A short intro to the Lenovo Legion Y530

This review of the amazing and satisfying Lenovo Legion Y530 will offer you all that you are required to know about one of the best gaming PCs. The Lenovo Legion Y530 Review would lighten the darkroom you are stuck in right now.

Read on, the overview, features, pricing, pros, cons, the unbiased and objective customer reviews would be sufficiently explained.


With powerful components, justifiable prices, and designs that are peculiar to gaming systems, you would enjoy their operation. But if you do not choose the right one, you might find yourself disliking a system you ought to love.

Depending on your personal interests, lifestyle, budget and the varieties of games you enjoy playing, it would cost you nothing less than $800 to $5000 to get a gaming PC that is all satisfying and itch-free.

By deduction, it means you cannot spend that huge amount of cash on a system which would not satisfy you. It is baffling to say that even with that huge cost, you might still not be satisfied with what you get.

So, you have to be rational about making the decision before you can get a system with a long battery life span, portable and very powerful, with higher components, fingers comforting keyboard, a sharp and high-resolution display, at least an Intel Core of 17-6700HQ processor, a port of  1.3 HDMI, and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 GPU.

There is no need to worry about these conditions because this Lenovo Legion Y530 Review would show you the aforementioned qualities in the system and why it should be your choice.

When talking about best gaming laptops, Lenovo would inherently not come to mind but with this product, Lenovo aims to change that perspective. To be frank, this product Lenovo Y530 is arguably the best gaming PC you would ever come across at its price. I

t is distinct and unique due to the fact that it has a slim body and a very lightweight. The Lenovo Legion Y530 at a glance weighs less than 5 pounds and it is an inch thick; these features are perfect and comfortable for gaming purpose.


  • The Legion entails a 1.56 -inch full HD of 1920×1080 IPS display (non-touch)
  • It entails Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics
  • 4GB of GDDR5 RAM
  • It is at 14.4×10.2×0.95 inches and weighs just 4.87 pounds. This makes it slim and lean for a perfect gaming experience.
  • It has a display of 15.6 inches. This display is very sharp and colorful. Every detail would be shown perfectly.

The brightness level is at approximately 280 nits.

It entails a keyboard with two-step backlight and concave keycaps of numeric, arrow keys etc. Furthermore, it has the island-style keyboard which is very good for typing and gaming.

It has a very loud speaker which blares music with detailed and crispy sound.

The Lenovo Legion Y530 has a Webcam that is located at the bottom part of the screen.

•   USB 3.0 Type c, a 2.0 HDMI port, mini display port 1.4, Type -A ports, Ethernet RJ-45, USB 3.1 Type A, combo audio jack is all present in it.

  • It entails coffee Lake core 15-8300H processor which aids its general operation and multitasking function.
  • It also entails a cine bench. This feature helps to check the operation of a laptop when working under a small time of stressful CPU activity.
  • The battery span of Lenovo Legion Y530 is decent. It lasts for about four hours and forty-four minutes.
  • The system is plastic made that makes it look beautiful and sparkling.
  • The Webcam of the Lenovo Legion Y530 is at 720 P.
  • It has huge fans which perform the function of mitigating the heat of the thermal systems. This prevents overheating of the system.


  • The overall performance is very great.
  • Varieties of solid ports which is very helpful in strong connection and connectivity.
  • It is very cheap compared to other gaming PCs.
  • Soft and comfortable keypads.
  • A very loudspeaker.
  • Good for game graphics and display.
  • Always cool; it has some fans that keep it cool always. These fans don’t make unnecessary noise.
  • Easy upgrade for both storage and ram.
  • The Lenovo Legion Y530 has in its common bloatware like Candy Crush, Disney Magic Kingdoms etc.
  • The Lenovo Utility; it is a function built to support the hotkeys on the keyboard


  • This product does not have any cons worth to be worried about.


To get a gaming experience that would excite you is not expensive with the inception of Lenovo Legion Y530. There are different products of its kind that would cost you thousands of dollars.

On Amazon, you may even get it shipped to your destination without being charged when you purchase it. Depending on where you intend to buy it, you can get it at the range of $958-$899. Which is very decent and totally considerate.

Customer Reviews

Lenovo Legion Y530 Review would be incomplete if the review and commentaries from other customers who have bought and used the product are not looked in to. The review endorses the product and shows how well it has served people who have used them.

“It was a great experience; the keyboards are nice and mild. I typed well with it. I also used multiple tabs for gaming, and it works perfectly. It is the first gaming system I am using, and I cannot help but be satisfied with its services. I would recommend it for you if you are the type that wants to experience gaming at its peak for an affordable price. I am very happy with the purchase.” -Samuel Jean.

” I have been amazed by the operation of this system. I like the fact that it can be upgraded. I bought it for $850 off Lenovo. It has an IPS panel that makes it look great. The keyboard has a backlight that can be switched on and switched off at your preference. Although it is made for gaming, it would also fit perfectly for office use. The WIFI experience is also great. For gaming, the experience is fascinating and intriguing. The price is not disappointing for me; it is very cheap but has a priceless quality”- Adams Smith56

“From accessing it, I can proudly say this is the best laptop I have used in recent time at that price. It is very sensitive and responsive. The graphics although needs a little bit of adjustment but it displays very well. All in all, everything about it works perfectly. I don’t regret the purchase.”- Saul Raymond

“If you are searching for gaming for a system to run the newest games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5 at glorious 60 and many others I would recommend this wonderfully made system. Even if you lose, you would be happy because of the gaming experience the system offers. Highly recommend this if you love playing games.” – Immanuel Johnson 223

“It is very sensitive and has all the features that are well made. It entails very great connectivity that you need with all the various ports that are on it. It is a gaming laptop that is very good, and I would recommend for everyone. I have used it and I must confess I have changed my perception on Lenovo products generally because this product is amazing and mind-blowing.” – James Larsson

“Before I got this product, I check out the reviews and I was convinced. I have gotten one and I must also share my experience with it. No doubt, I am highly impressed. Starting from the pricing, to the connectivity, to the keyboard, to the operation, to it design, to the interesting gaming experience I got and finally the battery life. Never doubt this, if you need gaming systems and you do not want to spend thousands of dollars this is the best for you” Alexander Zee.

“I enjoy the features, it is the best gaming and firming system with its loudspeaker, different cords, the processor, the graphics (I am very impressed with this), the durability, the slim and lean structure and the powerful components. I would always bank on it. Get yours now and don’t miss this great experience which I and everybody who have gotten it are experiencing. -Felix John

“The affordable price I got it made me look down on it, I bought it just for flimsy stuff and not for any serious use. But now, I am using it for all my works, and it is working great. I have to be honest; this is an improvement from Lenovo. With products like this, it would give other companies a run for their money” – Mai Rash 2234


Conclusively, I hope with this Lenovo Legion Y530 Review, I know you have been convinced about the product. The customer review says a lot as well as the components that make up the system. What are you waiting for? Get yours now.