A short intro to the HyperX Cloud Alpha

Gaming is all the rage these days and quality headsets are a must.  There needs to be strong sound quality and a microphone that allows users to communicate with each other throughout the game.  It is imperative that the headphones are able to block out external noise so that the gamer can maximize their gaming experience.

When making a decision to purchase a headset, there are many factors that the consumer should keep in mind.  The first area that many people will focus on is price.  The HyperX Cloud Alpha costs around $89.00, which is in line with the average price of a solid headset.

The next key decision to make is what kind of platform you will be using the headsets for. The good news is that the HyperX Cloud Alpha is compatible with all of the major systems.  It can be used with your PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One S.  Not every headset is compatible with all of these systems, so it is important to know exactly what you need out of the headset.


Comfort is of the utmost importance for gamers.  Most gamers will spend several hours in front of screen playing games.  If they have to wear headsets that are not comfortable, they are not going to be able to enjoy the full experience.  Gamers want to have earpieces that contour to their ears and will provide comfort and a seal from outside noise.  The HyperX Cloud Alpha has dual-chamber drivers that will give your audio more distinction and clarity by reducing outside noise and distortion.   Known for its signature red memory foam earpieces, the HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers with comfort and an expanded headband.

Microphone quality is next on the list of important components of a reliable headset.  The microphones provide clarity when speaking so that other users that you are playing with can clearly understand what you are trying to say.  This is a huge component of many games and users enjoy having the ability to talk with their friends or other gamers throughout their battles.  The HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with a detachable noise-cancellation microphone.  Gamers can easily plugin or unplug, depending on what they are using the headset for.  The microphone frequency response is 50-18,000Hz, which is very solid frequency response.

Finally, there is a huge focus on sound quality.  More and more games are being made with an emphasis on the sound effects that they include.  Players want to be able to hear every little footstep and crackling noise that the game has to offer.  A good headset allows gamers the ability to hear the game exactly as it was designed to be heard.  The dual chambers provided in the HyperX Cloud Alpha separate the bass for a cleaner and smoother sound.  They also give the audio more distinction and clarity by reducing distortion.  Its groundbreaking design is one of a kind and one that users will clearly be able to reap the benefits from.

You will have many options to choose from when purchasing a gaming headset.  But, based on the specifications many people look for in a headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha really delivers in all areas.  With over a thousand reviews on Amazon, the HyperX Cloud Alpha received four out of five stars.  The headsets are easily customizable with additional HyperX software.  Its durable steel frame creates a longer-lasting product that can withstand the test of time.

Throughout many phases, the HyperX Cloud Alpha will offer limited edition colors.  The latest features a purple and white colorway.  Otherwise, your headset will come with a black and red colorway or a blue and black variety.  All three-color schemes make the product look very sleek and eye-appealing to all gamers.

As mentioned above, the pricing is right in line with most other headsets.  On Amazon, used prices can run as low as $58.51 to $61.84.  New headsets range from $89.00 to $138.  The prices will vary even more if you choose to go with the blue or the purple color.  They will be raised slightly if you choose one of them.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is widely recognized for its groundbreaking, Dual Chamber Drivers design, which gives users more audio distinction and clarity.  They help to separate the bass from the mids and the highs, allowing for a much cleaner sound.  And, it is sturdy enough to handle multiple players using it and adjusting to fit their head size.

Customers have raved about the HyperX Cloud Alpha.  One customer commented on the quality they received for its price point.  That customer was extremely pleased with the comfort the headset provided them.  Another customer commented on the fact that they were the most comfortable headset ever.  They said that the headset felt extremely light and tight on the ears to really engulf the sound. 

Many of the customers were comparing the HyperX Cloud Alpha headsets to other headsets that they have used in the past.  Most commented on the fact that this headset was much better compared to a lot of the more expensive options out there.  The microphone quality was a common compliment that was given.  The ability to fully hear and understand what others were saying was extremely noticeable.

If you are not a gamer, you don’t realize the importance of such a quality headset.  Customers go through tons of headsets during their gaming days, but the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset seemed like the one that people kept and used the most.  People commented on how great the sound was if you added an amp with the headset.  They said the quality of the sound was very enhanced and you felt like you were right in the middle of the fire zone.  Customers felt as though they could hear directional noises well with front, rear, left, and right footsteps coming in clearly.  And, for gamers, having the ability to hear what is going on around them cannot be understated enough.

One review on Amazon was not thrilled with the ear cushions.  HyperX Cloud Alpha immediately responded to the customer and sent them a new set of ear cushions with thicker inner padding.  This shows that HyperX Cloud Alpha is committed to quality products and wants to see all of their customers happy.  This is a definite plus for any gamers who are looking for security when it comes to their headsets.  HyperX Cloud Alpha wants to produce the best headsets for gamers because they understand the importance of what a good headset can do to the gaming experience.

The ability to mute the microphone and switch the volume with ease was praised by customers.  And, even better, they liked that the microphone cord was removable and replaceable in the event that something happened to it.  Nobody wants to have to purchase a whole new headset for minor problems. 

Another customer even mentioned the fact that they have never made a review on Amazon before but were compelled to share their positive experience with the headset.  As with almost every review, comfort was praised.  They mentioned that the ear cups were soft and easily usable, even for people who wear glasses.  The customer also felt that the cups ventilated well because they never experienced any heat while playing for a prolonged period of time.  The sounds were crisp and easily distinguishable.  The directionality was spot on and the customer was able to know where everyone was that were involved in the game.  The braided cable also provided a safety feature to keep the headset from breaking or ripping.  The removable microphone allows the user the ability to listen to music when it’s removed and then be allowed to quickly switch it back to their PC or gaming system when involved in a game. 

It was very easy to see why the HyperX Cloud Alpha has received so much praise.  And, what stood out the most was how consistent everyone was with their reviews.  They tended to comment on the exact same things to really drive home the point that this is one of the most quality headsets available to gamers.  Between the price and the quality of the product, the HyperX Cloud Alpha was not matched for other headsets. 

When gaming first gained popularity, headsets were seen as a luxury item.  Nowadays, it is a necessity to increase your experience and ability to compete with others.  Gamers today really focus on the noises and sound effects that are coming from the game and quality headsets that can block out external noise is really important.  Surround sound and being able to track where people are coming from can be the difference between life and death to a gamer. 

Finally, having a good headset helps people socialize.  With social media, people today are not learning how to properly communicate with one another.  Having a headset with the quality that HyperX Cloud Alpha provides helps to teach people how to effectively communicate directions to one another.  Communicating with other people would not be possible without the effectiveness that headsets bring.


There are many expensive options out there for you, but for the price and the quality, HyperX Cloud Alpha is the way to go to enhance your gaming experience