How to pick the Best AMD Motherboard

Choosing the best AMD motherboard is the most important decision a gamer can make when doing a build. The motherboard is the foundation of the computer system. It comprises all of the other parts of the computer including things like the CPU, graphics card, as well as pretty much any other element that the computer will need in order to be at all operational.  If the motherboard becomes incapacitated, the PC cannot function without it, having to wait until the motherboard is repaired or a new one is installed in its place.  The dependability of the motherboard is essential for gamers doing a build to support their gaming, and gamers are super aggressive with their PCs generally playing daily and for long periods of time, so the motherboard needs to be able to handle that load.

It is critical when you buy your motherboard that you take into account everything that you will need to put into your build plus anything that you may want in the future.  You want to be prepared for any expansions or upgrades that you may have in mind down the road and account for those.  You don’t want to get simply enough and then find that you aren’t prepared when you need later. Amazon looked at the best AMD motherboards that their consumers rated after using them for a period of time.  The three listed here were among the top-ranked.

ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII

Control panel laid out in a dashboard-style allows fine-tuning with almost every respect of the system,  This interface will allow perfect balance within the operation as well as stability, cooling, and efficiency. Supported WiFi provides the ultimate in speeds for your network along with enhanced capacity and improved operation when in poor WiFi zones for the optimal in gaming use with wireless connection convenience. Performance is elevated with NVMe SSD RAID and up to 22110 with Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot support.  Use up to 2 PCIe 4.0 devices to make a RAID configuration in order to get the satisfaction of incredible transfer of data speed on the AMD Ryzen platform.  Features cooling options that are the most comprehensive. Autodetection of PWM, as well as DC fans, are supported by every onboard header. 


Offers AM4 socket. AMD Ryzen 2nd and 3rd Gen processors ready with upwards of 2 M.2 drives, 3.2 USB Gen2, AMD to maximize speed and connectivity.

Thermal comprehensive design, Heatsink active PCH, Aluminium M.2 heatsink, cooling zone ROG.

Networking of highest performance, WiFi onboard, Ethernet 2.5 gaps and Ethernet Gigabit bot with the protection of ASUS Languard, GameFirst V supported software.

System-wide automated tuning which provides cooling profiles and overclocking suited for your specific rig.


  • Good build quality.
  • WiFi capability.
  • Awesome cooling options.
  • Fast data transfer speeds.
  • User friendly.


This is not a con, but just informative.  Make sure this is going to be compatible with everything that you are using for your system prior to purchasing. Some didn’t look at every detail in that way.


The price for this AMD motherboard on Amazon was $379.99.


The best AMD motherboard reviews for this unit were 5 * / 5 *.  This board was well received with no issues and good quality being a major plus.  The one thing that the folks seemed to make sure of was that they did extensive research before they made a purchase because the motherboard is the be-all of the system.  They were very happy with the number of USB ports provided as well as the fact that there is WiFi with the unit.  It is powerful and offers M.2 slots.  Overall, awesome, love this board.

MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470

This is boasted as providing the best for online gaming with the least latency and managed bandwidth.  It supports Crossfire AMD gaming with no limit to the number of custom options available and loaded with features for gaming that are exclusive to this board. This motherboard is touted as giving the optimal experience in gaming for its users on the market.  It has been designed for those who are hardcore, aggressive gamers as well as PC enthusiasts. 


  • AMD Ryzen supported.
  • Memory DDR4-3200+(OC) supported.
  • BIOS award-winning, high-resolution font that is scalable, search and favorites functions.
  • Offers the least latency and managed bandwidth for the best in online gaming with LAN protect.


  • Affordable for the value that is offered.
  • Easy installation.
  • Awesome BIOS.
  • Allows for expansion.


Not really a con because you can use the manufacturer’s directions but there is no color coding for audio jacks.  Easy to figure out, though.


The price for this unit as listed on Amazon was $127.99.


The best AMD motherboard reviews found this unit to be top rated in every category.  They felt it was a great value in a budget board with solid performance, works perfectly, flawless operation, lots of flexibility as to where you can place hookups, looks clean but sophisticated, wasn’t difficult to set up, super stable board, everything spaced out nicely, BIOS easy to work with, and overall this has been a fantastic board.

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite

AORUS is boasted as offering the most extreme of gaming performances for gamers the world over.  This motherboard provides a lengthy list of awesome features in order to enhance users’ audio, performance, and data-transfer needs.  The performance of the AMD Ryzen processor is enabled through the advanced power and thermal design which makes this motherboard the ideal for those who want the perfect AMD gaming system platform. Gigabyte remembers durability in offering a thermal solution to the M.2 SSD/ M.2 Thermal Guard will stop throttling as well as bottlenecks with the high-speed M.2 SSDs while it dissipates the heat prior to it causing a problem.


  • AMD 3rd Gen supported Ryzen and 2nd Gen/ Radeon Vega Graphic Processors.
  • Heatsink, extended VRM.
  • Dual NVMe and PCIe ultra-fast x4, Thermal Guard and M.2.
  • 12-phase VRM digital.


  • Affordable for the great value.
  • Ultra cooling so no overheating.
  • Designed for gamers.
  • Simplistic.
  • Solid, durable board.


– Always make sure when you buy your motherboard that you are getting more than what you need so that you are able to expand into the future.  This isn’t a con but just informative.  You don’t want to get just enough and then be stuck with not enough down the road.


The best AMD Motherboard reviews found 5 * / 5 * for this board with the first reviewer feeling that this offers a fantastically built 12 + 2 phase VRM, absolutely the best value for the price.  A really nice looking board than any seen, offers proper cooling which gives a great sense of security for the system, and overall none better than the Gigabyte X570.


Taking on building a computer can be a challenging prospect and deciding exactly where to start and how much you should invest and what are the most important elements are all questions that just nearly put a person on the edge. The first thing is to understand that getting the right equipment is going to make everything a whole lot easier and that is especially true with a gaming PC.  It is so much simpler to play and win a game if the PC is running at its optimal performance and top speed. 

The motherboard is going to be the PCs most important feature because obviously nothing will work without it. It is basically the control center of the computer. It will further decide the number of upgrades and expansions that you will be able to perform in the future. This decision is one that you need to put a lot of time, though, and research into so that you get the very best for your needs and that of your computer system.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on your board.  There are good boards for reasonable prices and your money is better invested in other aspects such as the graphics card and the CPU cooler.

Each one of the three selections that were listed here has the potential to be the best AMD motherboard as the folks that reviewed them were all PC enthusiasts or gamers and found them to be of the top quality on the market.  They did an amazing job for what they needed them for and provided beyond their requirements.  These are the people that you want to listen to when making a purchase of this importance.  They know what they’re talking about and this should be where your search begins.