The 3 Best Crossbows of 2019 To Buy

How do we rate the Best Crossbows of 2019

Crossbows have been a major fixture for many hunters and target shooters for many centuries. Originally invented in China as a military weapon, crossbows now provide a new opportunity of activity and adventure for all outdoorsmen.

However, not all crossbows are made the same. Any serious archer or hunter will know that it is no easy feat to find a crossbow that is durable, fully equipped, accurate and affordable. It can be easily intimidating trying to find the best one for you.

Fortunately, we have pulled together this review to find the best crossbow out there. Specifically, we will review three of the top crossbows on the market, judging them on several important features, such as durability, safety, power, noise, user comfort, bow weight, draw weight and more.

Our article will take you through the distinct capabilities of some top-notch crossbows so you can find the best crossbow for yourself.

CenterPoint Sniper 370


The Sniper 370 by CenterPoint is a mid-level, affordable crossbow that still provides high-quality performance. With its lightweight, but durable aluminum construction, the Sniper 370 is all about maneuverability and convenience for any skill level.


  • An adjustable stock and grip that adapts the crossbow to any shooting style and enhances your overall shooting performance.
  • Quad limbs and precision-machined cam system ensures top-notch power and shooting accuracy.
  • Has a draw weight of 185 lbs. and reaches speeds of up to 370 feet per second.
  • Includes rubber-coated stirrups and noise suppressors for quiet, vibration-free shooting.
  • Quality optics, but they are better suited for daylight.
  • Comes with 4×32 mm scope, detachable quiver, rope cocker, carry sling, and three 20-inch carbon bolts.


  • It fires at the mind-blowing speed of 370 feet per second.
  • Weighing in at 7.9 lbs., it is one of the most compact and lightweight crossbows.
  • You get a scope with the crossbow.
  • Set-up is easy.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder stock and grip.
  • Fires 128 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy, which is enough force to tackle tough game like Cape buffalo and Grizzly bears.


  • There are no significant cons to this product.


The CenterPoint Sniper 370 is one of the most affordable crossbows on this list. At $224.99, this crossbow is significantly cheaper than other high-end crossbows on the market.

However, the Sniper 370 is the best crossbow that gives you an insane amount of value for its cheap price tag. Moreover, the Sniper 370 comes with a five-year warranty.


Customers are extremely pleased with their CenterPoint Sniper 370. Check out some of these reviews by satisfied users:

“CenterPoint smashes the convention that price directly relates to quality and functionality. From beginning to end, this crossbow is the pinnacle of quality.” – J. Tant

“This is my first crossbow ever, and the Sniper 370 gave me perfect accuracy and power to take out a deer.” – Daisy Soto

“The adjustable stock ensured all my shots were stabilized and accurate.” – Mike T.


This is a great crossbow for any entry-level target shooters. It is lightweight, durable and has enough power and accuracy to match the more high-end crossbows. Overall, this is one of the best crossbows that will give you more bang for your buck.

SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow


This Crossbow brings a whole new level of excitement and quality to compound crossbows. While it is one of the quietest crossbow models out there, it still delivers an exceptional amount of power. Moreover, its synthetic construction makes this crossbow user-friendly and surprisingly flexible.


  • Built with a synthetic barrel and stock as well as a compact riser.
  • The trigger system is incredibly smooth and easy to control.
  • Has a 175 lb. drawback weight and can fire at an impressive velocity of 360 feet/second.
  • Has an ambidextrous and adjustable grip to fit any user.
  • With the crossbow, you get 3 carbon arrows, 4×32 scope, rope cocking device, hex keys and quick detach quiver.
  • Also features a firing trigger (anti-dry), CNC machined cams and full barrel Picatinny rail.
  • String stoppers have rubber ends to make your shooting as quiet as possible.


  • Has a hire firing velocity.
  • It can fit a variety of grip styles.
  • Synthetic construction makes this crossbow extremely maneuverable and flexible.
  • Scope provides excellent clarity in poor weather.
  • Weighs 6.15 lbs., meaning it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • This crossbow does not have many real cons.


Much like the CenterPoint Sniper 370, the SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow has a great mid-level price point. At $361.76, this the best crossbow that provides flexibility and easy maneuverability without risking power. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty period.


Several customers have had great experiences with the SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow. Check out a few of these paraphrased reviews:

“With its price comparison, its quality, workmanship, materials, speed and accuracy, I have no second thoughts about choosing this bow over others on the market.” – Bow Hunter

“Great product. Arrows are fast and the crossbow is incredibly light and easy to move around. Not to mention it has an incredibly quiet trigger pull.” – A. Cabral

“Nice compact size, and extremely comfortable and easy to shoot. Not to mention, fast and accurate. Very happy with the purchase.” – J McCabe


The Beowulf crossbow is an extremely well-balanced and efficient crossbow. Its synthetic construction makes it lightweight and extremely easy to use. It is a great model for people who prefer lightweight bows and want a top-quality outdoor experience without breaking the bank.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3


The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is a great remake of the Invader HP. It is the lightest, safest, and fastest Invader models. With a good number of innovations and modifications, the Invader G3 is a premier crossbow.


  • Self-retracting ACU-52 cocking device reduces draw weight by 50% and ensures that you can draw the bow consistently and accurately.
  • Foregrip and wings are designed with safety in mind.
  • Fires at a rate of 330 feet per second and producing 97 FP of kinetic energy.
  • The stock design is 60% stronger than competitors and absorbs any vibration.
  • 3.5 lb. trigger comes with auto-engaging safety.
  • Utilizes a 3x Multi-Line scope that allows you a 15% larger field of view.
  • Includes 3 carbon arrows and a 3-arrow quiver.


  • 6.6 lb.; it is light and compact.
  • Features a more effective multi-line scope.
  • Stock design is 60% stronger than other crossbows but is still lightweight.
  • Foregrip and wings minimize the chance of your fingers getting caught in the string.
  • Fires at an impressive rate of 330 feet per second.


  • There are not many cons for this crossbow.


At $440, the Invader G3 is the most expensive crossbow on our list. However, it is not the most expensive crossbow out there. As a matter of fact, for all its features and innovations, the Invader G3 is still in the mid-range price point.


Many people have had great, positive experiences with the Invader G3. Check out some of their thoughts:

“This is an economical option for a crossbow. It is light, compact, and was easy to assemble.” – Christian P.

“The G3 is a great piece of equipment for avid hunters and beginners alike. It delivers the same results as a crossbow priced at $1800.” Tony M.

“It is super easy to sight in and fire. I shot it out at 50 feet, and it was scary accurate!” – Geaux Tigers


The Invader G3 is the best crossbow for beginners not looking to break the bank but still want a top-performing crossbow. It is an extremely lightweight crossbow that has enough power for any hunting experience. Moreover, thanks to its ACU-52 cocking device, drawing your bow is smoother than ever. All in all, this is a great bow with great accuracy, ease, and quality.

Wrapping it Up

Like we mentioned before, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of crossbows out there. To find the right crossbow, you have to familiarize yourself with what defines a quality crossbow in the first place.

Hopefully, our review has introduced some of those top qualities to you and provided you with the means to find the best crossbow for you and your skill level. After all, a quality crossbow is key to having a great hunting or target shooting experience.

If you want to be fully in touch with your outdoorsmen for a great value price, we suggest taking a look at any of the crossbows we mentioned above. Find your dream crossbow and start shooting with the accuracy of a seasoned pro.

Have any great crossbow models you like that didn’t make the list? Have any questions or thoughts about what makes a quality crossbow? Let us know!

The Best Self Balancing Scooter To buy in 2019

The 3 Best Self Balancing Scooter for Everyone

Self-Balancing Scooters, or hoverboards, are all the rage. The most popular recreational motor equipment today is the self-balancing scooter. With so many options available it’s hard to figure out which is the best self-balancing scooter. So, what exactly constitutes as one?

 Well, a self-balancing scooter is a board that you stand on, whose movement is controlled by two motorized wheels. The user can typically control the speed by leaning forward or leaning backward. Direction can be dictated by twisting the foot pedals.                             

Each hoverboard, or self-balancing scooter, is a little bit different, but they typically hold the qualities listed above. We’ve curated a list of the three best self-balancing scooters. As you read through our list, consider the speed, and ease of use for each of the listed products.   

Regardless of which hoverboard you choose you will have so much fun. There is a reason it is becoming one of the most popular motorized sports equipment gifted. Riding on is crazy fun!                                                                                                                                                                 

Product 1: SISIGAD Hoverboard


This incredible self-balancing scooter is top of the line. It has so many different features and technological advances. The hoverboard is even available in twelve different colors and designs. With all of the features this hoverboard has, you would assume that it is extremely expensive, but it is actually very affordable.

This is the best self-balancing scooter. It’s awesome, and cool to look at. The best part? This is a fun and unique thing to do, regardless of your age. Check out some of the features.


  • Built-in Wireless Speaker
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • LED Lights
  • Dual 300-Watt Hub Motors
  • 6.5 Inch Rubber Tires
  • Weighs Approximately 20 Pounds


  • Passed UL2272 Safety and Electric Test
  • Reaches a Top Speed of 9MPH
  • Charges Fast
  • Battery Longevity
  • Handles Weights Between 44 and 260 Pounds


  • There are no cons that I can think of.


Depending on which style you choose to purchase, the product costs between $100 and $140. This is a great price for this type of technology.  It’s a great deal! Amazon also has an option for free shipping.


The products customer approval is pretty great with a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. The rating was figured up from more than one hundred customer reviews. Check a few of them out below!

One customer said, “Took my kids five to ten minutes to figure out how to ride it, but we love it. The kids have so much fun on it and the speakers and lights are totally awesome!”

Another customer stated, “My first hoverboard purchase. I bought it to help work on my balance, so that I could become a better snowboarder. Worked great! I am now up to doing spins.”

A final user reviewed, “Bought this for my daughter’s birthday, she loves it. She rides it around with the LED lights going, while playing music. She thinks it makes it feel like a dance party!”


This is a great hoverboard option. It is very fun to use and offers a lot of speed for this type of product. This self-balancing scooter is very popular among snowboarders and is highly recommended for adults as well as children.

This product is a deal. The quality is exceptional, and the battery life is optimal. The price is pretty great for an item that works this well.

Product 2: EPCTEK Self Balancing Hoverboard


This is the best self-balancing scooter for beginners. The hoverboard is super easy to get the hang of. Allow yourself ten minutes to work at it and you’ll have to ride this thing down to a science. Not only is the hoverboard easy to use, but it is incredibly fun to use.

The EPCTEK Hoverboard is perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s durable, reliable, and not to mention- Awesome! Take a look at the following features, pros, cons, pricing, and reviews.


  • LED Lights
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 6.5 Inch Rubber Tires
  • Non-Slip Footpads
  • Gyroscope Foot Sensors


  • Passed UL2272 Safety and Electric Test
  • Easy and Safe for Beginners
  • Free Carry Bag


  • There are no cons that I can think of.


This hoverboard is pretty inexpensive, the cost ranges from $115 to $165. It just depends on which style you select. The self-balancing scooter is great quality for a decent cost.


With a 4.3 out of 5-star review, you know you can trust this product. The product has over 150 customer reviews and seventy percent of these reviews rated the product five stars. That’s incredible. Check out these great reviews below.

One user stated, “The battery last over half an hour, my kids love to play with it. The charging time is pretty quick too. I ordered the warranty, just in case, but doubt I will have to use it.”

Another customer wrote, “This is a great hoverboard. The description said that this is a great hoverboard for beginners, but it really is. Even my four-year-old can ride it with no issues.”

A final review says, “My nine-year-old rides this around the house. As he goes, he picks things up and puts them away. Super fun to use and anything that makes him clean is worth the money!”


The reviews for this product rave about the product’s ease of use and the great time it provides. This hoverboard offers a fun way to pass time. It’s also a great way to get your kids off their butts and out of the house.

You’ll have to follow the product link and look into this hoverboard for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth the research. Great product, great price, great fun.

Product 3: Flying Ant Electric Self Balancing Hoverboard


The Flying Ant Electric Hoverboard is super fun and entirely safe. The product has so many incredible features that will make your experience with the self-balancing scooter a great one.

This hoverboard is quick and easy to use. The design looks very cool as well. The company expects that a user will be able to master the hoverboard in less than fifteen minutes.

That’s great timing. The company also boasts about its incredible customer service. Great customer service is always a plus.


  • Passed UL2272 Safety and Electric Test
  • LED Lights
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 6.5 Inch Rubber Tires


  • Easy and Safe for Beginner Riders
  • Free Carry Bag
  • Thirteen Different Color Options
  • Reaches High Speeds
  • Easy to Use and Maneuver


  • You won’t find a single con with this product.


This is another hoverboard in the $100 to $200 price range. The hoverboard cost approximately $115. It is a great deal and the product is of the highest quality.


The product has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, which is based on over 120 reviews. The reviews speak very highly of this product. Read a few of the Flying Ant Hoverboard reviews below.

A reviewer states, “We had bought a $200 hoverboard from Walmart and it broke after the first week. That was very disappointing. My son’s grandma insisted that we replace it with a new one. So, I ordered this hoverboard off Amazon. Honestly, I am much more impressed with this cheaper option. The other was twice the cost and didn’t work nearly as well, even the first day.”

Another user mentions, “My kids have been using this hoverboard off and on for two entire days. Yet, we haven’t had to charge the battery yet! My kids love this hoverboard. I am very impressed with the battery longevity. It’s still going strong. Can’t recommend this one enough.”

A final review reads, “Bluetooth works really well, battery life is quite impressive, and the color is pretty. My granddaughter really loved this as her birthday gift. Very happy with the purchase”


The hoverboard is of top grade. Just read into the reviews, they can tell you everything you need to know about this hoverboard.

The design is awesome, the battery is long-lasting, and the Bluetooth and LED are super fun. You couldn’t find a better option if you wanted too. Plus, with all of those awesome features, there’s yet another upside- This product barely costs more than $100. It’s a great deal.

Wrapping It Up

Each of these self-balancing scooters could be considered the best self-balancing scooter and each of these hoverboards is going to provide you with hours of fun and outdoor entertainment.

So, even though selecting one seems like a big deal, you will enjoy whichever you decide to the purpose. The three on this list are the top three best-selling self-balancing scooters on Amazon They are highly reviewed with great ratings!

Follow the product links and check out all of the reviews if you are having trouble deciding between the three. There are hundreds of them! So, you are sure to get an accurate representation of the product through consumer reviews.

Purchase your hoverboard and go have some fun! You are going to love it. The products have so many special features that will enhance the experience.

The 3 Best Jump Starters To Buy for Your Car

How to know what is the Best Jump Starter?

You just loaded the groceries into your car. You turn the key, and nothing happens. At first, you’re annoyed, and then you remember you have 3 gallons of ice cream in your back seat. Do you run around the parking lot looking for jumper cables? Call roadside assistance or a friend? Maybe, but by then you’ll have ice cream soup.

Fortunately, you remember the jump starter you got for a gift last Christmas. You pull it out of your glove box, where it has been for the last several months, and hope for the best.

Voilà, in just a few minutes, your car is on the road again, and your ice cream is safely on its way to your freezer.

Today’ s portable jump starters with their lithium batteries have incredible starting power for something the size of a paperback book. but which is the best jump starter?

Today we will take a look at three of the best-selling models.

Tacklife T8

The Tacklife T8 is an 800A, peak 18,000mAh car jump starter with many popular and unique features.

Not only will this sleek little unit jumpstart your 12 V vehicles, but it can also charge your phone or tablet with one of its two USB ports. One of these USB ports is a 5v/9v quick charge. There is also a 12 V DC port for use with other accessories.

One of the T8’s most unique features is its on/off switch which enables it to hold a charge for up to 12 months. Additionally, Tacklife includes their Smart Jumper Cables with ergonomic all-metal clamps which provide built-in protection against short circuits, reverse polarity, overheating, and several other common issues.

There is a lot to like about the Tacklife T8 jump starter, from the smart Jumper cables which make it nearly foolproof to use, to the multifunction safety flashlight, compass, and accessory charging. With a price tag of under $70, the only downside might be for the professional who needs more than a 30 jumps on a single charge.

What do Tacklife T8 users have to say?

Enrique: I bought this for a long road trip. The first unit would not charge, but customer service responded immediately, and I had a new T8 in plenty of time for my trip. I used it before I left to charge two cars for my mechanic, we charged tablets and phones during the trip. This little powerhouse is the best ever hands-down.

Leslie: The wind-chill was -50° here in Chicago, and my car had been sitting on the street for days. I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a small device. My car started without a problem! This compact, lightweight unit is straightforward to use, easier than jumper cables and much faster than roadside assistance.

D4D: The Tacklife T8 is compact, easy-to-use, and worth every penny. A great product. A simple connection and you are on your way without searching for a jumpstart or calling AAA. We charged my son’s girlfriend’s car several times until she got a new battery. She also said it was easy to use.

This little unit packs some real power and is loaded with valuable features. With a price tag under $70, the Tacklife T8 deserves a close look. The T8 just may be the best jump starter out there.


They say that great things come in small packages. The GP 37 – Plus jump starter weighs in at slightly over a pound and is about the size of a paperback novel. Yet, this little guy packs enough punch to jumpstart a 7.0L gasoline or a 5.5L diesel engine and has UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications.

The lithium battery has a lifespan of over 1000 cycles. It has two USB ports for charging your smartphone or tablet and a 12 V outlet for auto accessories like a car refrigerator or vacuum. The intelligent clamp has eight built-in safety precautions.

 It also comes with a multifunction flashlight, a wall charger, and a car charger as well as a sturdy storage case for safekeeping.

The GOOLOO GP37-Plus has everything you need in a jump starter. It is an amazingly well-built and useful tool for much more than merely jumping a dead battery.

It also has some very loyal customers.

Mark: I used my GP 37 – Plus a couple times when I first got it and tossed it into my trunk. Today it is 23°, and I wanted to service my riding lawnmower for winter. I remembered my jump starter when the battery was dead in my mower. After over a year in my trunk, the GP 37 was able to start my mower even in these cold temperatures, and it is still showing a full charge.

Donna: One evening, in the airport parking lot, my car would not start. Luckily, I had just purchased my GOOLOO. I grabbed it and was on my way and no time. I was so glad I did not have to wait in the dark for help. I’m already recommending it to friends.

M. Alvarez: I had previously purchased a different unit, but it would not jump start my truck. Therefore, I was a little skeptical that this would be any different. I was elated, it started my truck without hesitation.

Amanda: Because of its small size and many uses we bought this to take camping. We can use small electrical appliances without starting our car for power. It has worked flawlessly and we couldn’t be happier.

The GOOLOO GP37-Plus is priced under $70.

The GP 37 is an easy to use, well-made, and robust jump starter. Its features make it easy and safe for anyone to use. We can see why many consider this to be the best jump starter on the market today.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

The NOCO GB 40 is a 1000 Amp 12 V jump starter suitable for 6 L gasoline and 3 L diesel engines. It features spark-proof technology and protection against reverse polarity while making 20 jump starts on a single charge. It also has a LED flashlight with seven modes for visibility and safety which is capable of six hours of continuous runtime.

The 1000 Amp GB40 provides USB ports for charging your smartphone, tablet, or other USB powered devices. You will never be out of power with one of these in your car.

This helpful and convenient jump starter will cost about $100.

If you are looking at a jump starter with more capacity, NOCO offers the same device in 1500, 2000, and a 4,000Amp model for 10 L engines. A 20,000 Amp will service Class 8+/CE high-displacement vehicles, equipment, trucks and more,

What people are saying about the GB40.

Long Island: I only use my car a few times each year as I am elderly and somewhat housebound. The last time I drove, I had to use AAA for a jump start. When I decided I wanted to drive again, I bought a GB40 because I do know how to jump-start the car and I did not want to have to rely on others. I attached it to my car’s battery, and when I tried to start, it turned over and was running in less than a second.

Jay: I go offshore fishing and bought this for my boat because, twice, I have had battery issues at sea. It is easy to take along because it is small and compact. Plus, I get well over 20 uses on my outboard motor from a single charge. It’s an excellent item for car, boat, or RV.

A.C.: the battery for my 5.3 L V-8 was completely dead, no lights or anything. I hooked it up to my NOCO, but it would not start until I used the manual override because the battery had less than 2 V available. Once I did that, my car started immediately.

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is a sturdy and high-quality device that can provide peace of mind and security when traveling. It has more than enough capacity for the typical consumer. With so many choices in amperage and capacity, the NOCO GB series has something to offer for every need.


Each of these three jump starters is an excellent choice. According to customers, they all perform as expected or better. The convenience, peace of mind, and security they can provide far exceed their budget-friendly pricing.

Plus, not only can you jumpstart your vehicles and your toys with these handy devices, they are truly a portable power source. They can be used to charge and/or power devices such as smartphones, tablets, E-readers, and any other accessories you might have which are USB chargeable.

After discovering just how helpful and reassuring having one in their vehicle could be, many of the people who purchase these jump starters buy more as gifts for friends and family.

Whatever need you have for a jump starter or portable power source, the best jump starter for your needs is only a few clicks away.

The 3 Best Mouse Pads For Gaming Reviewed

How to know which Best Mouse Pad For Gaming to buy

What is the best mouse pad for gaming?  Do you need a mousepad for gaming? Although the mouse of this day and age can function quite capably without the use of mousepads, gaming mousepads are still seemingly quite crucial in the gaming world.  It all boils down to precision, keeping control over the mouse and the game which the pad allows the player to have.  Using just any table surface does not give any kind of consistency with the use of the mouse when you are trying to make a specific movement such as aiming at a target within a particular game.  This takes a steady hand and not an excited mouse on a rough, unstable surface. Playing on a hard surface is going to wear out, most likely, high-end and expensive gaming mice as well as the surface you’re playing on.

There are also specific mouse pads that are better than others for gamers.  The best mousepads are not adorned with large logos or graphics all over them.  This can be a distraction when you’re attempting to concentrate on your play.  They are generally black in color with soft cloth material which is ideal for most optical sensors (this is what most mice use).  The soft cloth provides slight friction while moving the mouse.  This, in turn, is said to provide consistent mouse control allowing you to master movements and skills within each game because it will give you surface tension.  They, of course, need to be super grippy on the bottom so there is no movement of the pad while playing which will throw the game completely off.

So, yes you do need to have a mousepad for gaming, and we found three that consumers felt would count as the best on Amazon.  Let’s check these out.

Aukey Gaming Mousepad Large XXL (35.4×15.75×0.15) Thick Extended Mouse Mat

The Aukey Gaming Mousepad is large and will cover a majority of your table surface to suffice the keyboard and mouse plus.  It offers the key features that gamers require of their mouse pads which include soft cloth material, dark color, no oversized logo or graphic on the surface with only a small scorpion in the corner and the branding in the bottom corner, water-resistant, gripped base.  In addition to that, it offers affordability as well as a clean-stitched edge so there will be no fraying and longer lasting lifetime.  It is also durable and washable which will extend longevity.  Being soft and resilient will allow the player more control over the mouse and, therefore, the game that they are playing.  The oversized body allows for all-over movement of play instead of being stuck to one small surface of the regular-sized mousepads.  It is super convenient and will make for ultra consistency.


This pad offers a soft cloth surface with a gripped rubber backing which will give the user precise and consistent mouse control for accurate movements within their game.

The large size provides enough space for the keyboard and the mouse plus enough area to maneuver for professional gaming.

It is durable and simplistic with no large graphics or logo to distract the player from his game.  It offers a basic scorpion in one corner and small branding in the other.  The edges are stitched so there is no worry about the edges becoming frayed and the pad wearing which will provide longer life.

This pad is washable, water-resistant, low maintenance, easy to take care of.

It comes with a 45-day guarantee for money back if not fully satisfied and also offers a product replacement after 24 months in the form of a warranty card if there are any issues.


  • Soft cloth.
  • Washable.
  • Water resistant.
  • Gripped bottom.
  • Large in size.
  • No logos or graphics.
  • Thick so any bumps or scratches in the table surface won’t come through.
  • Stitched edges.
  • Affordable.


This isn’t necessarily a con for the player, but it may make playing so comfortable with the large size, play may go on for too long.


The price for this pad on Amazon goes for $19.99.


The best mouse pad for gaming reviews found this pad to be ranked at 4.8 / 5 *.  Everyone found this pad favorable from the fact that there was no large logo or graphics covering it to it being the absolute perfect pad.  They found it to be a really good price for the value of the mat.  Some said it had a great feel and offered really good durability  Others gave it two thumbs up with an appreciation for the fact that it was so low in maintenance and still others were thrilled with the fact that it was washable.  Overall, they felt it was an excellent purchase.

** J&G Modern Computer Accessories Mouse Pad

This pad is made in an ergonomically designed way so that it will conform to your wrist.  This will work with any wrist pain or carpal tunnel issues and promote proper hand position during play.  While the memory foam pillow will conform to your wrist it will never lose its shape.  The materials of the mat are the best quality available it is boasted, ensuring that the playtime is the most effective for you.  The top of the mouse is made of T-cloth to ensure that your movements on the game are of the best precision and you have the easiest of movements.  The bottom has the best non-slip gripped surface making sure that there is no moving when you are trying to make advances within the game.


All wrist pains or any symptoms of carpal tunnel will be alleviated with the use of this mouse pad as it is ergonomically designed to prevent and treat any type of wrist pain or soreness along with the carpal tunnel diagnosis that may be associated to using other mouse pads.

– Memory foam cushion will allow for the utmost in comfort and conforms to your wrist and hand to ensure the maximum usability for you.  It never loses its shape and will bounce back to its original form even after hours of playtime.

The materials for the pad are the highest quality ensuring your playing experience is top-notch and of the best precision.  The surface is that of T-cloth and the base material is non-slip PU grip to ensure that the mat doesn’t slide all around on the table’s surface.

The edges of the mouse pad are reinforced and stitched.  This helps to make sure that the mouse won’t roll off and that the pad doesn’t fray which will extend the lifetime.

There is a 3-year warranty offered with this pad which is unusual for most gaming mouse pads on the market.


  • Prevents and treats wrist injuries.
  • Wrist guard keeps its shape.
  • Grip pad won’t move while playing.
  • Stitched edges.
  • Affordable.
  • High quality.
  • 3-year warranty.


Some felt the wrist pad takes some getting used to if you’re used to mousepads without wrist guards.  But once you do, it’s very comfortable and you won’t want one without it.


The Amazon Price for this mouse pad is $11.77.


The best mouse pad for gaming reviews found this pad ranked at 4.8 * / 5 *.  According to the first review this was the best mousepad they ever had.  Others found that it was a high-quality mouse pad with a good, basic appearance which is important for gaming.  Some felt that it was worth much more than the affordable price it’s offered for and bought many more after trying it.  Many found it to be a gem, loved the mat, felt that the manufacturer did an amazing job with this product, and overall found this to be a unique, comfortable, perfect product.

Glorious XL Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad – Large Stitched Edges 2-3 mm Mousepad 16×18 (G-XL)

This is a large mouse mat, or perhaps huge is more appropriate.  You may need to measure to be sure this will fit your table’s surface area. But it will give your mouse plenty of room to navigate and maneuver while you’re playing your favorite game. It offers a smooth surface for players which will give speed for play but also control, basic black in color, stitched sides for a lifetime of use without fraying, washable and durable, as well as a non-slip gripped bottom so it won’t move while playing.


  • This was actually designed by gamers so perfect for the gamer.
  • Offers low friction for a smoother surface.
  • Gripped bottom.
  • It is optimized to accept multiple mouse sensors or sensitivities.
  • Washable as well as easy maintenance.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Cloth surface.
  • Gripped underside.


– Not a con but be sure to measure your table surface to see if it will fit as it is very large, but this is why folks want it.


The price for this mat on Amazon was $14.99.


The best mouse pad for gaming reviews for this mat ranked in at 4.8 * / 5 *.  One found that the thickness of this pad made his gaming experience quieter, others found the massive size so good and the grip amazing, loved the basic black of the pad, appreciate a large amount of space, and overall final word this ‘ is the mousepad to beat all mousepads’.


It has been proven that having a mousepad in gaming is critical to success within the game.  It’s not all based on the mouse.  The pad plays a significant role.  We have selected three that can be considered as the best mouse pad for gaming per consumers who have specifically tried them out and found each of them to be very helpful with enhancing their gaming skills.  If you want to win more games, try one of these pads out for yourself. You will be amazed at the results.

Logitech G502 Review: Pro’s & Con’s

A short introduction to the Logitech G502

This Logitech G502 Review would give you all the necessary info you should know about the product as a gamer. Firstly, let us talk about the overview of the Logitech G502 which is a gaming mouse. This product is actually inexpensive and for the price, you are getting an amazing product.

If you are now looking for a good quality mouse, you would like to shortlist Logitech because they are popular for making amazing gaming mouse. They are in the business for a long amount of time and they always use high technology for making their products.

Generally, standard gaming mouse comes with different sizes, shapes, quality, and prices. Also, there are considerations you must make before choosing or getting a mouse and it is apposite that you pick the best among the various options available in the market.

You must consider some factors; you should check out for the grip of the mouse (palm, fingertip and claw grip), check out the size of the mouse and its sensor. Also, you should consider the types of games you play, because the mouse must conform to the types of games you play.

This Logitech G502 Review will convince you with all the right information about the famous Logitech so you can finally make a decision. Below are the features of this nice gaming mouse. Let’s have a look:


The Logitech G502 light speed has a core which is Logitech’s 16,000 CPI sensor and again the Logitech G502 light speed charges quickly. (It becomes fully charged as swift as possible. Charging time of about 90 minutes makes it full and after it is fully charged, you can use it for up to 60 hours.

G502 is built with good quality material and its bottom part’s sensor is very strong. It clicks easily and perfectly placed. It consists of a pair of CPI buttons, a sniper button as well as a proper thumb button.

Logitech G502 also contains a scroll lock button which is positioned perfectly just beneath the mouse level.

Logitech G502 operates perfectly with an advanced and improved gaming function. It offers you amazing comfortability which is vital for a perfect gaming experience.

It has a PMW3366 advanced optical sensor. This implies that your tracking accuracy would be perfect and there would be fast responsiveness even when the sensitivity is low.

It entails on-the-fly DPI. This feature adds more control and functionality to your game. Thanks to the DPI.

Logitech G502 has the dual-mode for a very fast scroll wheel. The scroll wheel can be unlocked if you want it to perform very fast and nonstop scrolling or to check through long pages.

Tune to your specs. It has different and wide varieties of balancing and weight configuring, On-the-fly DPI shift setting, custom RGB lighting II, and desk surface timing. All this makes you easily personalize the device.

It has a power-play charging mat. This is one of the best features it has because the mat incessantly charges the Logitech G502 as you use it. Even when used without its charging mat, its perfect functionality is still intact.

It soothes the hand perfectly with all the button positioned at a reachable and comfortable distance.


  • The Logitech G502 has an excellent 16k HERO SENSOR.
  • The Logitech G502 entails suite of 11 buttons.
  • The Logitech G502 can be used without wires or with wires through the PowerpPlay or the USB.
  • It can be used with the charging mat and the Powerplay.
  • It has a moderate and decent weight, buttons which are highly programmable and an RGB which is also customizable.
  • The Logitech G502 gives room for easy personalizing with it customizable and programmable functions.
  • Premium price and high-quality services.


This product is perfectly made for satisfying people’s needs who are looking for a perfect gaming experience. It has no real cons honesty. Since it’s a perfect gaming mouse, look no further if you are just sitting on the fence and can’t decide.


It has a very high price tag, compared to the service it would give you, but you would not regret buying it. It outclasses another cheap gaming mouse that breaks down easily and lacks durability. On amazon, you can get a fairly used one and a brand new one. The used one costs about $42.99 while the new one costs $ 150-$130 depending on the location you reside. In other words, it is expensive and has perfect functionality that you will enjoy.

Customer Reviews

This Logitech G502 Review would be inept without the customer reviews. These are some of the objective commentaries and reviews by the customers that have used the product.

“In 2015, I got this, and I would boldly say it is the best mouse you can get for gaming purpose. It has an amazing product service, build quality and amazing buttons.

For the design, I would rate it A plus. Most of the bottoms are on the right side and I feel this must have been to make it look like the classic MX518 and it is a good decision. It works perfectly for any hand size. I have a moderate hand size and I enjoyed it and my neighbor who has a larger hand that I got the same wonderful experience.

From a glance, it naturally looks like a gaming mouse which shows its professional nature. For its feature, the bottoms are well placed which makes them to be clicked easily and you would not find yourself unknowingly clicking other buttons. It has an RGB LIGHTNING; this expresses the exciting experience you would get with it and it is perfected because you can even change to any color that you like. I cannot say it all, it is extremely impressive. I am out of words, just go and get you and get an amazing feeling.” -FOX SAND 2334

“If you want to improve your computer skill, this is the mouse you have been waiting for. Even If I wanted to review it badly I could not. It works great and perfect response to any command. It can be used on any surface and has a memory. So, if you lose your PC, or format the setting you originally set on, it would still be there. That is not all, it is outperforming and has outperformed the mouse I was using before which also cost me $160. Yes, $160. I am so amazed by this one. I have one but I still want another one so I can travel with one and leave one at home.” -Robert C. Bishop

“When I got it, it replaced a $100.00 Logitech Laser Cordless and it is doing a better job. I love the weight as if it was made for me, it fits perfectly for my large hands, the lighting is a very cool thing that people would love and I use them to see the mode I am in, I do not like a mouse with but this one is interesting you can personalize the mouse to your speed, color and mode indicator which I have done and I enjoy it and it is very fast, it is outperforming my laser which still amazes me. For now, I have not realized any cons and I know it would be durable.”- HAPPY TIMES.

“What I enjoy most is its customizable features. Other things that amazed me are the dual mode, the weight, the fact that it can be used with or without the wire, the charging mat (this also impressed me a lot), and the advanced and improved operating system. This is a product that I would always buy and recommend to other people. Get yours now if you are reading these reviews just to endorse whether this product is good or not. You will not regret the purchase. Thanks” – David Crystal 3345

“From the test I have given the mouse, I would like to admit that the performance level for me is perfect and great. The design for me is interesting and amazing. I have to make a confession; it works for me perfectly. The fact that the mouse can be designed to make it personal and the positioning of the bottoms makes it one of the best. It’s durable and satisfying. I advise you to purchase it if you are searching for a good mouse for yourself.”-JERRY BEST


From this Logitech G502 Review, I know I have effectively informed you about all the information you wanted to know about the Logitech G502. From the description, you may already know all the features it provides and how it functions to give you a nice experience when using it.

If you are looking for a good mouse, please check this out. Lots of people are using this product and they are very happy with their purchase. 

In conclusion, this is a great product you won’t regret buying because it was specifically built for the great gaming experience. So, if you love to play games on your computer, you might want to this out.

The Best Drone Under 200 Reviewed

What is The Best Drone Under 200 to Buy in 2019

When it comes to video recording and surveillance, we have come a long way in terms of technology since the mid-to-late nineteen-hundreds. Back then most people who had a camera just captured whatever it was going on in their front yard that day, but now pretty much everyone has a full-fledged camera in their pockets.

On top of the camera’s we keep in our pockets, regular men and women like us have started to take to the skies above to capture a new sense of scale and wonder that at one point, only major production studios could have only been able to capture, but not anymore. Thanks to the power of drone technology and the increasing affordability of such tech.

With all that said and out of the way, come along as we go over three of the best drones under 200, and we will find the perfect piece of technology for the next major movie studio or film-enthusiast.

Product 1: Holy Stone F181W Wi-Fi FPV Drone.


The Holy Stone F181W Drone is already one of the best drones under 200 dollars; it is very much safer to start off with that bold statement as it is one the best drones currently on Amazon.

For one, the drone is capable of handling itself in most conditions, save for the absolute terrible ones like heavy rain, lightning storms, etc. Not only that, but the drone is and will always be designed for both newcomers and veterans alike, no need to worry about one side over the other, it strikes a perfect balance between ease of access and complexity. Honestly, one of the best drones on the market, but how about a further exploration into the little guy. Shall we?


  • Full HD quality videos and photographs at 720P
  • Full 120 FOV Camera.
  • 7-10-minute battery life with 70-90-minute charging time.
  • Return Home Functionality.
  • See what the drone sees through a mobile phone app while holding onto a sturdy controller.

Moreover, there is so much more available to this little guy that it is insane.


  • Despite the seemingly low battery life, the F181 is more than capable of bringing hours of entertainment and joy to both adults and children alike.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled, no need to worry about any cables or cords.
  • Comes with a Headless Mode like many other drone units.
  • Real-Time Transmission to the mobile app with little to no delay from what the drone sees, to what the pilot sees.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • The Drone is just a fun piece of technology, perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • No real cons to report with this drone.


The HS120 is going for 160 dollars on Amazon right now. It is a bit much, but the quality a person gets with the HS120 easily outshines that asking price as it efficiently delivers more than enough on its end to warrant any price.


In addition to everything said about the F181W, here are some paraphrased snippets of other customers reviews.

“I love this thing.”

“Easily worth a lot more than the asking price of 100, a total steal at this price right now.”

“To anyone interested in owning a drone, get the F181W, you WILL NOT regret your decision.”


In conclusion, the F181W is a fantastic drone for everyone. It caters to both professionals and newcomers alike. Yes, it is currently out of stock on Amazon, but it will return on the tenth of August, ensuring that any newcomers will have plenty of time to consider if this drone is for them, or perhaps one of the other two we have on this list.

Product 2: DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter.


The X400W Quadcopter is next on the list and like the F181W, is one of the best drones under 200 dollars. The drone is capable of handling itself in most standard weather conditions like wind and light rain, plus it is another drone that is super friendly to both newcomers and veterans alike, giving both worlds enough that neither of them feels one is favored over another once more.

In addition to all that, the X400W is a sturdy, affordable and dependable piece of hardware that can not only provide its users with a world of entertainment but also help bolster and encourage men and women to take that next step in their goals of photography and cinematography.


  • Like other drone models, the X400W comes with a Headless Mode.
  • The drone is also VR compatible via 3D VR headsets and an exclusive downloadable app.
  • The drone is also capable of real-time transmission via a cellphone that the controller can hold and secure.
  • Capable of flying up too and always for 100 meters.

Also, just like other drones, the quadcopter comes with a Return Home function.


  • Fun for the whole family.
  • Built-in HD camera.
  • VR Compatible.
  • Entry-level drone.


  • None to report with this model.


The pricing for the drone is fair and affordable 60 dollars. Absolutely perfect for newcomers of all standings.


Here are what others are saying via paraphrased statements.

“My family and I are loving it.”

“It was a bit overbearing at first, but after taking some time to get used to the controls… moreover, crashing it once or twice, I got the hang of it. I am definitely going to buy my sister and her boyfriend one of these for Christmas later this year; I know they are going to love it as I do.”

“SO MUCH BETTER than the old model I had!”


In conclusion, when it comes to the X400W Quadcopter, there is very little in terms of competition when it comes to dissenting opinions about this particular brand. It offers so much versatility for the pilot that it is frankly overbearing, especially given the price point of it.

In the end, there are few other drones currently on the market that anyone could more positively recommend then the X400W. If there is ever one a person should consider getting in the sea of drones, it is the X400W, no doubt about it.

Product 3: SNAPTAIN S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone.


The S5C FPV Drone is easily one of the best drones out there. That is a bold statement, yes, but it is the truth. S5C is a strong, sturdy, dependable piece of hardware that any film or drone enthusiast should seriously consider adding to their collection as it is easily one of the best affordable drones currently out there on the market, much less on Amazon. 


  • One of its features is user-friendly. Single-button take-off and landing.
  • Smart voice commands, headless mode, and full 360-degree motion.
  • Real-time video transmission up too and around 80 meters along with HQ quality.
  • Built-in G-sensors allows the pilot to control the drone with the movement of one’s phone.
  • High-quality ABS material.

Overall just a fantastic machine.


  • Ease of access: the S5C is fantastic for everyone. Newcomers, seasoned veterans, or somewhere in-between, it is a perfect option for everyone.
  • Strong, durable propellers, the blades are strong enough to handle some collisions and damages.
  • Going out of range? No problem, the drone will tell the pilot that it is heading out of range and visually warn the user to turn it around.
  • 3D VR compatible.
  • The S5C is capable of recognizing two different emotes and will either record or take a photograph when in that particular mode.
  • Light-weight and durable, easy for transportation and maintenance.
  • Among so many other features and abilities, this little guy has it all!


  • None to report for this one either.


The price for the S5C is on the level of unbelievable. At the low-end cost of 70 dollars, there’s little to lose and so, so much to gain from taking the plunge and picking up this little guy today.


However, a single entity can only say so much, so here are some paraphrased statements made by other people on the drone.

“The S5C is just fantastic; I love it, my family loves it, and most importantly, you will love it. I promise.”

“I love helping my wife film her outdoor videos with this thing.”

“All I can say is that I not only love working with this drone, but I love this brand as a whole. Definitely recommend them and Holy Stone for all your drone needs.”


With all that said, there is not much left to say, honestly. The drone is not only fast and fluid but also fast and responsive. Next, to the other two drones on this list, the S5C is the next best option.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

When it comes to drones, there are dozens of different brands and models out there, each one designed for a different audience or need. There are some drones meant for kids, while other drones, like the three above, are meant for adults.

There are drones whose primary purpose is to fly and look fun, while others are designed to do all that and take videos. 

No matter the needs a person might have for a drone, the F181W, X400W, and the S5C is the best drones under 200 dollars on Amazon right now.

The Best Drones Under 300 Dollars

What are the Best Drones Under 300 Dollars to Buy

When it comes to drones, they have become a bit of a hot topic in terms of conversation and controversy in the past few years, especially today when people can get state-of-the-art drones, which are capable of taking clear-cut and high fidelity videos and photos of individuals in pure HD with little to no issues at all.

However, despite all the controversy and debates that drones have caused over the past several years, they are still amazing pieces of technology that when used responsibly, can be used to create unbelievably amazing pieces of art, and all for at or roughly around three hundred dollars.

That is why, for today’s article, we are going to take a look at three of the best drones under 300 dollars right now on Amazon. With all that said and out of the way, let us begin exploring the world of drones once more with the first product.

Product 1: Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone


Holy Stone is one of the most recognized and celebrated RC drone-producing companies out there. They provide quality over quantity with the drones they develop and sell to consumers, and the HS100 model is far-and-away one of the best drones the company has ever produced.

Once more that is a bold statement to make, especially with the idea that it is one of the best drones under 300 dollars, but this praise is not unjustified, nor is it unwarranted given what it can do and what it has to offer to consumers alike. Let us find out why in the next section.


  • The HS100 can record video and photos up too and around 1080P HD.
  • Capable of following a person or group autonomously. Perfect for getting those hard-to-capture moments.
  • Can stay up and about for over fifteen minutes before needing to be charged again.


  • Headless Mode.
  • Live video feed to a mobile while with a controller.
  • Can reach up to 500 meters in control distances.


None to report, the device works perfectly as it is intended. Truly a marvelous piece of tech that anyone interested in drones should consider getting given the many things it can and will do.


The HS100 is a bit pricey, being at 230 dollars. However, Holy Stone knows precisely how to make drones. They are at the top of the food chain for a reason, and that includes the HS100 drone. It is easily worth a lot more than 230 dollars, so individuals who buy the HS100 is getting a bargain with this particular model, no doubt about it. Indeed, a fantastic drone.


However, please do not take the words of a single write alone; here are some paraphrased reviews made by other individuals on the HS100.

“After receiving this model from my wife on Christmas, she and I have been using it pretty much every day. I love taking it out on the lake and getting the cleanest, beautiful images of it. I highly recommend the HS100 model.”

“As a film student and maker, having this drone out with me while working my friends is a godsend. I am so glad they talked me into getting this one.”

“The price is a bit daunting, but it is worth it whole-sale. Buy it if you are looking for a drone that will last you forever with proper care.”


Holy Stone does not mess around when it comes to the drones they produce, that includes the HS100. There is far more to this little guy than meets the eye, but there is fun in discovery. So please, if someone is looking for a drone, consider the HS100.

Product 2: Potensic T25 GPS Drone


Like Holy Stone, Potensic is another brand-leading company that provides top-shelf superior drones for men and women from across the globe, and today they bring the T25, one of their best-selling drones right here on Amazon.

Capable of doing much of what other drones can, this little guy will bring hours of entertainment to friends and family for an insatiable price.


  • Live video feed directly to a pilot’s phone. See exactly what it is the drone can see.
  • Capable of flying up too and around 300 meters before the potential risk of disconnect can occur. So, do be careful, but at the same time, fly high and far friends.
  • Follow me mode included. The drone can and will follow the movements of the pilot’s phone, ensuring it knows where the pilot is while active.
  • Return to Home Functionality included with the drone. No need to fear losing it.


  • The drone is VR Compatible. Attach the pilot’s phone to a VR goggle device and see the world from a new dimension.
  • Beginner’s friendly with altitude hold controls — no need to worry about crashing.
  • Do not know where the drone is exactly? No problem, just active the return to home function on the pilot’s phone and the drone will return from the point of take-off.
  • Share those epic moments with a touch of a button, instantly post it to Facebook and Twitter so everyone can see that one-of-a-kind moment from the eyes of a drone.


None to report about this particular drone. The drone works as intended, and there are no complaints to be had with it. Hugely recommended for anyone interested.


The T25 is available on Amazon for a bargain price of 150 dollars, quickly making it alone one of the stand-out drones on the market.


However, once more, let see some paraphrased statements made by other people about the T25 model drone and see what they have to say.

“All I can say is that my son and I love it. I can hardly recommend anything else besides this.”

“Perfect for new and veteran filmmakers alike. I really recommend getting it if not already.”

“Get it; you will not be disappointed. I whole-heartily agree with everyone on this drone.”


In conclusion, the T25 is one of the best drones under 300 currently available on Amazon.

Product 3: ScharkSpark Drone SS41 The Beetle Drone


For our final listing on today’s article, we bring one of ScharkSpark’s most favorited drones currently on Amazon as of writing this article, the SS41: otherwise known as the Bettle Drone (which is what we will be calling it for the remainder of this portion of the article.

The Beetle Drone is a small, nimble, and fast little drone capable of handling itself in most calm to light-weight weather like wind and light (and I do mean LIGHT) rain.  It is not only capable of handling itself in that weather, but it is also capable of handling itself in most situations when given the proper care and maintenance.

So, because of what this little guy can do and offer, we are going to go into more details about him right now.


  • The Beetle Drone comes with dual cameras, one at 1080P and the second at 720P.
  • Freely switch between the two modes to capture a broad spectrum of moments.
  • Capable of flying with just a cell phone.
  • Also, gesture controls.


  • 14-16-minute flight time.
  • Anti-shake and beauty lens. The Beetle Drone is perfect for those beautiful close-up shots on that next blockbuster film.
  • New to owning a drone? No problem, a pilot can start and land the Beetle with the simple tap of a button. There is also an emergency stop button included.
  • Three Speed Mode: Low, Medium, Fast.
  • Overall, just an excellent product for anyone interested in owning a drone.


  • There is nothing to report in this section. The drone is perfect for everyone.


The Beetle is currently on Amazon for 70 dollars. A perfect amount for newcomers alike.


However, as always, perhaps hearing some paraphrased statements by others can help with any lingering thoughts on the Beetle Drone.

“After our son lost our previous drone due to one of the propellers not starting correctly, we decided to take a chance on the Beetle, and we could not be any happier with our decision.”

“If there is a drone, I would recommend to anyone interested in getting one, the Beetle would be that drone.”

“I do not know what to say about this drone other than I love it. Do yourselves a favour and get this drone. The quality it delivers is unbelievable even after using it for weeks now.”


The Beetle Drone is yet another example of the kind of feats human engineering can accomplish when paired with metal and machinery. Any downside that the Beetle might have is small and insignificant in comparison to what it can achieve when paired up with the wonders of imagination.

There are lots of drones out there on the market, perhaps there is a drone that we miss that should have been on this list instead. However, the three drones that did end up on this list tonight are far-and-away three of the best drones under 300 dollars currently on Amazon.

Yes, there are most likely more powerful drones out there somewhere, but for 300 dollars, these three drones are far-and-away some of the best pieces of tech a person can potentially acquire within that cash range.

Plus, these three drones are perfect for newcomers, seasoned veterans, and people somewhere in-between the two medians.

Please, if anyone is in the market for a drone, do consider one of the three drones from above. They are worth the asking price.

The 3 Best Webcams for Streaming

What are the Best Webcams for Streaming to Buy in 2019

When it comes to streaming, whether on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Facetime or some other third party website, there are hundreds of tools and accessories people can choose to invest in with the intention of getting more out of their potential streaming careers, whether that be gaming, cooking, painting, vlogging or discussion streams with fans and other content creators.

Regardless of what someone is streaming and for who, many top-end streams who streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube will have some form of tool or device in order to show their face and general surroundings (barring if they have a green screen in the background, of course.)

That is why we are going to go over three of the best webcams for streaming on Amazon as of this article. Now, there are hundreds of different webcams and devices out there, some good, some bad, but we are going to discover three of the best options for anyone and everyone interested in streaming or starting a channel on whatever, they want. With all that said, let us begin with the first product.

Product 1: Logitech HD Pro Webcam c920


Starting the article off strong, we have here a webcam from one of the world-leading pc tech companies around, and that webcam is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam or the C920 for short.

The C920 is one of the bestselling webcams on Amazon as of typing this out, with over 9500 hundred customer reviews and a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating star on the store-page, the C920 webcam from Logitech proves once more why this company is the go-to company for gaming tech and merchandise.


  • Full stunning HD video recording software at 1920/1080P resolution with 30 frames per second.
  • The C920 is the perfect webcam for streaming on Twitch, or for those personal one-on-one calls with family members from across the globe.
  • The camera has a built-in microphone with stereo technology.
  • Capable of working from Windows 7 to 10 with no problems. It is also capable of working on Mac OS, as well.


  • The C920 is one of those cameras that are perfect for every streamer.
  • Whether a person needs to make a call, stream, record a blog, or show off that beautiful painting, the C920 will capture it all with no hassle.
  • Capable of working with most (if not all) video and audio chat programs like Skype and FaceTime.
  • Can be attached to a tripod or mount.


  • There is nothing wrong to report with the device; it works perfectly for the needs of the customer.


The regular version of the C920 is currently on sale for 54 dollars. However, additionally, there is another version of the C920 available on Amazon for 66 dollars. If someone is worried about privacy when not using the camera, they can opt-into purchasing the C920 with a privacy shutter attached to it, ensuring no one sees anything unless the streamer wants them too. 


However, do not take our own words as law; here are what others are saying via these paraphrased statements.

“As someone who is just getting into streaming, I love that Logitech thought to include a privacy lid. I am so happy with my purchases.”

“Even though I am not a gamer, getting to see my two teenage sons play their console games while I am away on business makes me a happy mommy.”

“I am a huge fan of Logitech as a whole, so of course I am going to support the company by buying this affordable webcam. Especially since I needed a new one.”


In conclusion, Logitech continues to prove why it is they are at the top of the ladder when it comes to PC-centric tech. This webcam of theirs continues to show why people love Logitech and the products they produce.

Product 2:  Pro Stream Webcam 1080P HD Video Camera


The Pro Stream Webcam from Supertemblor is a fantastically-rated webcam on Amazon. Sitting neatly at a 4.3-star rating out of 5, the Pro Stream Webcam is capable of showcasing not just the streamer in question, but the art that they work so hard to create.

Regardless if that art is painting, drawing, video games, or some other fourth medium, it does not matter except to the individual in question.

However, as easy as it can be to gush about these webcams and what they can do, it is always better to showcase their many features and pros and break them down for all to see and read. So, let us get started.


The Pro Stream Webcam comes with HDR sensor and facial recognition software technology. Beautify and enhances the subjects face and correctly adjusts itself to any low-lightning area or situation.

Integrate oneself into the action with the background replacement function. Integrates ones live-self and their background while streaming that action pack game.

Full HD video resolution. The Pro Stream Webcam is capable of recording at a crystal clear 1920/1080P resolution.

Comes built-in with dual microphones.

Capable of working with every Windows Operating System from Windows XP SP2 to Windows 10. It can also support smart TV’s, Chrome OS, android V5.0, and above Linux, Ubuntu, and even the Xbox One! So many options covered with just a single device.


  • Reliable and unbelievably adaptable with many different operating systems.
  • Automatic Focus.
  • Bring a room back to life with HDR technology. More color equals a brighter, happier setting.
  • Capable of video chatting, recording, and streaming.
  • It is straightforward to set up thanks to USB technology.
  • It is the perfect device for streamers and businessmen and women alike.


  • The webcam is perfect.


The Pro Stream Webcam comes at an affordable price of 54 dollars. The perfect price for anyone interested in streaming.


Once more, do not take our words alone; here are what other people are saying via paraphrased statements.

“As someone who paints digital art, I love being able to stream and talk to my fans at the same time.”

“It is one of the best webcams I have ever owned. Easily beats most laptop webcams.”

“I love it!”


There is little competition when going up against the Pro Stream Webcam. It is, as of right now, one of the best webcams for streaming currently on Amazon right now.

Product 3: Dericam 1080P Full HD Live Streaming Webcam


For the third and final product of the night, we bring forth Dericam’s own Full HD live streaming webcam. The third and final option for anyone interested in streaming should look no further than Dericam and their products (next to, of course, the previously listed sections above.)

However, once more, gushing over the webcam can only get us so far until it becomes old. So, everyone, let us look at one more webcam together and see why this particular model shares the same list as the other two.


Just like before, this camera is capable of recording and broadcasting at 1080P resolution with a 75-degree viewing angle.

Automatic light correction technology, built-in stereo microphone and can capture voices up too and around 30 feet perfectly.

Not only is it easy to set-up with a 6FT-long cord, but it is also flexible via the rotating clip underneath the camera.

Two omnidirectional noise-reducing microphones.

Capable of working for Windows, Mac, and Android users.

12-month free warranty.


  • Another perfect webcam for those interested in getting one.
  • Perfect for beginners who may never have used or own a webcam before.
  • The webcam can handle a wide range of operating systems.
  • Easy to set-up; just plug it into a computer and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Capable of working on desktop monitors, TV’s, laptops, and more.
  • Open DRC technology ensures the subject, and the room is adequately lit and beautiful at all times.


  • There is nothing wrong with the camera.


The camera is available on Amazon for 26 dollars.


Once more, let us see what others are saying via paraphrased reviews.

“I love talking to my family with this camera while overseas.”

“Seeing my family from across the city is a gift onto itself.”

“I am happy with what I have bought.”


In conclusion, the camera from Dericam is one of the best webcams for streaming. Whatever flaws it might have, they are minor and insignificant in comparison to the sheer power and scale of the camera. Its versatility alone is enough to offer people a wide scale of options and luxuries, no matter what it is they need the webcam for.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

There are hundreds of different webcams out there on the market, some perfect, some terrible, and some in the middle. It will always fall on the customer themselves to find out what kind of camera they need and for what purpose.

However, the three cameras that we have gone over today are far-and-away three of the best webcams for streaming. 

They offer a wide range of versatility and comfort that cannot be matched by many other brands or models. That is why we chose these three out of the litany of other cameras out there on Amazon because they are three of the best for streaming purposes.

However, no matter what, please do consider one of the three options listed above, they are entirely worth the price of admission due to their versatility and convenience.

The 3 Best Graphics Cards To Buy in 2019

A short intro to the Best Graphics Cards

Having the best graphics cards for your PC will ensure that you have the most superior, smoothest images available for whatever your needs may be. Generally, computers come with graphics cards built into them or else they are pre-installed but installing a better graphics card can significantly enhance the computer’s capabilities particularly where things such as gaming and video are concerned.

If a computer has some age to it, the default card is not necessarily going to be up to par with the modern gaming standards, whereas if you add an up-to-date graphics card to the older computer, you’re all good to go.  The graphics card that is installed also has its own resources/memory and can enhance any video playback quality which can be essential with high definition videos as well as multiple videos at once.  It is designed to compress/process videos and assists computers to process new videos at a faster rate.

Selecting the best graphics cards on Amazon based on how consumers rated them after using them, allowed the choice to be narrowed down to these three. You know these have to be great, gamers are serious about their graphics. Let’s take a look at each of them.


** GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Windforce OC 6G 192-bit GDDR6 DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI 2.OB with Windforce 2X Cooling System Graphics Cards-Gv-N166TWF2OC-6GD

Provides a powerful photograph mode which allows professional-type pictures to be taken of your games unlike any before.  You will be able to capture and pass on your most spectacular gaming performances with awesome resolution including 360 degrees, stereo photos, and HDR. You’ll get powerful performance and quality images when livestreaming either to YouTube or Twitch.  This card’s hardware encoder offers 15% enhanced efficiency over that of previous generations and has been optimized for OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. Integration of 6GB GDDR6 Windforce 2x cooling system showing alternate spinning fans.  There is AORUS engine included with intuitive controls.


  • GeForce GTX 1660 Ti power integrated by 6GB GDDR6
  • Alternate spinning fans used with Windforce 2x cool system
  • AORUS engine included with intuitive controls.
  • 192 bit 6GB GDDR6
  • DisplayPort 3x, HDMI 1x
  • 3.0×16 Pci Express


  • Capable of amazing images/performance which is the ultimate of importance in gaming.
  • Boasts 15% efficiency over prior graphics cards.
  • Optimal OBS.
  • Photo mode so that images can be captured and shared.


If you don’t follow manufacturer’s instructions as directed, you may not achieve optimal functionality.  This is not really a con, but some folks tend to not follow the directions and can’t understand why the products won’t work the way they should.


The price for this graphics card as listed on Amazon is $279.99.


This best graphics cards as reviewed was seen with overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Folks felt that it offered overclocked speeds out of the box and the manufacturer really delivered in the cooling for this card.  Many said they would recommend this graphics card.  Others simply said ‘magnificent’, stunning product, great performance, surprisingly lighter than most cards, great price, and the overall consensus was ‘love it’.

XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB GDDR6 3xDP HDMI

This RDNA architecture is being boasted as having been designed for the new generation of higher-performing gaming.  Their claim is that games are powered by DNA which is ever-evolving and that is what brings games to life.  These graphic cards have 8GB of GDDR6 advanced memory in order to provide upwards 448 GB/s of high bandwidth which provides the capability of 1440p operation for the challenges of today’s toughest games. Extreme refresh rates along with resolution, framerates, and next-generation color depth are ready to be powered by DisplyPorts at 1.4 complete with Display Stream Compression. Resolution is supported up to 8K at 60 Hz or also 5K at 120 Hz. PCI Express 4.0 support is featured with 16 GT/s of throughput.


– New RDNA Architecture, this card features new instructions and better compute units which are more suited for the visual effects, There is higher responsive gaming and greater reduction in latency due to a multi-level cache hierarchy.

– Accelerated game fidelity – RDNA Architecture’s high performance was designed in order to greatly increase features such as fidelity fx, VR technology, and image sharpening to allow for ultimate gaming experiences as well as maximum overall performance.

Gaming dynamics on an immersive level. You will have a competitive advantage with input lag which has been dramatically reduced by the Radeon anti-lag feature, AMD Radeon FreeSync1 tech has allowed for tear-free and stutter-free playing.

Comes with 8GB of GDDR6 advanced memory to offer up to 448 GB/s of high bandwidth enabling performance at 1440p for even the toughest games.


  • Reduced input latency
  • Anti-lag feature gives a significant advantage
  • Advanced memory
  • More bandwidth
  • Stutter-free, tear-free gaming
  • DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression
  • RDNA Architecture


As one of the reviewers indicated, the only con is the card is so ‘epic’ it makes the monitor look like it needs to be updated to coincide.  Not really a con unless you want to update your computer to go with the card. Then there’s the cost of that.


This card as priced on Amazon comes in at $399.99


The best graphics cards reviews were amazing with the first reviewer immediately indicating that they would highly recommend this card, more than happy with the looks and performance.  Some said it performs flawlessly and is almost too good to be true, felt compelled to write a review immediately, minimal noise, card is fast, looks beautiful, and overall an ‘epic’ card.

PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon RX 570 AXRX 570 4GBD5-3DHD/OC

For the affordable price of this card it definitely packs a mean punch. It is boasted as being perfect for mid to high 1080p gaming.  The card is able to play most any modern games with above 60 fps. Operation of the card is super quiet.  It offers 1440p and even 4K gaming with comfortable frame rates and is capable of supporting VR. The price is amazing compared to the value that the graphics card offers to the gaming world.

Radeon Chill is a feature that is available on some graphics cards including the Red Dragon and on specific games in particular.  But you need to go on the company’s wattman software to opt-in and enable it.  When you do that an algorithm will monitor the game input of the keyboard and the mouse to determine when it is fast-acting. This is basically a power-saving feature. It can not only save power but reduce heat and sound output. It can conserve up to 43% and temp of 20 degrees. It determines when the game is at a standstill and goes into saving mode. Only with particular games that participate and there are gamers who aren’t partial to it.


  • 256 bit 4GB GDDR5
  • 1250 MHz boost clock
  • DL-DVI-D 1x, HDMI 1x, DisplayPort 3x
  • Stream Processors 2048, Display connectors standard,
  • 3.0 PCI express
  • ATX form factor


  • Affordable for the value that you get
  • Powerful graphics card, get a lot of punch for a great price
  • Supports VR
  • Super quiet while in operation.


Not a con really, but you’ll probably want to buy them up since they’re so inexpensive for all of your friends as they would make awesome gifts.


The awesome price for this graphics card as it is listed on Amazon is $159.20.


The best graphics cards reviews consisted of a lot of 5 * / 5 * ratings from folks.  There were a lot of happy consumers.  Many people felt that it was a great value for the price as a major plus and felt tha this card blew many of higher prices away.  Some felt that the temps are good with the card and fans are quiet. One is ordering another one for their other monitor.  Others felt that it works great, that it’s an awesome graphics card, works like a champ, looks incredible, has more video capabilities than even needed–it will have your back, and overall everyone seemed to be extremely impressed with this graphics card.


These three best graphics cards have been selected by gamers who have purchased them and rated/reviewed them based on their usage finding them to be superior over others that they have used in the past.  They are all top quality for what they offer in their category.  There has been price ranges selected to hopefully meet budgets of any size; although, with these three particular graphics cards, you aren’t going to want price to be a determinant.  They are all really good cards.  Your decision should strictly be based on what it is that you really require for your particular needs in your situation.

It’s always tough to make a good clear-cut decision but when you have the word of gamers who have used the products, you know they have to be good.  These folks care about what they use for their gaming a great deal.  They won’t use it if it doesn’t give them a good experience…and they won’t let you either.

Logitech G900 Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

A short intro to the Logitech G900

Looking for a brand-new gaming mouse?

This Logitech G900 review will provide you with everything that you need to know about this particular mouse and brand. We will cover every last shred of information about the mouse so you can not only make an informed decision on it is absolute quality as a gaming and every-day use mouse, but also so that you may have a better understanding of the Logitech brand as a whole. Let us get this review off right with a simple overview of the entire product.

To begin, we will start with an overview of the entire product. You can also view the product and everything associated with the package via this link.

First off, what do you get when you buy this particular mouse from Amazon? Well, when you get this device home, you get the G900 Gaming Mouse, a charging and data cable, adapter accessories case, a wireless USB adapter cable, side button covers (left, right), side button caps (2x left, 2x right) and user documentation.

The G900 is a unique model of PC tech, capable of acting as both a wired, stationary mouse that people can use when sitting at their desk or office or go completely wireless and be on the move, thus already making it the perfect option for those individuals who need one and or the other.

At the same time, the G900 is capable of working with both left-handed individuals and right-handed.

So, for all those lefties out there who might feel alienated by tech companies often instances on designing their mouses with only right-handed individuals in mind, fret not because Logitech and the G900 are here. So, please, to any left-handed individuals who might be reading this Logitech G900 review, please stay, and you might like what you hear from us.

Not only that, but the mouse is exceptionally responsive and “clicky,” if that is the best word to use. Like, it feels comfortable using the mouse even for online browsing and shopping.

All and all, I got to say, as someone who does not get to play games all that much due to life and work, this mouse is incredible to use even when doing something as boring or uninteresting as surfing the internet.

Overall, the mouse is a quality piece of tech with a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and over 1100 reviews, quickly making it worth anyone’s time.


With the overview out of the way, let us see what the Logitech G900 review has to offer consumers. Shall we?

I can say that this is one of the best gaming devices on the market right now- lag-free, perfect for those who are interested in competitive games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike.

Comes with a rechargeable mouse battery on top of being able to last up to around 30 hours of non-stop usage until needing to be charged.

It is considered to be the longest-lasting wireless gaming mouse that weighs under 110 grams.

Sublime optical sensor technology ensures pin-point, laser-focus tracking. It is considered by many pro-gamers and streamers to be one of, if not the best gaming sensor equipment.

Adjustable DPI settings from 200-12000! Unrelenting parallels of control right at your fingertips.

Customize the physical button layout to fit your personal preference. Are you a left-handed kind of person? No problem, this is one of (if not the first time) I have seen a mouse made with both hand-styles in mind, making it truly unique among a sea of devices.

While we are listing off features, this next one, while superfluous to most people, still makes the G900 unique. The G900 comes with RGB lighting technology, capable of displaying 16.8 million different colors, brightness, light patterns, and much more with its built-in gaming software.

Pivotal button design ensures fast, responsive, and clean input commands all the time.

The G900 works with the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and later. Perfect for all Windows-enthusiasts.


  • This is the perfect gate-way mouse for anyone looking to get into competitive gaming.
  • Even if gaming is not something you do, it is still the perfect mouse to use for various other PC-related tasks like surfing the internet, browsing YouTube, working and so much more.
  • Light and portable. Just unplug it from the cable, slip it into your travel case and you are ready for the future.
  • Perfect for practically everyone.


  • There are no cons to speak about when it comes to the validity of the product.


Right now, the G900 is on sale on Amazon for the low-end price of 80 dollars, saving you, the consumer, nearly 50% off the bat for this fantastic device. This mouse also has prime attached to it, so that means free one-day shipping for Prime Members! Whoo!

There is also a 3 to 4-year protection warranty for the G900 for 10 dollars and 15 dollars respectively, which is great

Overall, a fantastic price for this Logitech G900 review for us. Honestly, it is a great deal that anyone in the market for a new PC mouse (gaming or otherwise) should consider investing in. So, if you are on a budget, you should definitely check this out.


However, do not take our words alone on the product’s validity; here is what others are saying about this product and how they feel about using the G900 mouse, and its functionality.

“I got to say; I was hesitant on buying this mouse for myself due to its design and functionality, primarily since I am used to using more traditional controls. However, the reviews and the people writing those reviews do not lie; it is amazing. I do not regret buying this. It is great and so easy to use”-John

“The feeling of the mouse is fantastic! It responds accurately to my commands with no lag at all. The buttons on the side of the mouse also feels intuitive and responsive, never making me have to click multiple times to commit to an action. I love using this mouse, and you will too.”-Cherry

“Easily the best mouse I have ever gotten to use. I am very happy with the purchase”-Andy

“The mouse buttons on top of the device are easily the best I have ever gotten to see or use in my life. They, (and the buttons on the sides) give the most satisfying click and clack sound ever. Like, my god, it feels so perfect to hear; not to mention the responsiveness of the mouse as a whole.  I cannot explain how fantastic and other-worldly this damn mouse feels to use.”-Martha

“After losing my previous mouse from age and frustration, I decided it was time to get a new device, especially since I wanted to get back into gaming after being away from the subject for a few years. I cannot say it enough; I enjoy using this mouse.”-Dan

“This is a pricey mouse; I have spent more than half of the cost of this thing on plenty of other PC accessories in the past… however, I cannot deny that Logitech is the superior company when it comes to PC accessories and devices. Yes, their brand is expensive. However, their brand is worth it most of the time, and this time is no exception. The G900 is a fantastic model for anyone who needs a new, top-of-the-line gaming mouse. Yes, it is pricey, yes, you can get a much cheaper mouse on Amazon, but the G900 is worth every penny. I promise that anyone who reads this review WILL NOT be disappointed with this device.”-Randy


In conclusion, what else is there to say about this device except that it is merely one of the best PC accessories to have. Logitech has proven time and time again that they know what they are doing when it comes to PC/computer accessories.

From keyboards to webcams to a simple mouse, they have shown time and time again that they are in the business of providing fantastic quality accessories to the PC market, regardless of if the customer needs one of their devices for gaming or work, it matters not except to them.

Once more, Logitech proves that they are at the top of their field with the G900, it is a quality accessory that is perfect for all kinds of individuals, gamer or otherwise. Not to mention it is one of, if not the best accessories on the market, on top of it being able to act as both a traditional wired mouse and also a regular wireless mouse on the go.

No matter who you might be, the G900 is the perfect mouse for all of your PC-related tasks. Hopefully, this article of ours on the Logitech G900 review has answered any, and all lingering questions and or doubts about the product, and I hope you enjoy all of its hidden features and functionality as we do.