A short introduction to the Best Ethernet Switch    

Every now and again you’ll want to give up some of the flexibility that Wi-Fi offers in exchange for ridiculous performance, speed, and stability for your internet-connected devices – and that’s where the best ethernet switch options come into play.

Maybe you are an avid gamer looking for only the best speed, the lowest paying, and as little latency as humanly possible. That’s just not going to happen when you are connected through Wi-Fi.

Or maybe you want to connect multiple wired devices so that you aren’t clogging up your Wi-Fi network, causing all kinds of congestion and slowing everyone’s Wi-Fi down across the board just because there’s so much traffic moving on this wireless signal.

Regardless of the reasons you’re looking to take advantage of top ethernet hardware finding the right option is always going to be a little bit of a challenge.

Not all ethernet switches are created equally, not all are going to improve your performance, and not all are going to give you the most “bang for your buck”.

That’s why we have put together this quick guide!

Netgear GS 1088 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch


Universally considered to be one of the very best ethernet switch hardware options you can get your hands on, and maybe the easiest to use top-tier ethernet switch on the market today, this is about as close to “plug and play” as you are going to get with all kinds of extra power-user features and bells and whistles as well.

Those looking to split a single connection between numerous devices will fall head over heels in love with everything that this unmanaged ethernet switch brings to the table.


Right out of the gate, this hardware feels a lot more premium than most of the other switches available. Sturdy metal construction materials are used throughout, and eight autosensing ports guarantee that you get a lot of power and performance out of this heavy-duty system as well.

Active speed monitoring, activity monitoring, and other analytics are built right in and effortlessly recognized thanks to the LED status lights you’ll find the top this switch. The auto uplink feature guarantees that you can use both crossover and straight-through cables with this system as well.


  • Netgear has a reputation for “set it and forget it” performance right out of the box
  • This switch has support for jumbo frames all the way up to 9KB
  • Eight autosensing ports provide you with plenty of hardware flexibility


Active power draw measurements are not provided for every device connected


For all of the top-tier performance you get out of this very impressive system you’ll be amazed at just how affordable this ethernet switch can be. It isn’t the least expensive option on the market today, but it isn’t going to blow holes in your bank account, either.


“Absolutely effortless setup straight away even though I’ve never done any networking in the past”

“Stability skyrocketed across my network just as soon as I switched over to this ethernet hardware”

“Getting much better speeds, much better consistency, and overall improved performance thanks to this switch”


If you are serious about improving the quality of your network and want to use the latest and greatest ethernet hardware to do so, this ethernet switch from the folks at Netgear will have you covered.

TP Link TL-G105 Gigabit Ethernet Switch


If you do not need more than five ports for your hardware that you want to connect to the internet and can get away with less there’s almost no reason whatsoever to go with any other ethernet switch than this one.

Offering plug and play set up right out of the box with absolutely zero configuration necessary, it’s hard to imagine there being an easier ethernet switch to implement into your already existing network infrastructure than this one.

Combine that with traffic optimization, power-saving features, and the ability to mount this ethernet switch pretty much anywhere and everywhere without any degradation in overall performance or stability and you are looking at something really special.


The active network monitoring features of this particular ethernet switch really helped to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

As we highlighted above, this unit only comes with five ethernet ports available (as opposed to the eight ethernet ports in the unit we just mentioned earlier) – but if you aren’t going to be hardwiring any more than five internet devices there’s absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this system.

Traffic prioritization enhanced QoS, and built-in optimized multimedia delivery so that your content streams effortlessly whether it’s local network media or streaming from a popular service like Netflix are really neat features, too.

This has to be considered one of the best ethernet switch options money can buy.


Plug and play set up right out of the box makes using this ethernet switch simple and straightforward

Power saving features help to conserve energy and prolong the longevity of this hardware

Traffic prioritization and optimize network features supercharge your connection without any fiddling


The actual switch IP itself cannot be restricted or turned off


This is another really affordable ethernet switch considering the underlying technology and special features that help it to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. You won’t have to spend a mountain of money on this unit, that’s for sure.


“As a serious gamer I need a dedicated, consistent, and stable hardwired connection and this ethernet switch definitely delivers”

“My streaming experience improved significantly just as soon as I switched from Wi-Fi to this ethernet switch”

“I was a little bit nervous about tinkering with my network as I’m not all that tech savvy. This was so easy to set up I don’t know what I was waiting for”.


A little bit limited when it comes to the overall amount of ports (though many people will find five ports to be more than enough), if you aren’t going to be connecting every device under the sun to your network via ethernet cable this is probably perfect for your needs.

D-Link DGS 1008G Ethernet Switch


When lightning-fast speeds are a priority – alongside the stability of that super pumped up bandwidth – then there is no other option better than this ethernet switch.

Designed from top to bottom with gamers in mind, the kinds of gamers that need as much speed as humanly possible with zero lag or latency (or as little as can reasonably be expected), this is an ethernet switch design for power users but easy enough to take advantage of and set up for folks that are anything but tech-savvy.


Eight individual gigabit ports guarantee that you have plenty of connectivity options, with each individual switch enjoying a capacity of 16 gigabits per second. That means that you are going to have plenty of horsepower available just as soon as you tie this into your network.

A number of major Quality of Service features are switched on as default as soon as this ethernet switch has been attached to your network, helping to optimize online gaming, online streaming, and VoIP in specific.

A lot of other major improvements are implemented under the hood as well to give you the best possible internet experience straightaway.

Green Ethernet technology has been used throughout to help cut down on your overall energy demands, too. That means you get plenty of power without having to pay a premium when it comes to your electricity bills.


Blazing fast speeds and unparalleled stability straight out of the box

A number of key optimizations made already to improve your overall internet experience without any adjustments

Plenty of power user features with a clean, easy to manage, and appealing user interface to implement them through


Almost brand-new technology so longevity hasn’t been tested just yet


A little bit more expensive than some of the other top ethernet switch options available, you definitely get everything you pay for when you invest in this hardware.


“My internet absolutely SCREAMS after setting this switch up. Everything is lightning fast – boom, boom, boom – with almost zero lag or latency whatsoever”

“Can’t get over how easy this was to really optimize right after I opened it up and plug it into my network. Super simple to get rolling”

“Speed is up, stability is up, and I can’t get over just how much flexibility I have with this new ethernet switch. I love it”


Definitely, a premium piece of hardware to be sure, you get what you pay for when you move forward with this option. If a fast, stable and secure connection is important it doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the best ethernet switch for your specific needs is going to encompass all kinds of different key criteria.

No one has the exact same network demands or requirements, no one has the same tech comfort level implementing a new ethernet switch into an existing network, and no one has the exact same budget.

But as long as you choose from the three top options we highlighted above you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to better optimize your internet life moving forward!