow superior static pressure as well as awesome heatsink operation and astounding quietness while it is working.


The Noctua slim-tower 120 mm design offers superior cooling operation combined with awesome RAM, case, and PCIe compatibility.

The PCIe and the RAM do not have an overhang from the cooler on many of the motherboards that are available.

The NF-F12 120 mm fan is highly optimized inclusive of PWM support along with an adaptor for automatic speed control as well as super-quiet performance. The mounting system is simple to install being a SecuFirm2 multi-socket system.

NT-H1 thermal compound which is also award-winning is included.  It offers the quality that Noctua is renowned for and is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 6 years.


  • Super easy-to-follow instructions for installation and easy to install
  • Does Not overhang the RAM and PCIe
  • Noctua is well known and award-winning so you know that their products will offer optimal benefits


  • Basically not a con, but this system will spoil you for other coolers. Noctua is award-winning and their coolers are top-notch.


The price for this CPU cooler on Amazon comes in at $57.99.


The best CPU cooler reviews showed with the very first one that this is felt to be the best cooler and the easiest to install.  Another reviewer agreed that this was the best air cooler they have ever used. Many said that it was the best, very quiet and effective, well made, very solid product, and overall just a superb piece of equipment for cooling.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler with PWM Fan Four Direct Contact Heat Pipes

The Cooler Master is well known as well as well-proven CPU heatsink within the diverse computer world.  It is highly recommended based on both pricing along with the overall performance.  It is boasted as being highly popular throughout the world. Updates to the Cooler Master have been done to increase the efficiency of performance. This CPU cooler provides four CDC or Continuous Direct Contact heat pipes which have been tightly packed into a flat display arranged on the base of the cooler.  Optimization of the fin structure made of aluminum has been done in order to allow optimal operational balance from high or low-speed fan performance.


  • Optimization of the fin is accomplished with the ultimate balance being achieved from high or low-speed performances.
  • Four CDC or Continuous Direct Contact heat pipes allow for a smooth surface to create heat conduction.  Fan voltage rated 12V and Noise level for fan rated 9 3;6 dba.
  • The fan which is wide range PWM offers a unique wave shape with the blade which will allow for much more efficient airflow. 
  • Able to support a 120 mm 2nd fan as an option to increase the performance of cooling.


  • Four heat pipes with CDC dissipate a lot of the heat accumulated.
  • Fan shape allows for extra airflow meaning more cooling power and better CPU performance.
  • Offers the capability to support a 2nd fan which will provide even more efficiency as far as cooling ability.


It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing the cooler completely so that you can attain optimal functionality.  Not really a con, but the installation takes some direction.


The price for this unit on Amazon was $34.99.


The best CPU cooler reviews showed a lot of positivity for this unit.  One reviewer found that his CPU temp dropped 25 degrees lower than average with the addition of this cooler.  Others found that it was a great price and awesome performance, huge improvement over others used, and overall a superior cooling unit.

** be quiet! Dark Rock PCO 4 BK 022 250 W TDP CPU Cooler

be quiet! Is boasted as a top tier manufacturer of a multitude of awesome PC products.  This CPU cooler will give the user cooling that can’t be beat as well as near inaudible performance. It offers an astounding ranking of 250W TDP and can acquire a cool temp even while the CPU is operating at its peak. There are seven heat pipes made of 6 mm copper with advanced technology.  Cooling fins which are wave-contoured are air-flow optimized outfitted with small dots on top advances air circulation.  There is an optimal transfer of heat due to the special black coating which is comprised of ceramic particles.  This cooler is equipped with two heat sinks as well as two fans with the option to add another 120 mm fan for additional cooling. There is a special screwdriver included with purchase allowing for ease of installation.


  • Virtually inaudible fans, silent Wings PWM (2)
  • Air pressure is achieved with the funnel-shaped frame available on the front fan.
  • 7 high performing heat pipes made of copper.
  • Cooling fins which are air-flow optimized; The RAM compatibility is enhanced by cutouts.
  • Mounting from above allows for easy installation.
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 7 heat pipes which are made of copper and perform at top capacity
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty offered
  • Easy install with the included manufacturer directions as assistance
  • Virtually no noise is heard with the operation of the system
  • Optimal cooling capability using this unit


There are no real cons to this unit.  The only suggestion once again is that the installation can be a bit challenging without following the manufacturer’s specific instructions for optimal functionality.  Not a con, but installation is just a bit tricky.


The Amazon price for this unit comes in at $88.09.


The best CPU cooler reviews for this unit were massively positive with the first three reviewers offering 5 * / 5 * and announcing that it far exceeded their very high expectations.  Some said that it provides quiet operation and good cooling performance.  Many are so glad they got this unit, much better than they had hoped for, and overall best performing, safest and best looking cooler for the money.


The CPU cooler is imperative for the computer’s CPU to be able to operate at its peak performance and, in turn, that will determine the capability for the computer to function as it should.  This is why all of the pieces of the puzzle need to work hand-in-hand to make the system as optimized as it possibly can be.  Each part plays a vital role.  If you want your computer to be available to you in ready-to-go shape every day, it’s important to learn all of the different parts that go into the functionality of it and why their place is so important.  The CPU cooler is just one of the tiny bits of a large system that goes into the teamwork of the running of a computer.

The best CPU cooler listings that are offered here have been selected at varying price points to satisfy each person’s budget and each of them has been top-rated by consumers on Amazon. After having used these units, these folks have determined that they qualify as the best. If you want a system that works well for you, you need to add one of these CPU coolers to your team.