An introduction to the Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080

Welcome to our NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 review! If you want a graphics card that doesn’t quit and gives you the gaming experience you want and deserve, this is without a doubt the way to go.

After all, game devs and graphic artists don’t throw together character and level designs just for fun; with today’s games, every detail is noted.

Don’t miss out on those awesome gaming Easter Eggs because you have a faulty graphics card. Our Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review will tell you all you need to know.

Overview of The Product

When some computer users think “graphics card” they may think automatically that this relates to video gamers and that they could not possibly have a need for such a product.

This is incorrect-a graphics card is used by everybody to display the contents of the Internet, your software, and even preloaded computer programs on your monitor. All information is taken from your CPU and then turned into pictures. 

In short, without a graphics card, you cannot use a computer.

So, some people certainly need a high-quality one (gamers, artists, engineers, photographers, etc.) but others of us who just use our PC for casual use can get away with a lower-grade one. But why settle for a low-grade item when this NVIDIA can show you everything with such high-quality resolution?

Besides, think of all the great stuff you see on the Internet like family photos, Skype calls from faraway relatives and friends, and more. It’s better to just see it all the way it was meant to be seen. 

Even if you are not a gamer, this is definitely an ideal product to consider when you are ready to customize your next computer. NVIDIA makes plenty of other graphics cards in this line, not just ones for gaming.

This particular graphics card was developed to provide a graphical experience like no other. The power delivery on this is huge, and so you can push it to the limits of overclocking without worry. The cooling on this particular graphics card is just perfect and keeps performance high. There are also lots of customizable options on this particular graphics card too, so those of you who know computers and love to tweak things just as you want them, the option is there to do so.


Now, let’s talk about the features of this great graphics card.

This is a single-config, Overclocked Edition HDMI Type-C graphics card. It is geared toward gaming setups but can be used to see anything in super high resolution. One other cool feature is that, at the time of this writing, buyers also get a free copy of the classic game Wolfenstein: Youngblood and newer game Control.

Free Amazon tech support is included with your purchase, and the product is powered by NVIDIA’s Turing with 1890-megahertz boos clock. You can power up to four different monitors with this graphics card.

The graphics you see on your screen are delivered via Auto-Extreme and Max-Contact tech to bring you what you want to see by providing a durable and tough product.

The material this hardware is made of aerospace-grade material that maximizes heatsink contact. Another great thing is the 0db fans, they allow air to flow through the heatsink and feature IP5X dust resistance, so it is easier to keep this clean.

Seeing every color ever imagined is not a problem for this graphics card. The ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting gives you an endless color spectrum, so nothing is going to be left out in any of your online or offline ventures.

And lastly, if you are a streamer of any type: gaming, chatting, online demonstrations, or whatever your content entails, this is just the perfect graphics card for this. The included software like Game Booster, XSplit Gamecaster, Quantum Cloud and WT fast make it easy.


  • Superior overclocking on this unit
  • Features are plentiful on this graphics card
  • Performance is off the charts
  • Build of the graphics card and its components are superior
  • The cooling solution of this graphics card is at the top of its class


  • Even as we looked around online for product research, we could not find any negatives about this when writing this Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review.

Pricing lists this particular product for $789.99, and this includes free shipping.


“COOL, super COOL! This does not compare to my EVGA 1080 TI SC2. That thing went to 78 degrees C on a full load. This, on the other hand, runs overclocked at 56 degrees C max on a full load during playing Battlefield on DXR and on the highest settings. I still get 60 FPS or higher for most of my time playing, save for when the scene gets too graphically intense or you whatever you’re zooming in on and then aiming at drops to 50s to high 40s when it comes to frames per second, but with my monitor-a GSYNC- it is still as smooth as can be. This is a must for those who demand RTX and future DLSS with at least a 3440x1440p ultra-wide monitor. This card blows it all out of the water. I highly recommend this if you have a GSYNC monitor-or even if you don’t have one! After all the card runs cool, idle is only 28 degrees C! No idea how they keep this thing so cool, but hey, it works. There is also no coil whine or artifacts with this card. It’s super quiet, super expensive, and I am interested in comparing this to future NVIDIA releases when they come out. This card is “good enough” and more. So far, I am a happy client!”-Green Arrow

“I am sensitive to sound and my system is quiet. But then I bought an MSI Duke video card, but I could not handle the coil whine. I tried to do a few different things, even changed out the power supply to see if that could help and did all the burn in tests like everybody recommended. However, none of that worked. I even tried ANOTHER card before I got this one and it ran way too hot, 55 degrees C idle! The look was horrible, too. I finally settled on this card and it is beautiful. The LED is rather subtle and integrates super well with my system. There is no GPU lag, it is super quiet, and the idle and loaded temps are unheard of! 55 degrees C while gaming, 23 degrees C while idle, and you cannot hear those fans. I highly recommend it, and I am VERY HAPPY with this card!”- Mario Vanden Berghe

“I was long overdue for an upgrade on my graphics card. I used to have an Asus Strix GTX970 and coming to this RTX 2080 was a huge improvement in my gaming experience. The frames were 50 to 75% better depending on what game I was playing. The boost clocks were running at about 1950 to 1980 megahertz straight out of the box with temps 60 to 70 degrees F depending on what game I was playing, and the card is so quiet with fans going up to about 50% under the load with the stock curve. One thing nobody is mentioning is the NVENC coding improvements from previous gens. For those of you that are streamers, this lets new and veteran streamers alike do their thing without the worry of needing a second stream PC with super quality, especially if your CPU isn’t capable of doing it. “-Orlean

“I upgraded from a GTX 1060 GB and wow, what a difference. I can play all games in 4k resolution and I also maintain 60 FPS. The card is amazing and was very easy to install. I thought the price was very high. You do pay extra for the inclusion of ray tracing, and this is only available on one game at 1080P. I also wish the pilot lights were not so bright, as it can be distracting from the lighting on the card. So far, so good, performs as promised and I really am happy with my purchase. I am excited to see what the future holds for ray tracing.”-Edward Donald

“I bought his card because of my other one, my GTX 1080 TI was running super-hot while gaming. I read the reviews on how quiet and cold this card runs, and they were so right. It was running in the low 70 degrees F range when I had the graphics maxed on games like World of Warcraft, Apex Legends and PubG. I installed this and tested it out and immediately felt a difference changing my graphics card. There are also going to be a lot of updates for the RTX, so this is going to be something I can look forward to. “-Jaamonliu


Thank you for taking the time to read this Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2080 Review. If you need a graphics card for any reason, gaming or otherwise, turn to this particular product to get the quality you want.