A short introduction to the Logitech G502

This Logitech G502 Review would give you all the necessary info you should know about the product as a gamer. Firstly, let us talk about the overview of the Logitech G502 which is a gaming mouse. This product is actually inexpensive and for the price, you are getting an amazing product.

If you are now looking for a good quality mouse, you would like to shortlist Logitech because they are popular for making amazing gaming mouse. They are in the business for a long amount of time and they always use high technology for making their products.

Generally, standard gaming mouse comes with different sizes, shapes, quality, and prices. Also, there are considerations you must make before choosing or getting a mouse and it is apposite that you pick the best among the various options available in the market.

You must consider some factors; you should check out for the grip of the mouse (palm, fingertip and claw grip), check out the size of the mouse and its sensor. Also, you should consider the types of games you play, because the mouse must conform to the types of games you play.

This Logitech G502 Review will convince you with all the right information about the famous Logitech so you can finally make a decision. Below are the features of this nice gaming mouse. Let’s have a look:


The Logitech G502 light speed has a core which is Logitech’s 16,000 CPI sensor and again the Logitech G502 light speed charges quickly. (It becomes fully charged as swift as possible. Charging time of about 90 minutes makes it full and after it is fully charged, you can use it for up to 60 hours.

G502 is built with good quality material and its bottom part’s sensor is very strong. It clicks easily and perfectly placed. It consists of a pair of CPI buttons, a sniper button as well as a proper thumb button.

Logitech G502 also contains a scroll lock button which is positioned perfectly just beneath the mouse level.

Logitech G502 operates perfectly with an advanced and improved gaming function. It offers you amazing comfortability which is vital for a perfect gaming experience.

It has a PMW3366 advanced optical sensor. This implies that your tracking accuracy would be perfect and there would be fast responsiveness even when the sensitivity is low.

It entails on-the-fly DPI. This feature adds more control and functionality to your game. Thanks to the DPI.

Logitech G502 has the dual-mode for a very fast scroll wheel. The scroll wheel can be unlocked if you want it to perform very fast and nonstop scrolling or to check through long pages.

Tune to your specs. It has different and wide varieties of balancing and weight configuring, On-the-fly DPI shift setting, custom RGB lighting II, and desk surface timing. All this makes you easily personalize the device.

It has a power-play charging mat. This is one of the best features it has because the mat incessantly charges the Logitech G502 as you use it. Even when used without its charging mat, its perfect functionality is still intact.

It soothes the hand perfectly with all the button positioned at a reachable and comfortable distance.


  • The Logitech G502 has an excellent 16k HERO SENSOR.
  • The Logitech G502 entails suite of 11 buttons.
  • The Logitech G502 can be used without wires or with wires through the PowerpPlay or the USB.
  • It can be used with the charging mat and the Powerplay.
  • It has a moderate and decent weight, buttons which are highly programmable and an RGB which is also customizable.
  • The Logitech G502 gives room for easy personalizing with it customizable and programmable functions.
  • Premium price and high-quality services.


This product is perfectly made for satisfying people’s needs who are looking for a perfect gaming experience. It has no real cons honesty. Since it’s a perfect gaming mouse, look no further if you are just sitting on the fence and can’t decide.


It has a very high price tag, compared to the service it would give you, but you would not regret buying it. It outclasses another cheap gaming mouse that breaks down easily and lacks durability. On amazon, you can get a fairly used one and a brand new one. The used one costs about $42.99 while the new one costs $ 150-$130 depending on the location you reside. In other words, it is expensive and has perfect functionality that you will enjoy.

Customer Reviews

This Logitech G502 Review would be inept without the customer reviews. These are some of the objective commentaries and reviews by the customers that have used the product.

“In 2015, I got this, and I would boldly say it is the best mouse you can get for gaming purpose. It has an amazing product service, build quality and amazing buttons.

For the design, I would rate it A plus. Most of the bottoms are on the right side and I feel this must have been to make it look like the classic MX518 and it is a good decision. It works perfectly for any hand size. I have a moderate hand size and I enjoyed it and my neighbor who has a larger hand that I got the same wonderful experience.

From a glance, it naturally looks like a gaming mouse which shows its professional nature. For its feature, the bottoms are well placed which makes them to be clicked easily and you would not find yourself unknowingly clicking other buttons. It has an RGB LIGHTNING; this expresses the exciting experience you would get with it and it is perfected because you can even change to any color that you like. I cannot say it all, it is extremely impressive. I am out of words, just go and get you and get an amazing feeling.” -FOX SAND 2334

“If you want to improve your computer skill, this is the mouse you have been waiting for. Even If I wanted to review it badly I could not. It works great and perfect response to any command. It can be used on any surface and has a memory. So, if you lose your PC, or format the setting you originally set on, it would still be there. That is not all, it is outperforming and has outperformed the mouse I was using before which also cost me $160. Yes, $160. I am so amazed by this one. I have one but I still want another one so I can travel with one and leave one at home.” -Robert C. Bishop

“When I got it, it replaced a $100.00 Logitech Laser Cordless and it is doing a better job. I love the weight as if it was made for me, it fits perfectly for my large hands, the lighting is a very cool thing that people would love and I use them to see the mode I am in, I do not like a mouse with but this one is interesting you can personalize the mouse to your speed, color and mode indicator which I have done and I enjoy it and it is very fast, it is outperforming my laser which still amazes me. For now, I have not realized any cons and I know it would be durable.”- HAPPY TIMES.

“What I enjoy most is its customizable features. Other things that amazed me are the dual mode, the weight, the fact that it can be used with or without the wire, the charging mat (this also impressed me a lot), and the advanced and improved operating system. This is a product that I would always buy and recommend to other people. Get yours now if you are reading these reviews just to endorse whether this product is good or not. You will not regret the purchase. Thanks” – David Crystal 3345

“From the test I have given the mouse, I would like to admit that the performance level for me is perfect and great. The design for me is interesting and amazing. I have to make a confession; it works for me perfectly. The fact that the mouse can be designed to make it personal and the positioning of the bottoms makes it one of the best. It’s durable and satisfying. I advise you to purchase it if you are searching for a good mouse for yourself.”-JERRY BEST


From this Logitech G502 Review, I know I have effectively informed you about all the information you wanted to know about the Logitech G502. From the description, you may already know all the features it provides and how it functions to give you a nice experience when using it.

If you are looking for a good mouse, please check this out. Lots of people are using this product and they are very happy with their purchase. 

In conclusion, this is a great product you won’t regret buying because it was specifically built for the great gaming experience. So, if you love to play games on your computer, you might want to this out.