The 3 Best Power Supply Units For PC Gaming

A short intro to the Best Power Supply Unit For PC Gaming

You may have the best graphics card, the best processor, the most powerful motherboard, and a near-unfathomable amount of RAM. All of those things are obviously important. However, if you aren’t willing to invest in making sure you have the best PSU (power supply unit), none of those PC gaming essentials are going to take you very far. The PSU is often taken for granted. The truth of the matter is that it is the foundation of any worthwhile PC gaming unit. Manufacturers understand this implicitly. To that end, there are a number of different power supply units you can research in greater detail.

We can also help. If you’re new to this subject, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. That is why we have assembled this list of the 3 best power supply unit for PC gaming options currently available to you. If you don’t know where to start, these 3 options can give you some inspiration.

1. Corsair RM850x

Efficiency is the name of the game, when it comes to finding your ideal power supply unit. To that end, the Corsair RM850x is widely considered to be one of the top PSUs in PC gaming. The RM series from Corsair has been a fan favorite for a long time. This is one of the top manufacturers. Any list that doesn’t have at least one entry from Corsair is quite frankly not worth your time.

Features, reliability, and even the terms of the warrant you will receive with purchase. All of these things point to a product that is well worth considering. The more you learn about the RM850x, the easier it will be to appreciate that:


Packing 850 watts of power, this 80+ Gold Certified PSU is one of the most popular currently available. You can also purchase versions in 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, and 1000 watts. The 80+ Gold Certified rating means a few things. It points to a product with very low power consumption. It also means less noise from the device, which is combined nicely with cooler overall temperatures. The RM850x features one of the best ratings in the world. There is a zero-RPM fan mode that produces an almost-completely-silent experience.

Pros: The price is definitely an element to this product that appeals to us. At the same time, we also really love how easy it is to hook up this PSU and get going. This industrial-grade PSU includes modular cables, which means you only have to use what you absolutely need. You will also appreciate the warranty attached to this product. You can trust that you are going to be protected on every possible front. You can count on that warranty to last for a full ten years.


There aren’t any. The price can strike you as a little high when compared to other options, but this is a very worthwhile investment for those who are serious about the best PSUs for PC gaming.

Pricing: This stunning example of the best power supply unit for PC gaming products retails for $129.98.

Reviews have been very positive for this latest Corsair PSU:

“I’ve had this PSU for a little while now. I really can’t imagine gaming without it.”

“At the end of the day, I’m glad I spent a little extra for this AMAZING unit.”

“Easy to set up, easy to use.”

2. FSP Dagger 500W

If you have a mini-ITX build, this might just be your best bet for a PSU. This is a compact power supply, so it may not be ideal for the more elaborate PC gaming setups. If your own setup matches up to what we are talking about, this is going to be one of the top PSUs to keep in mind. It has an efficiency rating of 80+ Gold, which means you can rely on peak performance across the board.

The important thing to remember is to make sure your PSU matches up to your build. For a mini-ITX sort of thing, a standard PSU can prove to be extremely frustrating for a number of reasons. In the first place, standard units can prove to be too unwieldy/cumbersome.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at everything the FSP Dagger 500W has to offer.

Features: Beyond the 80+ Gold Certification, this Japanese-made PSU offers full modularity. The capacitors are of the best possible quality, as well. The 80mm dual ball-bearing fan works wonders at keeping everything nice and cool. If your system is under a fifty percent load, you shouldn’t hear any noise from this PSU whatsoever. For those looking for a power system that’s VR-ready, the Dagger will accommodate you. Available in 300, 400, 450, 500, and 600-watt variations.


The economy of this PSU is perhaps the most compelling element to its appeal. Not only is this unit a powerhouse for smaller builds, but it is also one of the most affordable options you are likely to come across. This unit is also one of the best we’ve ever seen at keeping particularly high temperatures from becoming problematic. Setting everything up with the Dagger is a snap, and it has some of the best reviews of any PSU.


As long as you don’t try to use this PSU for a larger build, you really shouldn’t have any issues. When used correctly, this is one of the best power supply unit for PC gaming options available.

Pricing: The unit currently retails for $89.99

On the review side of things, as we mentioned before, the raves are almost universal:

“I’ve been using this PSU for a little while now, and I couldn’t be happier with it.”

“An incredible performer that BARELY makes even a sound!”

“With this PSU, I’ve been able to provide my build with incredible performance.”

3. NZXT E850 – 850-Watt ATX Gaming Power Supply

Wanting to utilize a digital power supply certainly makes sense in this day and age. To that end, we cannot recommend this product from NZXT highly enough. While digital monitoring power supply options have been around for a little while at this point, they have really started to come into their own during the last couple of years. They now stand as a viable alternative to the more traditional possibilities that are currently available to you.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer, a building enthusiast, or even both of these things, you are going to want to check out this 850-watt powerhouse in greater detail. Also, if 850 watts strikes you as way more than you need, keep in mind there are both 650 and 500-watt units available.


This 80+ Gold Certified PSU comes with software that can installed and utilized with ease. Once the cam software has been installed, you will be able to monitor and track everything related to your performance. If you want to have a clear idea of what your unit is doing for your build at any given moment, this is going to be the product for you. The on-board DSP is also exceptional. If you are powering any loads under 100 watts, you won’t hear a single peep from this unit. The full-modular design is certainly well done, and the unit is protected by a very strong 10-year warranty.


In terms of both durability and efficiency, it doesn’t get much better than this PSU. While the real-time tracking and monitoring features are not for everyone, those looking for such things will find the E850 to be fantastic. Setting everything up, including running the software, couldn’t be more straightforward. We like the ease-of-us and reliability of this product, as well. You can learn more about temperatures, power, voltage, and even the speed of the fan. There are also a number of options for those who want a specific number of watts.


There really aren’t any.

Pricing: The unit currently retails for $164.99.

The reviews for this product have been uniformly positive:

“I really like being able to keep track of my power consumption. This PSU is also really powerful and efficient.”

“The software was really easy to use!”

“This was my first PSU. I’m really glad I found such an excellent performer the first time around. I’ve really come to rely on its tracking.”


The best power supply unit for PC gaming is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Having said that, we really don’t think you can go wrong with the options mentioned above. If you are concerned about the Dagger being enough to handle your build, don’t be afraid to ask an expert. You will also want to make sure you follow all instructions related to the PSU you have ultimately chosen.

There are quite a few power supply units for PC gamers out there. Try to focus your search on something that has been built with PC gamers in mind. There are a number of power supply units which are not, and this can sometimes create problems.

Still, if you need to start somewhere in your search, the three above are perfect.

The 3 Best USB Flash Drives To Buy in 2019

How to pick the Best USB Flash Drive

The best USB flash drives available on the market depend on what you need them for and how much you may be storing on them.  Surprisingly, USB flash drives have not lost their relevance in the age of technology.  They are still sublimely necessary to those who have a need to store loads of information in one tiny, compartmental and portable device that makes access available anywhere, any time it is needed.  These special little pieces of digital convenience will be necessary indefinitely or until there is a decrease in the need for security and the internet becomes available in every possible situation, everywhere, at all times. 

There have been major improvements in the world of flash drives to implement increased storage size, improve their read as well as write times, and there is an astounding decrease in the amount of time that it will take in order to transfer records from one computer to the next.  USB flash drives have and likely will be beneficial to their users even within the now existing digital world.

Looking over the multitude that are available on the market today, Amazon provides some of the best USB flash drives.  Based on Consumer reviews, the list has been narrowed down to three that kind of stood out among the others with varying price points to reach every consumer’s needs.

USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick 128 GB Jump Drive Thumb Drive 3.0 Flash Drive

This USB flash drive is rather unique in that it offers double connections and can transfer documents for any series of products including those of iPad, iPhone as well as certain android products along with your PC.  It has a multi-functioning and compact-sized design with maximum capacity storage and aluminum alloy material.  If you lose your device, the security is maintained by password protection as well as Touch ID so you don’t have to worry about anyone else being able to get into your documents.  It offers a key-chain option so that it will be more difficult to lose. 


The device offers security in the form of password protection and Touch ID making access by others nearly impossible

File transfer is high speed by plugging into the lightning port and the USB port making file transmission much simpler as well as faster while having to be on the go.

Key-chain option provided in order that the USB device stay safe at all times.


  • Maximum storage.
  • High speed transfer
  • Safe and secure using password/Touch ID
  • Double connection


If you’re one to lose your keys, you may not want to put this on your key-chain.  It may be better to store it in a much safer place.


The price for this device on Amazon runs $32.99.

The best USB flash drives reviews rated this drive overwhelmingly positive.  The very first reviewer indicated simply that it just works and they love it.  Others have loaded it up with photos, movies, music and can transfer it to their phones or other devices fast and easily.  Still others highly recommend the device and offer that it is very easy to use just out of the box, and overall it is just a very good product to have.

Samsung BAR Plus 256GB – 300MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive (MUF-256BE4/AM)

The BAR by Samsung has been updated with a much more modern design to it and offering a couple different color selections for your preference along with capacity above what it offered previously.  USB 3.1 is the offering now, showing more performance including upwards of 300 MB/s for reading speeds.  This device is boasted as being capable of taking a beating and has been tested in situations where it was tossed around in a sack, put through x-ray torture, and dropped into the water all with no effect to the integrity of the flash drive. It also offers a key-ring option for better portability and safety from losing it.


  • Speed transfers are redefined with everyday files being sent at up to 300 MB/s.
  • Secure/reliable storage is offered for all documents including files or photos or videos, even music.
  • Case is made of rugged metal to ensure durability inclusive of key-ring capability.
  • Data is sure to be safeguarded with the flash drive being proofed in any situation imaginable.
  • USB 3.1 is backward compatible with 3.0 and 2.0.


  • Device was made to be shock-proof, water-proof, magnet-proof, temperature-proof, and x-ray proof
  • Speeds of up to 300 MB/s
  • Awesome storage capability
  • Case offers extreme durability
  • Backwards compatible for convenience


This is no con, but you may have the desire to test it in each of those scenarios to see if it really is resistant to shock, water, magnets, temperatures, and x-rays out of a sense of strange curiosity.  Probably not the thing to do.


Amazon’s price for this flash drive came in at $41.99.


The best USB flash drives reviews were amazing for this product with the very first coming in at 5 * / 5 * offering that it provided consistent performance across multiple units in high-speed capacity.  Others found competitor flash drives to be less reliable than what they had discovered with this drive, good/inexpensive drive, will buy a few to have on hand, and overall good buy for the value.

SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive SDCZ36-064G-AFFP

The SanDisk Cruzer is a most reliable flash drive capable of fitting in your palm yet providing the ultimate in storage capacity but also the best speeds in order to transfer data from one device to another in no time.  The drive has optimal use and is designed for PCs and other devices that provide a 2.0 port, however, backwards compatibility is available to suit 1.1. ports as well.  The case is made durable and has been tested in order to show that it will come out without showing signs of wear but rather looking still brand new.  It is also backed by a 90-day refund or else a replacement if the product that you receive is not as you would expect.


This flash drive is boasted as providing the premium storage that is both secure and reliable for any of your documents including business files or photos or videos, as well as music.

  • Sensitive files are further protected with SanDisk SecureAccess which is software that they include with your purchase.
  • You are provided with extra protection, safety, and security by applying for password protection and there is encryption 128bit AES.
  • Frustration-Free packaging which has been certified will be the way your flash drive will be shipped out to you.


Optimal storage available both reliable and secure which is a must in order to store your files but at the same time transfer to other computers.

  • Extra protection included for your most sensitive files so there’s no worry of these getting leaked.
  • Compact, portable size capable of carrying anywhere, discreet.
  • Backward compatible with 1.1 ports making it even more efficient.
  • Encrypted for protection and can also password protect the device so no one can have use if it is lost or stolen.


Not really a con, but need to keep it in a secure spot where it’s not possible for you to lose it. It does offer so many safety and protection options that, even if lost, no one will be able to access your documents.


The price for this device on Amazon is $9.49.


The best USB flash drives reviews for the SanDisk found the first reviewer very happy that it was so easy to use for a non-techie such as himself, couldn’t be happier.  Some found this to be an awesome piece of equipment, outstanding with a fantastic price, secure and easy solution to storage and sharing needs.  There were some who bought a couple of them to have around.  The overall consensus, SanDisk Cruzer remains the best.


It doesn’t seem to matter how much technology comes around or how advanced our digital world becomes, some things are going to remain simplistic and need to stay that way.  Having our stored documents available to hold onto in our hands in a secure, safe, reliable format is one of those things. Using the internet is still a little shaky in providing the type of safety for our data that we need, not to mention that it is not reliable or available in any and every situation everywhere.  That’s why it’s necessary to have something that you can 100% count on and the USB flash drives answer that requirement.

In the examples provided, the consumers have tried all of these and found that they are among the best USB flash drives available on the market.  Some even bought a few of them to store and have available in different scenarios.  If you want to make sure your information stays with you, try one of these drives.  The internet is not ready to keep our data secure.

The Best Hitch Bike Rack for Your Vehicle To Buy

The 3 Best hitch bike racks reviewed

Do you love riding your bike, hitting the rails, and exploring new locations? If so, you could greatly benefit from a bike rack hitch. Purchasing one of these bike racks will allow you to take your bike places more easily, especially if you have a smaller vehicle. You will be able to take off with your bike faster and get more time pedaling.

Finding the best hitch bike rack can be a little bit difficult. You have to find a bike rack that is easy to use. A hitch that works well with your vehicle. Plus, your bike, or bikes, need to fit on the rack.  This is not always an easy feat.

Take a look at three of the best hitch bike racks on the internet. Check out the features, pros, cons, pricing, and some of the best reviews available. For more information check out the links, there are so many reviews to devour.

Allen Sports Bike Hitch


A great hitch bike rack. This bike rack can hold up to four bikes at a time. The rack fits a two-inch hitch. The bike rack is available in four different styles. Plus, there is a newer style available. With so many options, there is no way you won’t find exactly what you need.

This super-convenient, entirely portable bike rack is very affordable. There are countless reviews to back these claims.


  • Carry Arms Fold Down
  • 22 Inch Carry Arms
  • Individual Tie Down Cradles
  • Tilt Away Main Mast
  • Class III or IV, 2 Inch Hitch


  • Easy Lift-Gate Access
  • Incredibly Easy to Assemble
  • No-Wobble Hitch Installation
  • Fits 4 Bikes
  • 5 Minute Setup and Installation
  • Steel Construction is Sturdy


  • There are no cons that I can think of.


Price varies based on the model you select. The price point is $100- $220, depending on the style. That is a huge difference! You should be able to find a style within your budget.


The product has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, where it features over 2800 reviews. Over 1800 of the reviews are five stars! The reviews are riveting, take a look.

One user says, “Bought the bike rack three years ago, and it’s held up very well. The rack has been used one to three times a week in the warmer months for that duration. I am very impressed with the durability and longevity of this rack.”

Another reviewer states, “Great family bike rack. The rack held up for a trip from New York to Massachusetts with no problems. The rack was able to stay on the van while still allowing access to the trunk. Overall very pleased with the purchase.”

A final review mentions, “Very sturdy, easy to install, and secures bikes with no issues whatsoever. A great option for family use.”


This is the best hitch bike rack because there are so many options, at such affordable prices. Allen Sports has created a super convenient, user-friendly piece of equipment. The bike rack is incredibly easy to attach and use. It’s a great option for a biking family.

BV Bike Rack Carrier


This tray-style bike mount is a great bike rack option for a car, truck, or SUV.  The hitch bike rack comes in two sizes. One is capable of holding two bikes, the other is capable of holding four. The glossy black bike rack is sturdy and durable, perfect for hauling bikes for long distances.

The BV Bike Rack is perfect for your next family biking trip. The rack is highly rated and quite inexpensive for the quality.


  • Tilt Back Design
  • Fold Up Design
  • Rear Safety Reflector
  • Anti-Wobble Design
  • Tray Styled Loops and Padded Arms


  • Easy Lift-Gate Access
  • Saves Space When Not in Use
  • Enhances Visibility
  • No Wobbling between Rack and Hitch
  • Padded Arms Protect Bike from Scratching
  • 30 Minute Assembly
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Convenient to Use


  • No cons associated with this product.


This hitch bike rack comes in two styles which cost $150 for the two-bike mount, and $390 for the four-bike mount. There is a coupon for $10 off available for this product and the opportunity for free shipping. The bike rack is incredibly affordable for the cost.


This BV Bike Rack has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating that’s based on over 250 reviews. Seventy-five percent of these reviews are 5 stars! Users love the bike racks durability and convenience, just check out the reviews!

One user says, “The rack is a great value and high quality. The rack is compatible with my two-inch hitch. Assembly takes less than thirty minutes and the directions are incredibly easy to follow.”

Another review summary, “The rack is well made, easy to use, and an incredible value for the money! The rack is steel making it heavy, but durable. Very happy with the purchase, I highly recommend it!”


This bike hitch is a great deal. It offers so many unique features and pros with no real cons. The best hitch bike rack for a great value. The product is affordable and high quality. The rack can compete with any $750 bike rack available. Check it out at the link.

Ikuram Bicycle Carrier Rack


The hitch bike rack comes in three styles. Each is a great quality option. This sturdy mount is durable and stylish. The hitch bike rack is great for a couple or family that enjoy bike riding adventures.

The Ikuram bicycle carrier rack is a great option for anyone who loves trekking through bike trails by themselves, with their significant other, or with their family.


  • Black Steel Constructed Rack
  • Double Arm Mounting Design
  • Easy Tilt Down
  • Fold-Down Arms
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Three sizing options for 2,3, or 4 Bikes
  • Plenty of Space for Uniquely Shaped Bicycles
  • Very Stable
  • Convenient Access to Rear Hatch
  • Condenses for Saving Space and Convenience


●          I couldn’t think of any possible cons associated with this product.


There are three sizing options that accommodate 2, 3, or 4 bicycles. The price ranges from $88 to $94. That’s a great deal for this product’s quality and uses. The list of pros and features is extensive, making this product entirely worth the price.


The hitch bike rack has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating. There are a little more than 130 reviews. The product has great customer reviews. Check out a few of them below, the rest can be read on Amazon.

Our first reviewer says, “The rack worked perfectly for our weekend getaway. We drove several hours through a storm before we reached our destination. The rack held up; I’m extremely impressed with this purchase.”

Another reviewer states, “I’ve owned similar products, but this is by far the best bike carrier I’ve ever owned. I’m incredibly satisfied with this product, it’s easy to use and easy to assemble.”

This consumer raves, “I love this product, it’s built great, and works great! Easy to fold and conserve space. I would highly recommend this product to any lover of the outdoors. It’s built better than any hitch in the $300 range.”

A final reviewer mentions, “I spent two weeks picking out a bike rack. I’m very pleased with this bike rack, especially considering the price. The product is great and only took ten minutes, tops to put together.”


I can’t think of a single reason not to purchase this bike rack. There are tons of amazing features and the materials and quality of this product is top-notch. There are very few related bike racks that could compete with this high-quality product. The rack fits a two-inch hitch and is super easy and convenient to use.

Wrapping It Up

With these three incredible options it will be difficult to choose just one. The best advice would be to narrow down your options one at a time. Seriously consider the features of each rack and the pros each product provides you with. There may be one item that is personally tailored to your needs in a way that the others are not.

If that’s not the case for you, you can read into the reviews. The most honest description of a product can be obtained through customer reviews. They have no obligation to make you like or dislike a product. They just give it to you straight, letting you know exactly what they liked, and exactly what they didn’t.

Whichever item you choose, I’m sure you will agree that it is the best hitch bike rack you could have bought. All three of these bike racks are bestseller, but on top of that, they are the highest rated options.

The 3 Best Trail Camera’s to Have

A short intro to the Best Trail Camera

It is essential to research well and consider the requirements, budget, and priorities prior to buying for use a trail camera. There are different models of different prices but it difficult to pick one because of the assurance which would guarantee it is a good product.

With this as the backdrop, you must ponder rationally for you to eventually select the one that would satisfy the intended need you want from it.

In choosing a good trail camera, there are many factors you have to put into consideration like the battery life of the trail camera, it’s megapixel which must be high and fast trigger time. All these factors are easier said than seen on every trail camera product.

For this, this review would show and explicitly state the best trail cameras around. The choice is based on the ratings and reviews given by the customers who have used these products.

So, the next time you go to stalls, you know precisely what you are there for and would not fall victim to choosing an unsatisfying one.

Product 1: Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P


If you had/have been baffled with the choice of choosing arguably the best trail camera, Campark Trail Game camera 14MP 1080P is one of them. The trail camera is on a high note in carrying out its task with its advanced and improved functions.

High megapixel count, fast trigger recovery time, long battery life and other high-quality feature is merged together in its production. This makes it a very good choice.


It entails 14 (megapixel) for a clearer image and a sharper and brighter video resolution of 1080P. The trail camera takes/captures 14-megapixel clearer images and 1080P videos. It produces a good outcome in the day and night.

The trigger time operates swiftly at 0.3 seconds. When it detects motion, the hunting trail camera sharply triggers.

  • It has the capacity to capture from far /a far distant place or setting at over 20 m(64ft)
  • It is highly sensitive and functions perfectly at night with the 3PIR. It has a camera that scouts the movement of wild animal when it is at a detectable range. With this feature, every movement would be scouted and recorded. This recorded videos stores at low battery consumption rate.
  • It is a waterproofed device with a wide-angle lens of 120 degrees. This allows you to carry out every intended function in the rain and it is the same outcome under normal weather conditions.
  • It is very simple and lucidly operated
  • Entails varieties of the applications


  • Super infrared night vision
  • 14-megapixel image and 1080P video
  • Hunting and wildlife monitoring
  • 3 of passive infrared sensors


  • This product does not have a real and apparent con


With its high quality, the price is affordable at just $69.99.

Customer Review

“For over six years, I have been using trail cameras but this one is the one I rate as the best. I got it for just $62 but its features are very okay. The most fascinating of its functions are its sensitive, high-quality video and image quality of 14MP” – Douglas Adams

“I initially picked this trail camera based on its high rating. I was using a trail camera of twice its price, but this product changed my mind. It perfectly satisfied me, and I am a bit impressed”- MLG

“It is great and simple to set up”- Saul. P


Conclusively, save yourself the stress of brooding on what cameras you should pick, the features are mind-blowing, I would recommend it any time any day.

Victure Trail Game Camera


There is another type of the Best Trail Camera around. It has a distinct feature of Night Vision Motion of 1080P. It contains all the features that you need from a trail camera. Intriguingly it would surpass your expectations. It is very cheap and affordable. You only need to worry about getting the best trailing camera after you stop using it if not you would have no problem.


  • It entails a high definition resolution of 1080P and also contains a sensor that automatically switches to for night use when in a low-light area or environment.
  • Records crystal clear videos and captures images that are very realistic and completely detailed.
  • It contains a sensitive trigger which captures at a speed of 0.5 seconds. It also automatically captures 3 consecutive times so you would not miss the motioning animal in the field.
  • It works perfectly at night with its invisible night-time scouting feature. The trail camera captures a quality black and white image during the night with the aid of its improved LED technology and advanced motion sensor.

It is simple and very easy to operate. The trail camera is easy to operate and has features of scouting specification setting, time-lapse, navigation of image options, PIR interval and photo quality that makes it lucid to use for all

Above all, it is inexpensive, and it performs at a very high level which makes the trail camera a great scouting/ trailing device. If functions for different options as surveillance, monitoring, security, farm burglar etc.

It can be operated with a lithium battery or 6V external power supply which make it life span longer.


  • High-quality lens
  • No glow IR LEDs
  • Fast Trigger speed
  • High-quality resolution
  • Home surveillance


  • This product does not have any real cons


It is very inexpensive and can be bought at a rate of $44.99

Customer Reviews

Here are some views from customers:

“Absolutely impressive. It operates like a charm. I purchased it for my retired mate who intends to go for hunting. His feedback was very satisfying. Although, I don’t really know much about this camera but from my mate’s expression I would recommend it for all”- Christopher Sandy

“I just bought this camera and I would confess; I would confess, I am very impressed with all its functionality. I have used it in different situations and the condition, it all positive” -Elizabeth Jackson

” Impressive and recommendable” – Whitebread 0224


With all its countless positive features, never contemplating it is a choice you would always enjoy.

Maspro Trail Camera


The Maspro trail camera is also one of the Best Trail Camera now. With it very affordable price and compatibility with different devices make it unique and distinctive. 


  • It is a trail camera that is compatible with different kinds of inferences like IOS, Windows, MACOS, Linux, and Android.
  • It is not only compatible with interfaces, but it is also compatible and support microSD, SD memory card. It supports every trail camera variety which includes wild game, stealth cam, Bushnell, Browning, Reconyx etc.
  • Simple and easier in sharing content and effective management of contents. The Trail camera has the capacity that is ample in managing your content that is saved. All the content can also be saved directly on your SD card; based on your preference
  • It contains the plug and plays function. It is easy to use in any day and time.
  • It recording speed is at 20~27 M/S.


  • High compatibility
  • After-sale Guarantee
  • Real time-sharing
  • Plug and play
  • 4 in 1 SD card
  • Free app
  • Easy to use
  • 4 supported interfaces


  • Cons This product does not have any real cons.

Customer Reviews

These are some customer review which endorses this product as arguably the best trailing camera with the cheapest price.

” It is a superb card reader. It can be used for either iPhone or Android. I have used it for both interfaces, and it worked perfectly” Raymond. Z

“IT worked great with my Galaxy S5. It has reduced my stress of using my hauling system” Benard.

” The camera is stupendous and amazingly simple to use. It is functioning matched then beat my expectations. Another thing, all the pictures, and videos I had taken can be viewed through the APP saving you the space of downloading on your phone.” Shaw 233

” This is a great and amazing card reader, it worked fine for my Nexus 6p. I HAVE THE ACCESS TO MY MEDIA AS swiftly as possible from my SD card and also for other important files” -Benjamin.T

” I have used it bother for my iPhone and iPad and it was a fascinating experience. I would recommend it for anybody”- Sams


Conclusively, it is wonderfully satisfying with it at a very cheap price.

Wrapping It Up

The three best trailing cameras which include Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P, Victure Trail Game Camera and Maspro Trail Camera have been perfected to match your needs as a lover of trail cameras.

Any one of them you get would save you the stress of the nagging and the hissing your previous camera pose to you, so get yours now.

The 3 Best USB Adapters To Own

How to pick the Best USB Adapter

Sometimes, the original Wi-Fi adapters you get with PCs or laptops can be less than premium and can get outdated straight out of the manufacturer. The best way to ensure you using the latest parts for the job, you may need to invest in aftermarket adapters. If you’re building a new system as a project or want the best USB adapter for your new rig, there are many options to choose from.

Boosting your Wi-Fi speed is all about having the right setup in place. When you have the right adapter for the job, you will be able to play games, stream, and download faster than ever before. The only issue is knowing which works best for your needs. Using a USB adapter is one of the easiest ways to add 802.11ac  access to a desktop PC, especially if the connection is erratic.

 We spend a lot of time testing different models against both laptops and desktop PCs to come up with what we think are the best USB  adapters available in the market.

1.    Techkey USB 3Wi-Fi Dongle

The Techkey dongle is the perfect accessory for your desktop or laptop when in an area with low connectivity. The wireless dongle is made with two antennas that ensure a full range connection and strong stability on both sides.

The internet is excellent, peaking at a speed of 867mbps on the 5 GHz, and it is around 300Mbps when on the 2.4 GHz band. You won’t be experiencing any inconsistencies in performance and lagging during online gaming. Streaming HD videos are flawless, and the availability of USB 3 making it versatile.

You could easily create a hotspot with the Soft AP feature if you have a weak wired connection and boost your mobile devices or connect more devices. The installation is simple and comes with a user manual and a CD drive to guide you through the process. 

The ultra-fast AC1200 wireless adapter speed with 802.11ac is excellent for gaming or activities that need a stable connection like video editing. It’s supported by all WLAN routers so that there is no interference from other wireless or Bluetooth devices nearby. It works with any aftermarket Wi-Fi routers and is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and even Ubuntu Linux.

The company offers a one-year warranty, and the build quality is outstanding. The adapter is well-performing and very affordable, making it a great addition to your gaming gear.


  • Bargain price
  • Good range
  • Fantastic AC 1900 speeds    
  • Very affordable
  • can be used on both Windows and OS PCs
  • Easy installation
  • WLAN security protocols
  • Has two antennas

2.    Netgear Nighthawk USB Adapter

The Netgear Nighthawk is designed to fit with any wireless router and can be used in the 2.4 GHz giving speeds up to 600mbps or 5 GHz with speeds up to 1300mbps.

If you are an avid gamer or require a constant high internet speed, with the Netgear adapter, streaming videos or playing online games will be more satisfactory. You will get more connections due to the dual-band and more bandwidth capacity courtesy 3×4 MIMO design. You can use it as a hotspot to connect more devices.

you can upload and download data from a wireless connection using the 3×4 MIMO network because it offers high bandwidth capacity. The USB can work with many routers in the market and will provide faster speeds at 802.11ac, giving your computer more excellent coverage and performance.

 The product takes advantage of the faster speeds of USB 3 to make streaming your games or videos fast without lag. This way, you can play with the worry of connection dips, which automatically disconnect you from the network. The Nighthawk can be used for both Windows and OS PCs. It uses exclusive Beamforming + technology, which increases the product’s speed, coverage, and reliability.

 The adapter comes with a manual in a CD drive, a quick start guide, and a magnetic cradle with a USB  cable so that it can be placed in the best position for grabbing a Wi-Fi connection. You will love the stand it comes with. It’s sleek, but you will only get to use it when you are stationary.


  • Great speed
  • Easy setup
  • USB 3with explicit Beamforming+
  • Works with any routers
  • Comes with a magnetic cradle


According to a user, they found the adapter very useful with blazing speeds and worked better after they disabled Swusb. The connection stays stable and does not have dips. 

Another user said the installation was easy and performance was beyond what they expected. The adapter has a good range.

One user said he was able to use the adapter for both Windows and OS devices and got a secure connection in all of them.

The design of the adapter is sleek with a high mount that has a magnetic cradle for attaching on metal surfaces. Software updates are readily available from the Netgear website.

One user says that after getting the device, he was able to triple his Wi-fi speeds. The folks at Netgear have a fantastic customer service that is responsive. Exchanges are done promptly to make sure you have your internet connection any time you need it.

3.    Asus PCE- AC68 PCIe Adapter

The PCE-AC68 is one of the best USB adapters when it comes to Wireless adapters. With the adapter, you will reach the fastest speeds from both 802.11ac, or802.1n routers work by combining a robust PCI Express card with three large amplified antennas. The Wi-Fi adapter has a dual-band 4×4 design that is capable of 1000 Mbps over the 2.4GHz band and  5GHz band gets you 2100 Mbps.

The Asus adapter comes in two parts: the PCI Express card that you connect to your PC and the antennas. The card carries custom heat sync that makes it quiet to run since it disperses heat for more stable and reliable nonstop operation. It’s well designed and built to make it durable.

The adapter supports MU-MIMO and carries a flexible antenna design that allows for the customised placing of the three antennas. It’s compatible with Windows 7 and 10 for both 32 and 64-bit variants.  

You will get  50% faster speeds thanks to NitroQAM (1024-QAM) technology. The PCE-AC68adapters can detect wireless locations and captures transmissions using three external antennas and high-powered beam-packing to provide a fast, stable, and reliable connection. This ensures no lag when gaming and streaming any bandwidth-intensive operations in heated environments.

The Asus wireless dongle has an external antenna base that gives flexible antenna placement which enables the users to get the best coverage, and the R-SMA antenna connectors are compatible with most antennas. The three antennas can attach directly to the PCIe card.

If you want to enjoy fast and stable internet connection, the Asus PCE will sort you out. With a robust two-way transmission and connection boosting design, the PCE-AC68 has a two-way communication which extends Wi-Fi coverage. The extensive coverage eliminates chances of dead zones at any location, offering fast and uninterrupted HD streaming and smooth multiplayer gaming experience.

Avid gamers and videographers who require a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network will appreciate the adapter for its fast speeds. You can connect your antenna directly to the PCI card for compact installation and get the most out of your connection with the dual-band,3×3 design adapter.


  • Fast wireless performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Well priced
  • Custom heat sink
  • NitroQAM (1024-QAM) technology
  • Dual Bandwidth


According to customers who purchased the Asus unit, users found the wireless connection to be very fast and reliable have no lags,

Another user commented that the Asus adapter is easy to install and runs quietly thanks to the compact heat sinks that is responsible for dissipating heat.

One user said the unit is well built to last for long and at its price point, the adapter is a bargain for the features it packs.


When buying a USB adapter, it is essential to consider your dongle placement. Where are the USB ports located on your computer? How many they are because you need to designate one for the adapter?

Consider the antennas, are they removable, and can they be adjusted to customise the setting? Larger antennas are suitable for wireless connection when there are a distance and obstacle between the router and the adapter.

The market is flooded with adapters, and getting the best USB adapter can seem daunting. Take your time and conduct your own research to find what feature works best for you. Consider the speed of the connection, features, compatibility, and whether you have enough free USB ports on your computer.

The adapters we have reviewed here are the best in the market today. If you want a cheap dongle to boost your wired internet connection, the Techkey dongle is an excellent device. If you are looking for a USB adapter with crazy high speed, the Asus PCE is the adapter to get.

Razer Nari Ultimate Review: Pro’s & Con’s

A brief overview of the Razer Nari Ultimate

For a couple of decades now, console players have been able to enjoy “rumble pack” feedback directly through their controllers – creating a much more immersive experience with haptic feedback in a way that PC gamers have missed out on until just recently.

Sure, it was possible to add haptic feedback through proprietary gaming mice and keyboards setups. But unless you wanted to spend a mountain of money on dedicated hardware that was found to almost universally degrading to the overall PC gaming experience that just wasn’t a road to go down.

With the new Razer Nari Ultimate headset, however, you get the best of all worlds. You get haptic feedback for the first time ever in a headset from this company but you also get top-tier sound, roomy ear cups, and a whole host of other features that only the folks at Razer could shoehorn into an amazing piece of technology like this.


The obvious star of the show with this headset absolutely has to be the Hyper Sense haptic technology built right into this unit.

The Razer Nari Ultimate is going to rumble and shake depending on specific audio cues that are being transmitted through the hardware, helping you to feel far more immersed in the action (especially in FPS style shooters, for example) than you would have otherwise.

Impressively, the folks behind this headset have found a way to add this haptic feedback without causing any real distortion to gaming audio. Dialogue still comes through crystal-clear, background noise is still going to give the level of ambiance you’re looking for, and when the haptic feedback does kick in – when things get really tents – it’s always an exciting new experience.

If you decide to go without the rumble feedback (there’s an option to trigger it off) you’ll find this headset to still be a worthy addition to your gaming hardware loadout.

The audio reproduced through this headset is rock solid, authentic, and rich without being over-the-top or too warm the way that some other headsets can be. You aren’t going to get quite as close to a 1:1 experience as you would with legitimate gaming surround sound speakers and a dedicated soundcard, but this headset isn’t going to leave you wondering where your enemies or potential threats are coming from.

The comfort of this headset cannot go underappreciated, either.

The whole thing has been designed to alleviate as much pressure as possible from your ears in a way that other headsets do not. This allows you to wear the Razer Nari Ultimate four hours and hours on end without feeling fatigued or worn out. You shouldn’t have to worry about stress headaches when you have this headset on, either.

The microphone built right into the Razer Nari Ultimate is pretty average if we are being honest, but it is still light years ahead of your typical “gaming microphone” and so much better than popping in a set of earbuds that came with your phone and hoping for the best.

Audio management (feature management, really) comes in the form of the proprietary Synapse Software directly from the Razer company. This software has been designed to help anyone and everyone unlock as much horsepower out of this headset as humanly possible, tailoring their audio experience from top to bottom to their specific needs and their specific tastes.

This is the software that allows you to enable THX Spatial Audio, flip on the Bass Boost features, utilize Sound Normalization sliders, and prioritize voice chat/environmental audio cues or to dial-up – or cancel out – the haptic feedback itself.

Best of all, you’ll be able to use this audio management software to manage Game, Movie, and Music presets. This means that once you have everything dialed in exactly the way you want it for a specific form of media you’ll be able to save that preset and flip back and forth between the three options as necessary without having to go through the hassle and headache of reconfiguring everything all over again.

Microphone settings (including Volume Normalization, Ambient/Background Noise Reduction, and Vocal Clarity settings) help you to squeeze every single drop of performance out of the Razer Nari Ultimate system when it comes to communicating online with your teammates as well.

A couple of enhancements can go a long way, and thankfully the software includes built-in features so that you can hear the difference side-by-side and back to back so that you know whether or not you are improving your overall sound quality or if you need to revert changes that you have recently made.

Wireless features are cooked right into the Razer Nari Ultimate system as well, leveraging the latest Bluetooth technology and providing anywhere between eight hours and 20 hours of operating time depending on the specific audio settings you have established in the Synapse Software.

The whole system charges using USB technology (with a USB charging cord included), and you should be able to get 100% battery life back from a completely dead headset in about 60 minutes.

A 3.5 mm headphone jack cord is included with this set up as well if you want to go hardwired (while charging your headset, for example), and many find the hardwired approach to be a little more consistent – which shouldn’t surprise anyone serious about audio fidelity.

Overall, the design is rather ergonomic and intended to stick closely to your skull without adding too much pressure or discomfort. The headset is just oversized enough to effortlessly spread the weight of the headset all over your head rather than concentrating it on pressure points, another really appreciated feature from the gaming community.

All in all, this is a very slick looking set up that has plenty of features and top-tier hardware “under the hood” to impress casual gamers, serious gamers, and even professional gamers looking to upgrade their headphone and communication hardware with the Razer Nari Ultimate.


Design – The design of this headset is absolutely top-tier. That shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the manufacturer behind the Razer Nari Ultimate set up, as they’ve been known for producing cutting-edge designs in the gaming community for years and years now

Comfort – It’s almost impossible to illustrate just how comfortable this headset is without actually sliding it onto your own head and doing a bit of gaming. You’ll be able to wear it for hours on end with absolutely no discomfort whatsoever, something that simply can’t be said about a lot of other competing options

Software – The software that comes “cooked” right into this headset allows you to manage pretty much every aspect of the overall audio experience from top to bottom. Not only that, but the software has been designed to be used by individuals that have no real experience toying with or tinkering with gaming audio hardware in the past but still produces fantastic results


This is very much a PC gamer dedicated headset, though it can work with phones and consoles (though you lose the benefit of the dedicated audio software only for PCs)


Razer products are always a little bit more expensive than the competition, but almost everyone that ends up purchasing hardware from this company agrees that the premium price tag is well worth it. You get a fantastic design, top-tier engineering, and picture-perfect sound quality out of the Razer Nari Ultimate headset at a very fair price.


“I was absolutely sick and tired of the tinny experience that my old headphones brought to the table. Too many times did I end up dying to players I couldn’t hear just because my headset wasn’t picking up subtle audio cues. I don’t have that problem any more thanks to the Razer Nari Ultimate!”

“It’s tough to put into words just how fantastic the Razer Nari Ultimate setup really is. Right out of the box I enjoyed significantly improved audio quality, and after spending about 15 minutes tinkering with the built-in software this just might be my favorite gaming headset EVER”

“I’m far from what you call a “fanboy” of this company but I have absolutely zero problems whatsoever saying that this is unequivocally the top gaming headset I’ve ever tried. It has all the bells and whistles I was looking for, crystal-clear audio, and while it lacks a little in the wireless department its overall comfort is unmatched”


With so many different gaming headset options available to pick and choose from on the market today finding the right one for your specific needs can feel like a real uphill battle.

The Razer Nari Ultimate, however, is easily one of the top options money can buy and is absolutely beloved by the gaming community (especially on the PC side of things). It’s flexibility, versatility, and overall sky-high build quality help to separate it from the rest of the pack.

Combine that with top-tier software features, incredible ergonomic design that feels super comfortable even after hours and hours of use, and audio quality that is tough to beat when using any headset from the competition it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen head over heels in love with all that the Razer Nari Ultimate brings to the table.

The 3 Best Laptop Cooling Pads To Buy in 2019

A short intro to the Best Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is the vehicle carrying a laptop’s longevity across hours, days, and weeks of typing, gaming, researching, and other online ventures. A great cooling pad should be able to sufficiently maintain a stable temperature for your laptop when your laptop is as hard at work as you are.

Laptop cooling pads engineered with fans to adequately guide the heat away from the device actively cool a laptop. Other laptop cooling pads passively stabilize laptop temperature by allowing the laptop to sit upon its surface made of a sodium compound at an elevated position to allow for heat to escape efficiently.

No one likes to be in the middle of writing an important work proposal and suddenly experience a laptop crash. Not only is this highly inconvenient, but there is possible permanent damage done to a laptop when it overheats.

When one is searching for the best laptop cooling pad, one should consider the type of cooling features, the wattage of the fans, if there are any at all, the elevation at which the pad lifts a laptop, and any other mechanisms such as fan speed and USB ports for laptop cooling pad operation.

All things considered, find out which is the best laptop cooling pad to effectively dissipate the heat from your device and get you back to work.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad


This is one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market and perfect for avid gamers. This cooling pad is versatile in that it not only is designed to regulate laptop temperature, but its platform also provides comfort for those who tend to stare at screens for long periods of time.

This is the best laptop cooling pad for all computers of all sizes because it is designed with diamond-reinforced material durability. The 5 fans allow for maximum ventilation, while the angle, which can be adjusted for ideal viewing, works in tandem to maintain the best airflow for your computer.


  • Metal mesh for unrelenting laptop support
  • Adjustable height settings
  • 5 fans (one large central fan with 4 smaller ones surrounding)
  • 2 USB ports and a switch for adjustable fan speeds


  • This laptop cooler can be used for any computer device
  • Great for office use or recreational use
  • High level of user-control for maximum comfort and personalization


  • No real downside to this product


The product is extremely affordable at about $22.


Customers are highly pleased with their AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad. Check out what they say!

“I didn’t have my laptop for very long (about 8 months) and I noticed that it would be hot to the touch just after 5 hours of usage. My friend told me about this laptop cooling pad and it does exactly what it claims. My laptop no longer shuts down on me! This is by far the best laptop cooling pad and the price is a great sell.”- H. Lawson

“My son is set to go to college soon, but his laptop was constantly overheating because he uses it for school, social media, and some gaming for long hours at a time. One of my parting gifts to him is this laptop cooling pad and I haven’t heard a single complaint about his computer freezing up since. Great product.”- K Ripley

“I’m a gamer and there’s no worse feeling than knowing that you’ve let the team down because your computer wants to do a thermal shutdown! This product has been a life and game saver. I couldn’t ask for a better price for it. I’ll be on the lookout for any of their new products when the time comes” -J. Liu

“You just can’t beat the price for this product. This laptop cooling pad is both dynamic and is true to what it claims to do-cool off my laptop!”-T. Smith


This is an amazing laptop cooling pad built for ergonomic support and longevity made for anyone from the college student to the software designer.

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad


This laptop cooling pad is the latest version of the most popular laptop in all of Europe. Designed by a start-up company specializing in gaming, this is the best laptop cooling pad for all sizes, settings, and even gaming consoles. Your laptop will go from hot to cool in under 60 seconds!

Technology is part of daily life. Because of this cooling pad’s portability, take it anywhere and it will be the very thing to prolong your computer’s life, no matter where you go. This is the best laptop cooling pad for a smart blend of convenience and efficiency.


  • High level of durability
  • 4 rotating fans for maximum cooling
  • No louder than a whisper (below 30 decibels)
  • Can be used with an array of consoles


  • Anyone with a PC, PS4, Xbox, or Mac can find this product useful
  • The fans are high-powered (1400 rpm), meaning max airflow
  • Very lightweight
  • Sleek design with color choices of green, blue, and red


  • You can’t go wrong with a product as good as this


As this product is high in quality, the price is a definite bargain with a cost of only $19.90.


“This works! In the past, I went with this other laptop cooling pad and I would still experience overheating. After being so frustrated with the piece of junk, I decided to give the KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad a try and I’m impressed. I literally take this thing wherever I go.” -T. Scalia

“My laptop was so big that I couldn’t fit any other cooling pads. What’s the point in having a cooling pad if it doesn’t even have enough surface to cool your computer? This one actually fits my beast of a computer and is still holding up. Great design!” -M. Briggs

“Hands down, this is the best laptop cooling pad purchase I’ve made. I don’t even need to have the KLIM on full-blast for it to cool my computer. This cooling pad is efficiency at its finest.” -G. Morales

“KLIM has done it again. I can’t explain just how excited I get every time they release a new model. None of their products has ever let me down.” -O. Meeks


The KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad wins big points when it comes to style, portability, adaptability, and affordability.

Havit HV-F2056 15.6-17 Inch Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad


This laptop cooling pad is combined ergonomic support, portability, visibility, and user-control in a thin, but dependable design. Brought to customers by Havit, who has specialized in computer accessories since 1998, this laptop cooling pad has been an eclectic model in the making.

This cooling pad, despite its simplicity, is very effective. The Havit has 3 fans that rotate at your discretion to ensure that your device is adequately cooled even after a long day at work or play.


  • Extra USB ports
  • Shield holders to adjust height
  • Lights indicating the cooling pad is at work
  • Easy-to-carry


  • Noise-free; conducive to productive work-environment
  • Cushy design; comes in black or blue
  • Extremely efficient
  • Able to be used with a detachable cable


  • There are no known cons to this product


This cooling pad sits at an economical cost of $24.99; great for your computer device and your wallet.


“This laptop cooling pad cools down my laptop so well. My laptop never gets overly warm and I barely even hear the fans. Points for how quiet it is.” -W. Seymour

“I have so many files and pictures saved on my laptop, so I was worried when it started overheating. I ran across this product on a website, ordered it, and all my work and pictures were saved!” -J. Guerrero

“I’ve got to say that I’m not the easiest on my electronics and this product is strong even though it’s thin in appearance. It does the job. My computer hasn’t overheated in weeks.” -S. Baldwin

“I really like that you can ever so slightly adjust the cooling pad, so you have a better view of your screen. This feature alone has helped me with some of my neck problems. It’s a nice touch to a good product. Awesome!” -N. Swanson


This latest model from Havit is a steal. This company has generated longstanding reliability by creating effective products and this is their best laptop cooling pad yet.

To Sum it All Up

Regardless of the laptop cooling pad that you choose, make sure that it’s the best laptop cooling pad that will provide all the necessary components to the best technological experience: comfort, efficiency, and affordability.

Of any of these three products, you will find that they all check every box for you, whether you are a gamer, web designer, businessman, and so on.

Be sure to do your homework and find more information on how well these products operate. I’m sure you will be impressed by the raving reviews these products have garnered. Get yours today and type on!

What are the Best Smart Water Bottles to Buy?

The 3 Best Smart Water Bottles to buy 2019

How long can you go without a drink of water? That’s not a question we want you to put to the test. However, chances are, you’ve been really, really thirsty at some point in your life. It doesn’t feel very good. The relief of taking that first sip of water, after going an hour or longer without any, is difficult to describe, yet easy to appreciate. This is the thought that has influenced the rise in popularity of water bottles over the years.

In the present, not only are water bottles more popular than ever, but technology has also caught up to what these water bottles have to offer. The search for the best smart water bottle is on!

If you’ve never shopped for smart water bottles before, relax. We’ve come up with the top three smart water bottles currently available. If you’re looking for what can only be described as enhanced hydration, we have some great products to check out.

1. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

This is the third version of a smart water bottle from one of the most successful U.S.-based startup companies in recent memory. The Spark 3 promises to improve upon the 2nd model, which was quite popular to begin with. While the price can initially strike you as a bit high, don’t let that dissuade you. If you want an amazing smart water bottle that will oblige your hydration needs for a very long time to come, this is a great place to start.

The first Spark Smart Water Bottle came from a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. It was one of the first truly popular smart water bottles on the market. Yet it was not without problems. Spark worked on that for the second Spark, and it would seem as though they’ve nailed the concept to perfection with version 3.0.


This 20oz smart water bottle has some exceptional features. Available in a variety of attractive colors, you will note the sensor technology. This tracks how much water you drink, syncing your efforts to a free Bluetooth app. You can also integrate the bottle with any other activity apps you may have. It will then adjust your water intake suggestions accordingly. The glow of the bottle is designed to remind you to stay hydrated.

Pros: Again, this is a good place to start with smart water bottles. Hidrate Spark bottles are among the most popular smart water bottles for a reason. The design itself is appealing for simply being a good deal more stylish than many other smart water bottles. The app works beautifully, and 20oz is a good-sized bottle of water to keep on hand. This BPA-free water bottle also packs one of the longest-lasting batteries available.


There really aren’t any downsides to this bottle. At the end of the day, the price tag is offset dramatically by the features and benefits mentioned above. The only problem might be if you’re someone who frequently loses their water bottle!

Pricing: The bottle currently prices at $54.99.

It shouldn’t surprise you to discover that one of the best smart water bottle releases on the market has some excellent reviews, as well:

  • “Easy to take with me on the go. I love this water bottle so much!”
  • “The perfect hydration companion to my fitness goals. The app is so easy to use.”
  • “The best water bottle I’ve ever purchased. I’m finally drinking the proper amount of water every day!”

2. H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

Once again, we come to a smart water bottle with what seems like a hefty price tag. As we mentioned before, the benefits far outweigh that element. If you are serious about a water bottle that will truly change your life for the better, the H20Pal Smart Water Bottle is absolutely worth a serious look.

When you compare this water bottle to other smart water bottles, you will start to notice how decidedly different H20Pal is from the competition. It comes down to the fact that while many bottles incorporate the electronic components into the overall design, the H20Pal keeps it altogether separate. This gives you the unique ability to use that component with different bottles.


Beyond the separate electronic component feature mentioned above, there are some pretty compelling features to go with this bottle. The two separate components of this bottle obviously work well together. The electronic component can be utilized with a number of different bottles. Just don’t use it with any carbonated beverages. Naturally, the bottle also keeps comprehensive track of your hydration levels and objectives. You can track your progress using their iPhone app. There is an Android version available, but it is currently in beta mode, so be wary of minor bugs and other issues.


The fact that you can use the electronics component with other bottles is our favorite feature. It quite simply is not something you’re going to find with many of the smart water bottles on the market. We also really like how easy it is to keep track of things with the app. Furthermore, the H20Pal is great at adjusting your needs based on your goals, any fitness apps you’re using, and so forth. For home and/or office use, here are few water bottles better suited than this one.


The buggy Android app can be a little frustrating. However, you can expect that to change. Probably, by the time you have read this.

Pricing: This bottle currently retails for $99.00.

In terms of reviews, here are some examples of how much users have been raving about the H20Pal:

  • “I was a little skeptical that it would attach easily to other bottles. Yet here I am. I’ve tried several at this point, and the H20Pal delivers every time.”
  • “I use mine at work. It hasn’t let me down yet!”
  • “The app makes it easy to keep up with drinking water.”

3. HYDRA Tech Bottle

If you feel like the other smart water bottles are a little lacking in smart features, this impressive product from HYDRA is going to be ideal. This is one of the most features-heavy smart water bottles on the market. This is also a good indicator of just how much smart technology a water bottle can utilize at this moment in time. So far, you can’t help but be impressed. HYDRA has built a strong reputation for delivering results in their products.

We would suggest making sure you’re going to actually use all of the features found here. One of the strongest advantages to this bottle is that HYDRA clearly didn’t just add things for the sake of adding things. As you will find, everything here at least has a point.


This 20oz water bottle isn’t just a water bottle. It also functions as a power bank, a lantern, and even a pretty good mini-Bluetooth speaker. You can even sync your water bottle up to your phone to play soothing sounds and music while you sleep. While it doesn’t come with hydration alerts, as the other two on this best smart water bottle list do, it is ultimately an ideal smart water bottle for camping enthusiasts.


The fact that all of the features work pretty well impresses us most of all. Yes, the water bottle portion is obviously the most important part. At the same time, things like a lantern and speaker can certainly have their uses in a variety of situations in which you would also need to stay hydrated. Furthermore, the bottle has also the benefit of being very easy to use, regardless of the specific feature or features you’re using. The power bank portion of the phone is particularly impressive.


The lack of a hydration is worth keeping in mind, but it’s definitely offset by the sheer volume of usable features to be found and enjoyed here.

Pricing: The bottle currently retails for $59.99.

As you can imagine, a water bottle like this is going to come with some pretty good reviews. Many of them cite the fact that unlike some all-in-one products, this one actually seems to deliver:

  • “Perfect for hiking and camping!”
  • This is a fantastic water bottle, but the speaker is worth mentioning, too. It’s a lot more powerful than I ever would have guessed.”
  • “Great for anyone looking for a lot of features.”


There is no question that the list of the 3 best smart water bottle releases above gives you some great options. There are more and smarter water bottles coming to the market these days. At this point, it certainly makes sense to want to try one out for yourself. If you really don’t know where to begin, anyone of the top 3 smart water bottles listed can steer you in the right direction.

Think about the features you know you are going to want. Do you want something that simply focuses on hydration, or are you interested in a water bottle that can also provide a source of light, or a way to play your favorite songs? This can also help you find your ideal bottle.

The 3 Best CPU Coolers To Buy in 2019

A short intro to the Best CPU Coolers

Is having the best CPU cooler really necessary when you have a computer? A basic computer is a very complex piece of equipment in and of itself. In order for a computer to operate at its peak performance, it requires a variety of different pieces of equipment alongside it that will ensure optimal operation.  Even though the computer may seem intelligent and empowering all on its own, without these parts, it is not able to function. 

Everyone is aware that hardware and software are essential for a computer to run.  There are also what would appear to be mundane pieces of the puzzle that we simply overlook as just some things that actually make up the computer.  Rather they are separate among themselves and vital to the life of the computer as well as with, at times, major activities involving the computer.  In this vein things such as CD ROM, RAM, hard disk, CPU cooler, motherboard, and many other bits would be considered as crucial elements that aid a computer’s top-notch delivery.

Since the interest here is having the best CPU cooler for the computer and it’s been determined that it is one of the necessary parts to assist a computer, let’s take a look at what consumers had to say on Amazon about three of their CPU coolers.

Noctua NH-U125 Premium CPU Cooler with NF-F12 120 mm Fan

Noctua is among the most recognized names within the computer world have received over 400 awards as well as numerous recommendations coming out of the International press.  The premium single tower CPU cooler aims to offer greater cooling operation within a smaller form which is capable of fitting most of the modern high or mid-end tower cases.  Because it offers slim design and 45 mm fin depth, this cooler won’t overhang on the RAM slots offering the user access to memory modules and ensuring tall heat spreader compatible along with optional memory fans. The 120 mm fan will allow superior static pressure as well as awesome heatsink operation and astounding quietness while it is working.


The Noctua slim-tower 120 mm design offers superior cooling operation combined with awesome RAM, case, and PCIe compatibility.

The PCIe and the RAM do not have an overhang from the cooler on many of the motherboards that are available.

The NF-F12 120 mm fan is highly optimized inclusive of PWM support along with an adaptor for automatic speed control as well as super-quiet performance. The mounting system is simple to install being a SecuFirm2 multi-socket system.

NT-H1 thermal compound which is also award-winning is included.  It offers the quality that Noctua is renowned for and is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 6 years.


  • Super easy-to-follow instructions for installation and easy to install
  • Does Not overhang the RAM and PCIe
  • Noctua is well known and award-winning so you know that their products will offer optimal benefits


  • Basically not a con, but this system will spoil you for other coolers. Noctua is award-winning and their coolers are top-notch.


The price for this CPU cooler on Amazon comes in at $57.99.


The best CPU cooler reviews showed with the very first one that this is felt to be the best cooler and the easiest to install.  Another reviewer agreed that this was the best air cooler they have ever used. Many said that it was the best, very quiet and effective, well made, very solid product, and overall just a superb piece of equipment for cooling.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler with PWM Fan Four Direct Contact Heat Pipes

The Cooler Master is well known as well as well-proven CPU heatsink within the diverse computer world.  It is highly recommended based on both pricing along with the overall performance.  It is boasted as being highly popular throughout the world. Updates to the Cooler Master have been done to increase the efficiency of performance. This CPU cooler provides four CDC or Continuous Direct Contact heat pipes which have been tightly packed into a flat display arranged on the base of the cooler.  Optimization of the fin structure made of aluminum has been done in order to allow optimal operational balance from high or low-speed fan performance.


  • Optimization of the fin is accomplished with the ultimate balance being achieved from high or low-speed performances.
  • Four CDC or Continuous Direct Contact heat pipes allow for a smooth surface to create heat conduction.  Fan voltage rated 12V and Noise level for fan rated 9 3;6 dba.
  • The fan which is wide range PWM offers a unique wave shape with the blade which will allow for much more efficient airflow. 
  • Able to support a 120 mm 2nd fan as an option to increase the performance of cooling.


  • Four heat pipes with CDC dissipate a lot of the heat accumulated.
  • Fan shape allows for extra airflow meaning more cooling power and better CPU performance.
  • Offers the capability to support a 2nd fan which will provide even more efficiency as far as cooling ability.


It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing the cooler completely so that you can attain optimal functionality.  Not really a con, but the installation takes some direction.


The price for this unit on Amazon was $34.99.


The best CPU cooler reviews showed a lot of positivity for this unit.  One reviewer found that his CPU temp dropped 25 degrees lower than average with the addition of this cooler.  Others found that it was a great price and awesome performance, huge improvement over others used, and overall a superior cooling unit.

** be quiet! Dark Rock PCO 4 BK 022 250 W TDP CPU Cooler

be quiet! Is boasted as a top tier manufacturer of a multitude of awesome PC products.  This CPU cooler will give the user cooling that can’t be beat as well as near inaudible performance. It offers an astounding ranking of 250W TDP and can acquire a cool temp even while the CPU is operating at its peak. There are seven heat pipes made of 6 mm copper with advanced technology.  Cooling fins which are wave-contoured are air-flow optimized outfitted with small dots on top advances air circulation.  There is an optimal transfer of heat due to the special black coating which is comprised of ceramic particles.  This cooler is equipped with two heat sinks as well as two fans with the option to add another 120 mm fan for additional cooling. There is a special screwdriver included with purchase allowing for ease of installation.


  • Virtually inaudible fans, silent Wings PWM (2)
  • Air pressure is achieved with the funnel-shaped frame available on the front fan.
  • 7 high performing heat pipes made of copper.
  • Cooling fins which are air-flow optimized; The RAM compatibility is enhanced by cutouts.
  • Mounting from above allows for easy installation.
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 7 heat pipes which are made of copper and perform at top capacity
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty offered
  • Easy install with the included manufacturer directions as assistance
  • Virtually no noise is heard with the operation of the system
  • Optimal cooling capability using this unit


There are no real cons to this unit.  The only suggestion once again is that the installation can be a bit challenging without following the manufacturer’s specific instructions for optimal functionality.  Not a con, but installation is just a bit tricky.


The Amazon price for this unit comes in at $88.09.


The best CPU cooler reviews for this unit were massively positive with the first three reviewers offering 5 * / 5 * and announcing that it far exceeded their very high expectations.  Some said that it provides quiet operation and good cooling performance.  Many are so glad they got this unit, much better than they had hoped for, and overall best performing, safest and best looking cooler for the money.


The CPU cooler is imperative for the computer’s CPU to be able to operate at its peak performance and, in turn, that will determine the capability for the computer to function as it should.  This is why all of the pieces of the puzzle need to work hand-in-hand to make the system as optimized as it possibly can be.  Each part plays a vital role.  If you want your computer to be available to you in ready-to-go shape every day, it’s important to learn all of the different parts that go into the functionality of it and why their place is so important.  The CPU cooler is just one of the tiny bits of a large system that goes into the teamwork of the running of a computer.

The best CPU cooler listings that are offered here have been selected at varying price points to satisfy each person’s budget and each of them has been top-rated by consumers on Amazon. After having used these units, these folks have determined that they qualify as the best. If you want a system that works well for you, you need to add one of these CPU coolers to your team.

The 3 Best Compound Bow To Buy in 2019

How do we rate the Best Compound Bow?

In 2012 18.9 million Americans 18 and older participated in archery based on to the first-ever nationwide archery survey. According to the Archery Trade Association, that number grew some 20% to 23.8 million by the year 2015.

Archery is a family affair enjoyed by both adults and children. There are clubs and ranges throughout the country, and many people can enjoy the sport with targets and courses they build on their own property.

The clear favorite for most participating in modern archery and bowhunting is the compound bow. The best compound bow will allow you to adjust both the draw length and weight. This allows a beginner to start with a light touch and change their equipment as their skill and strength to improve.

Here are three of the most popular models on the market today.

Southland Archery Supply SAS 70 Lbs 30″ Compound Bow

This bow is an excellent choice for someone new to archery. Both the draw length and draw weight are adjustable to provide long-term usability as their strength and skill increase, and the total weight is 4.4 pounds.

This attractive bow is available in both a camo finish or solid black. Multiple cutouts in the riser provide an appealing waffle-like appearance.

The adjustable draw length is from 25 to 31 inches and an adjustable draw weight from 55 to 70 pounds. The manufacturer recommends 30″ carbon and aluminum arrows for use with this bow which delivers a maximum speed of 270 ft./s.

With a price of under $130, the SAS 70 is considered by many to be the best compound bow value today.

User Reviews

Barbara: I’m getting serious about this sport and have upgraded to my second SAS bow with this model. I have it set to 62.5 pounds for the perfect balance of power and stability. It has really stepped up my game. No matter if you are a pro or beginner, you can’t go wrong with this bow at this price.

Jessica: I have been using this bow for about six months and find it very accurate. It’s easy to adjust draw length and poundage with an allen wrench by yourself. I am delighted with the bow overall and would not hesitate to buy it again. I would recommend this bow to anyone, including friends and family.

Robert: I got the black bow and full accessories in carbon. I was surprised at the accuracy when I took it to the range. I’m just a beginner, so I need to work on my form and spend more time tweaking the bow for even better accuracy. This is an excellent deal for the price. Why would I spend hundreds of dollars more?

Craig: I spent two weeks researching this bow and comparing it to others. The only difference I could find was the price. After buying this bow and accessories, I took it to the range to sight it in. I must say that if you buy this bow, you will be as convinced as I am that you have saved hundreds of dollars over most other options. The SAS 70 performs every bit as well as any of the big money name brands.

It is obvious from all the satisfied customers that the SAS 70 by Southland Archery Supply is a solid contender and an exceptional value suitable for both beginners and experienced archers.

Genesis Original Kit

The Genesis Original is the official bow of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), and ideal for people of any athletic ability regardless of their age or size. This is because Genesis bows eliminate let-off and requirements for a specific draw length. These attributes will help to prevent beginners from developing bad habits due to ill-fitting equipment.

The Genesis Original Kit also includes a belt tube quiver, an adjustable arm guard, and five aluminum arrows along with a 3/16 wrench for adjustments and the owner’ s manual.

This is the perfect bow for beginners and intermediate archers of any type and experience. The draw weight can be as low as 10 pounds and the length anywhere from 15 to 30 inches. With a draw weight of 20 pounds, this bow is not suitable for most hunting, which is the only downside we could find.

Priced at just under $170, and with a dozen different available finishes, this complete package is a real contender for the best compound bow.

Genesis Original users of this to say;

Cred: W purchased this bow for our eight-year-old son. It works very well for him. The bow is very well-made, and he enjoys shooting it. The Genesis Original is built to crawl with the archer and is easy to tune.

Hello: This was a Christmas present for my daughter who will be using it in competitive archery. It is compliant with school archery programs and 4-H right out-of-the-box. It is fun to shoot, easy to adjust, has excellent balance and grip. I recommended to anyone who is interested in archery and does not want to make a huge upfront investment.

A.C.: My entire family loves this bow! My wife and I, along with our kids ages 9 to 13, can pass it around and shoot without making any adjustments. I had to reduce the draw for the younger ones, and it has still got enough power for accurate backyard archery fun for all of us.

Wolf: Our son started archery this year and was getting inconsistent scores using the bows at the school. We bought this Genesis Original Kit, and his scores have improved dramatically. He now has a bow of his own that he can keep and practice with at home. I can recommend this bow for children with confidence.

This appears to be the perfect bow for any beginner, especially those participating in school and other competitive activities. It is specifically designed with the beginner in mind.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

The Infinite Edge Pro’s Diamond’ s latest version of their all-time bestseller the Infinite Edge, a feature-packed powerhouse with an extended draw length of 31 inches. The entirely redesigned cam system delivers an impressively smooth draw cycle. They added a stabilizer and solid back wall as well.

This kit has everything you need to start enjoying your new compound bow the minute you open the package. It includes a three-pin tundra site, a hostage XL arrow rest, a Deadlock light octane quiver, a tube peek site, a comfort wrist sling, a 5″ ultralight octane stabilizer, and is available in three different colors.

This entire package will run you just under $350; a bargain when you consider the quality and amount of equipment you will get when buying this exceptional package.

Here is what some folks who bought the Infinite Edge Pro are saying.

Ardaris: I was concerned about buying my bow sight unseen online, but it turns out I made a perfect choice. My bow came ready to fire out of the box. This bow is a very quiet shooter and has low recoil. It has a fantastic amount of adjustment, which means it will be suitable for a lifetime of use.

Update: My Infinite Edge Pro is still performing strongly after more than a year. The only thing I have done is to replace the site and then split an arrow in half.

Wallis: I absolutely love this bow and have no issues whatsoever. I went to the hunting gear store to have it professionally adjusted for my use. It is incredibly accurate and shoots very well. I’m feeling very good about my shooting, as a beginner, with my Infinite Edge Pro.

Hayey: for us less than buff ladies, there are not a lot of options when it comes to compound bows, but I am in love with this bow. Quality is impressive, and it is highly adjustable.

Sky: in the last couple of months, I have purchased three of these bows. One for myself, my wife, and also for our 10-year-old. I couldn’t be happier with this bow. It’s exceptionally smooth and well put together along with being highly adjustable.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Package is an exceptional value for anyone interested in archery. Weatherford target or hunting this bow has everything you need to enjoy the sport from the minute you receive it and for years to come. An outstanding choice for the best compound bow.

There you have it, our three pics for the best compound bow on the market today. While you may have some particular requirements for the bow you have in mind, these three best-selling units are an excellent choice for your initial compound bow purchase.

The best compound bow is the one that meets your needs at your current level of ability. All three of these models provide or extended use with multiple adjustments, high-quality materials, and design features that make them the popular units that they are.

We hope you have found this article helpful in your search for the best compound bow.