A short intro to the Best 3d Pen

3D technology has hit the market recently and has quickly become very popular with creatives and artists around the globe. 3d pens are high-tech, affordable, and small enough to hold like a pen and advanced enough to print as you move.

3D pens extrude liquid plastic which cools downs quickly and solidifies into the image you have drawn in mid-air to create 3D art. Unlike the traditional 3D printers, the pen is cheap and lets your hand move naturally to create and change designs as you go for maximum creativity.

Whether you are an artist or a hobbyist, a 3D pen is a fun and innovative tool that enhances creativity and give a better understanding of three-dimensional objects.

We have been testing 3D pens for a few weeks to find out which is the best 3D pen and what makes the best stand out. Here is an overview of the 3D pens on the market today for artists and designers.


TECBOSS  offers a 12-month warranty and lifetime after-sales support on this pen. This pen is designed to fit in your hands perfectly as its round. Apart from its easy to use shape, this pen packs a ton of features, making it one of the best 3D pens in the market.

The pen has an ergonomic grip and design that makes handling it for long periods easy on your fingers and contours to fit your style as a pen would. It comes with two-finger protectors to cover your thumb and index finger to avoid injury when the tip heats up.

The 3D pen has an adjustable temperature ceramic nozzle. This makes it safe for your kids to use under supervision from parents or teachers. The temperature range is between 160℃ and 210℃, which is pretty high.

The pen melts two different types of plastic filaments, PLA and ABS. The filament heats up very fast and cools down within seconds, making it easy to work with safely. PLA filament has no smell, and the fumes are non-toxic as well. The pen has eight-speed controls. You can slow down when printing intricate designs to get the right angels or you can run it at full speed to finish your project faster.

The 3D pen comes with a big OLED screen display where you can monitor the status of your 3D printing pen. It displays temperature, feed settings, and the type of filament in use.


  • LED indicator
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable, lightweight and portable pen
  • The pen has eight printing speeds
  • Handles third party filaments
  • It heats up and cools down quickly making it safe to use
  • Comes with a finger protector sleeve


This is a really great pen for both kids and adults alike. The pen works well with PLA and ABS of different brands, and the filament can be purchased from third parties and is still compatible.

Many customers liked the fact that it had many features at its price point. It’s relatively safe for kids to use, though under the supervision of an adult.

The finger protector sleeve came in handy to protect the user’s finger from the hot filament.  Users found that the 3D pen heated up quickly, in 60 seconds and cooled down in 30 seconds making it safe to use. Also, the filament leak was minimal, though this is a common problem in 3D pens.

The extruding process is easy with adjustable speed perfect for detailed work on prints. The pen has a sleek design with a decent size that is easy to handle.

Manve 3D Printing Pen

If you are looking for a lightweight 3D scribbler pen for your hobbies, the Manve brand is a to-go-to pen. It’s a premium pen that is effortless to do spatial designs, and you can draw 3D models freehand.

Manve offers a 12-month warranty and 30-day no-hassle returns. Their customer care support is fantastic, and they reply to queries very fast.

The manve 3D pen is the perfect pen for both kids and experienced artists for building 3D models. It’s easy to use and is safe for kids. It heats up fast and works with PLA  and ABS  filaments that come in many colors, are non-toxic and odorless. Two buttons let you load and unload filament quickly. It does come with a removable nozzle, which makes it easy to clean and unclog.

The pen has an auto shut off and auto sleep function that switches it off after 6 minutes of inactivity, a safety feature which is great when being used by kids.

The 3D pen has a one-button control that adjusts temperature and speed. Unlike many models that require a long press to start it, this Manve model requires a one-button press, and it starts working. A small OLED display on the pen shows you the heat of the filament, the speed at which you are printing and the filament you are using. You can adjust the temperature setting, which ranges between 90 to 185 degrees Celsius and the speed control function has three speeds of fast, slow, and medium.


  • Easy to use ergonomic design
  • Has a rubber grip that prevents the heat fro reaching your fingers
  • Comes with an OLED display
  • A removable nozzle that is easy to clean up
  • Auto shut-off when not in use
  • One button control for temperature and speed


According to customers who reviewed this 3D pen, it’s well made with sleek parts that make it feel like a premium product at an affordable price.

The pen uses a USB cable for charging, a feature that is makes charging ist easier since it can use your phones charging cable in case you forget to carry it.

Another reviewer found the pen to be very safe for children thanks to the auto shut-off function. Also, the rubber handgrip on the pen made sure it doesn’t slip off the hand of the child, which could cause burns. The pen doesn’t heat up since the temperature control is located in the removable nozzle.

Ultimately, the Manve printing pen is a less expensive pen with all the features you need for your

3D printing.

AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen

The AIO is one of the best 3D pen in the market made with a designer in mind. Its durable thanks to an all-metallic casing and allows for incremental heat adjustments that lead to precision modeling. The AIO Robotics 3D Printing pen is an excellent pick for artists honing their 3D craft.

The pen is made of a metallic outer shell which is pretty slim yet ergonomic to feel comfortable on your hand. It’s also light, making it easy to maneuver around as you work.

The pen is simple, with little controls on it and no distraction on it. It has an OLED display where it shows temperature and speed setting. It’s easy to adjust for precision work with one-degree increments.

The feed button is located at the bottom of the pen, making it easy to start and stop filament flow. It has a load and un-load button that help the filament pass through the extruder. To remove or change the filament,  simply pull out the filament once you are done using it.

Temperature setting is in the range of 160 to 180 degrees and takes about two minutes to reach the highest temp. This comes with a ceramic nozzle for better thermal conductivity, and it barely heats up even if you accidentally touch the nozzle, not the tip.

The device is perfect for adults and designers looking for a pen to draw designs and prototypes. It’s built to last and allows the users to draw with precision they need.


  • Lightweight and excellent hand feel
  • Multiple buttons for easy control
  • Adjustable temp
  • Metallic outer casing for durability
  • LED display for tempERATURE and speed monitoring


According to customers, the AIO Robotics team is very supportive and helpful; they answered questions regarding how to use the pen in a timely manner.

The metallic casing makes the device durable in case of a fall. Most buyers said the pen performed well for a long time. The pen is solid, well made, and balanced.

The temperature control setting allows for minute increments, which are perfect when looking for precision.

Loading and unloading filament is smooth thanks to the controls being placed at the bottom of the pen.

This pen is not cheap and is made with a beginner or pro in mind. Its an excellent option for adults and designers.


3D pens are the cheaper alternative to 3D printers that are bulky and very expensive. They will let you and your kid enjoy 3D modeling at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for the best 3D pen for your kid, safety should be a priority. A pen with an auto shut-off feature is a great pick. Also, look out for nozzles that tend to heat up as they can cause burns. Removable nozzles are easy to clean and to unclog, and if damaged, it’s easy to replace them.

The above mentioned 3D pens are great picks depending on the level of skill of the user. They can be used by kids and adults alike. They are affordable, easy to use and make doodling such a cool past time. Get one of them or all and get your creative juices flowing.