A short introduction to rifles scopes

The attraction to rifles scopes has been on a very high level over the years. This is because of the high number of snipers and shooter in various cultures and its demand for usage. There are different uses that rifle scopes are made for, these are, hunting, target shooting, amongst others and all that can only be done effectively and efficiently when the good types of rifles are used.

Note, as a sniper or a shooting match, there are various enjoyment you will get in executing your job if you use the best rifle scope in town. But the problem is that most of these shooters are posed with is choosing rifles that would soothe them perfectly because of the various options all over stalls, and stores. This is why in this article, three products which are the best-selling and most rated by customers on amazon as the best to use.

The Bushnell Red Dot Sight


It is a dull black colored rifle that has a 3 MOA reticle that has the brightness of 11 settings. It is placed comfortably on Picatinny rails and it is also compatible with items like rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, etc. It is waterproofed constructed with the presence of seal optics in it that helps it remain dry when put in water.


Durability: the TRS-25 is small and built with metal which makes it last longer and used for different situations. It is built to withstand occurrences such as falls, bangs, drops and rough handling. With this feature, it functions perfectly for shooters.

Easy mounting: the TRS-25 is very simple 5th mount and it is most compatible for Picatinny. It can be easily mounted.

Adjustable: It can be adjusted easily; it comes with a feature to adjust the brightness level to your own taste

Can be used diversely: The TRS-25 can be used for different types of activities such as competitive shooting and aiming long beards at hardwoods. All these can be done with it.


  • Eye relief for the easy double eye using.
  • It consists of 11 brightness adjustments for different settings and situations.
  • It is waterproof/fog proof
  • It has lenses that are multi-coated
  • Long battery life span
  • Rubber scope cover
  • Easy mounting
  • Light weight



The price is very affordable. Currently sold at $46.27 with the option to be shipped for free to your location.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews of customers on amazons who have bought and used the product.

“For the price, this Red Dot is amazing. It worth all that is demanded. It is better than the product I have used before” D Sully.

” I would place my life on this optic. I have used several riffles and I have never had a problem with any of them and this is an upgrade which I would stick to” -John scout

“When I discovered this Red Dot sight, I was in a local steel shooting competition and I did not want to spend a lot of money on the known and expensive product. So, I found this inexpensive Red Dot which served me well”- Frogwild

“If you want an inexpensive but bankable and reliable product, the best option is TRS -25 “Barry Adam.


From the aforementioned points, it can be deduced that The Bushnell Red Dot Sight is one of the best rifle scopes.



The hunting gun is another great rifle that has an affordable price for hunting and other projectiles purposes. It is one of the best-selling rifles that has all the features you will need for easy execution of your activities.


It has a high quality of aluminum alloy and it is also built with a very strong tube which makes it durable

It has a 190 mm length of a scope which is durable. This scope is also compatible with swift movements and targeting

It has exterior lenses that resist and prevent scratch, dirt, and oil.

Its specifications are: 4X magnification, 3 mm of objective diameter, length of 190 mm, click value of 1/4MOA and eye relief of 150 mm.

It has an optical glass that is fully coated which aids in showing a sharp and high-quality image.


  • Great for use in different situations
  • Lasts long because it is made with aluminum
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • It aids better movement and targeting with its scope length
  • It is built with the eyepiece and removes every image aberration for a better view.
  • It has an elevation that is precise and it’s windage can be changed and adjusted


  • There are no real cons on this product


The price is very wallet-friendly, it only costs $29.99


Here are some reviews by customers that have gotten and used the rifle before.

” I placed this on a marlin land 60 and it made it very accurate. This scope aids in increasing my targeting and shooting accuracy” – Merlin

“The scope is built perfectly. The zero is held well and it is very strong. I would surely advise anyone in search of something to place on .22 may, .22 to use this”- John

“For a price of $27, what more is needed. I have used this product and it was good compared to my former Gamo. It projects a very sharp picture and easy sight.” Plain Servant.

” worked better than expected ” Street glide nation


In conclusion, this is a very great rifle scope. In fact, arguably the best rifle scope. It works perfectly for different projectiles. As it has been endorsed by the customers based on their reviews.  It is advisable to get it among others.

Vortex crossfire I I 2-7 × 32 SFP rifle scope dead Hold BDC MOA


This is another great rifle scope that helps and aids targeting and shooting while hunting. It is also one of the best rifle scopes sold on Amazon. The product is one of the crossfire I I configurations.


The 2 to 7 × 32 crossfire I I rifle scope is one of the crossfire I I line configurations. It is recommendable for shooting and hunting at various distances.

It grants you the ability to quick and easy capturing of a sight picture and your target with its lengthy eye -reliving and strong eye box

It has a fully multi-colored lens which is also anti-reflective. This helps in giving a clearer projection and view for the hunter/shooter.

It has a Max Adjustment Elevation (MOA) of 60


  • It can be used for shooting and hunting (dual use)
  • It is specially built for discrimination of hunters and shooters; it offers the most and the best performance and reliability level
  • It gives a clear, sharp and bright vision
  • It has a resettable Max Elevation Adjustable (MOA)
  • It has a lightweight of 13.6 ounces


  • It doesn’t have any noticed cons


It is very affordable at a price of $179

Customer Reviews

It is all positive from the reviews of the customers

” I totally love it, I mounted it on my AR 10 straight away from the box dead center at one hundred yard and it was a very good experience”- Jamal

” It was an experience to never forget when I mounted it on my Ruger Gunsite scout. I used it as a surrogate for my 2.5X burris scope and I can recommend it for everyone”- Sarah

“Initially, I did not expect much from it because of its low cost but surprisingly, the value is jaw-dropping for me. The product is satisfying. – Jonson Stone

” This is my one and only scope and it is very intriguing. I tried it at my back yard for a test out and it was a decent result. It has elevated my shooting skills. ” Michael James

“I mounted this on my Mossberg MVP; the visualization of the optic is good, and I would recommend for all that love shooting but cannot afford thousands of dollars to spend.” Plain Sate


In conclusion, this is a very magnificent and perfect rifle. In fact, one of the best Rifle Scopes I would advise for shooters, and hunters. It is easy to get as it very affordable.

Wrapping It Up

No matter which of the Best Rifle Scope listed above, it is assumed that you have gotten a very perfect one which will make your task very enjoyable and easy.

The Vortex crossfire I I 2-7 × 32 SFP rifle scope dead Hold BDC MOA, the CV LIFE COMPACT RIFLE SCOPE CROSSHAIR OPTICS HUNTING GUN and the Bushnell Red Dot Sight as explained above are one of the three best-selling and most rated rifles by customers on Amazon.

If you had problems in picking rifles, the problem should be solved by my after you have wittily read this. Thanks.