The 3 Best Smart Water Bottles to buy 2019

How long can you go without a drink of water? That’s not a question we want you to put to the test. However, chances are, you’ve been really, really thirsty at some point in your life. It doesn’t feel very good. The relief of taking that first sip of water, after going an hour or longer without any, is difficult to describe, yet easy to appreciate. This is the thought that has influenced the rise in popularity of water bottles over the years.

In the present, not only are water bottles more popular than ever, but technology has also caught up to what these water bottles have to offer. The search for the best smart water bottle is on!

If you’ve never shopped for smart water bottles before, relax. We’ve come up with the top three smart water bottles currently available. If you’re looking for what can only be described as enhanced hydration, we have some great products to check out.

1. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

This is the third version of a smart water bottle from one of the most successful U.S.-based startup companies in recent memory. The Spark 3 promises to improve upon the 2nd model, which was quite popular to begin with. While the price can initially strike you as a bit high, don’t let that dissuade you. If you want an amazing smart water bottle that will oblige your hydration needs for a very long time to come, this is a great place to start.

The first Spark Smart Water Bottle came from a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. It was one of the first truly popular smart water bottles on the market. Yet it was not without problems. Spark worked on that for the second Spark, and it would seem as though they’ve nailed the concept to perfection with version 3.0.


This 20oz smart water bottle has some exceptional features. Available in a variety of attractive colors, you will note the sensor technology. This tracks how much water you drink, syncing your efforts to a free Bluetooth app. You can also integrate the bottle with any other activity apps you may have. It will then adjust your water intake suggestions accordingly. The glow of the bottle is designed to remind you to stay hydrated.

Pros: Again, this is a good place to start with smart water bottles. Hidrate Spark bottles are among the most popular smart water bottles for a reason. The design itself is appealing for simply being a good deal more stylish than many other smart water bottles. The app works beautifully, and 20oz is a good-sized bottle of water to keep on hand. This BPA-free water bottle also packs one of the longest-lasting batteries available.


There really aren’t any downsides to this bottle. At the end of the day, the price tag is offset dramatically by the features and benefits mentioned above. The only problem might be if you’re someone who frequently loses their water bottle!

Pricing: The bottle currently prices at $54.99.

It shouldn’t surprise you to discover that one of the best smart water bottle releases on the market has some excellent reviews, as well:

  • “Easy to take with me on the go. I love this water bottle so much!”
  • “The perfect hydration companion to my fitness goals. The app is so easy to use.”
  • “The best water bottle I’ve ever purchased. I’m finally drinking the proper amount of water every day!”

2. H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

Once again, we come to a smart water bottle with what seems like a hefty price tag. As we mentioned before, the benefits far outweigh that element. If you are serious about a water bottle that will truly change your life for the better, the H20Pal Smart Water Bottle is absolutely worth a serious look.

When you compare this water bottle to other smart water bottles, you will start to notice how decidedly different H20Pal is from the competition. It comes down to the fact that while many bottles incorporate the electronic components into the overall design, the H20Pal keeps it altogether separate. This gives you the unique ability to use that component with different bottles.


Beyond the separate electronic component feature mentioned above, there are some pretty compelling features to go with this bottle. The two separate components of this bottle obviously work well together. The electronic component can be utilized with a number of different bottles. Just don’t use it with any carbonated beverages. Naturally, the bottle also keeps comprehensive track of your hydration levels and objectives. You can track your progress using their iPhone app. There is an Android version available, but it is currently in beta mode, so be wary of minor bugs and other issues.


The fact that you can use the electronics component with other bottles is our favorite feature. It quite simply is not something you’re going to find with many of the smart water bottles on the market. We also really like how easy it is to keep track of things with the app. Furthermore, the H20Pal is great at adjusting your needs based on your goals, any fitness apps you’re using, and so forth. For home and/or office use, here are few water bottles better suited than this one.


The buggy Android app can be a little frustrating. However, you can expect that to change. Probably, by the time you have read this.

Pricing: This bottle currently retails for $99.00.

In terms of reviews, here are some examples of how much users have been raving about the H20Pal:

  • “I was a little skeptical that it would attach easily to other bottles. Yet here I am. I’ve tried several at this point, and the H20Pal delivers every time.”
  • “I use mine at work. It hasn’t let me down yet!”
  • “The app makes it easy to keep up with drinking water.”

3. HYDRA Tech Bottle

If you feel like the other smart water bottles are a little lacking in smart features, this impressive product from HYDRA is going to be ideal. This is one of the most features-heavy smart water bottles on the market. This is also a good indicator of just how much smart technology a water bottle can utilize at this moment in time. So far, you can’t help but be impressed. HYDRA has built a strong reputation for delivering results in their products.

We would suggest making sure you’re going to actually use all of the features found here. One of the strongest advantages to this bottle is that HYDRA clearly didn’t just add things for the sake of adding things. As you will find, everything here at least has a point.


This 20oz water bottle isn’t just a water bottle. It also functions as a power bank, a lantern, and even a pretty good mini-Bluetooth speaker. You can even sync your water bottle up to your phone to play soothing sounds and music while you sleep. While it doesn’t come with hydration alerts, as the other two on this best smart water bottle list do, it is ultimately an ideal smart water bottle for camping enthusiasts.


The fact that all of the features work pretty well impresses us most of all. Yes, the water bottle portion is obviously the most important part. At the same time, things like a lantern and speaker can certainly have their uses in a variety of situations in which you would also need to stay hydrated. Furthermore, the bottle has also the benefit of being very easy to use, regardless of the specific feature or features you’re using. The power bank portion of the phone is particularly impressive.


The lack of a hydration is worth keeping in mind, but it’s definitely offset by the sheer volume of usable features to be found and enjoyed here.

Pricing: The bottle currently retails for $59.99.

As you can imagine, a water bottle like this is going to come with some pretty good reviews. Many of them cite the fact that unlike some all-in-one products, this one actually seems to deliver:

  • “Perfect for hiking and camping!”
  • This is a fantastic water bottle, but the speaker is worth mentioning, too. It’s a lot more powerful than I ever would have guessed.”
  • “Great for anyone looking for a lot of features.”


There is no question that the list of the 3 best smart water bottle releases above gives you some great options. There are more and smarter water bottles coming to the market these days. At this point, it certainly makes sense to want to try one out for yourself. If you really don’t know where to begin, anyone of the top 3 smart water bottles listed can steer you in the right direction.

Think about the features you know you are going to want. Do you want something that simply focuses on hydration, or are you interested in a water bottle that can also provide a source of light, or a way to play your favorite songs? This can also help you find your ideal bottle.